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Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron



Anyone have it?
If they want to play ask right here, Im pretty decent in the game, and was a pro at the Battlefont 2, I just got it and the controlls are a bit different but now Im set to battle anyone.
My username over there is Geolion1 or TalkMarvel.com ;D
I can set up a server if anyone wants to play on the PSP

Also if anyone wants to be in a clan ask me.:cwink::boba:
I don't know. The graphics look terrible and frame rate is not good enough. Overall game seems not much different from console versions of Battle Front 2.
The Star Wars games that I care about and want to get are KOTOR3 and Force Unleashed. Unless they bring BattleFront 3 to PS3 / 360, I'm not much interested.
Thanks, looks cool, but Force Unleash looks better, but Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron is awesome because of online play.
I got it with the Vader PSP. Pretty fun, but a bit hard to play with the analog stick, in my opinion.
I'm getting The Star Wars Darth Vader PSP this Christmas. I'll let you know what I think about it in afew more days.
I'd love to have Vader PSP but I already have mine and all the money I got is to buy a PS3 and Wii so I can have all next-gen systems.
If you guys get it tell me, I am making a clan.
I also made a Star Wars Forum,but I am not finish with it, here it is anyway-
Join if you like Star Wars!

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