Strange Wilderness Trailer !!!

Wow :( [I'm late]
I just saw this trailer and really enjoyed the shark part.
I was ready to pass on this film until I saw the part with the turkey biting Steve Zahn's pecker. I'm still giggling my ass off over that one. I'll most likely plunk down some good bread to see this one.
I'll probably hit this in the budget thetare for 1.50. Seems worth that at least.
The trailer seems lame, but considering its got every comedic sidekick from the past 5 years (all of whom I really enjoy) I'll probably check it out.
I thought it looked ok but was sold once I saw the trailer with the shark scene at the end.
I find the shark scene very annoying at the end.

From what I have seen from the previews, the show that they make actually looks kinda funny. I'd prolly watch it if it was on tv.
If you liked Grandma's Boy then you'd surely get a kick from this flick. I liked Grandma's Boy but I'm going to wait for some reviews to surface because I don't want to risk seeing another comedy with little-to-no character development and very little humorious jokes.
I could NOT stop laughing at the shark part. I swear I sat through the whole trailer like :dry:

But that damn shark just ****ed me up. :lmao:
OMG, did anyone see this movie?

It was the strangest comedy I've seen in a long time, but dammit I was laughing hard at a lot of parts. It felt like the movie was being made up as they were going.

I'm pretty sure that 85% of the dialogue and the scenes were completely improvised..

I guess I'm the only one who thinks the movie looks completely ******ed.
No, it DOES look ******ed and the movie IS ******ed and stupid and silly and ridiculous and nonsensical..


It still makes for a good laugh at the theaters, especially if you're with friends. It's actually sort of like a bad movie but with actually funny stuff in it. It's not overly clever stuff or anything like that, but it's just goof-ball, stoner kind of humor with an interesting cast:

Steve Zahn, Allen Covert, Jonah Hill, Kevin Heffernan, Peter Dante, Robert Patrick, Joe Don Baker, Blake Clark, Justin Long, Jeff Garlin, Ernest Borgnine

If they had the balls to to just have the shark part for the entire spot and then bring up the title in the last second or so, then I would definitely be seeing this, but alas, they didn't so I won't.

Come on now, imagine how awesome that would be. Just 30 seconds straight of laughing shark with no rhyme or reason. SO cool.
Lakers #1

Didnt this open this past friday?
I saw it last night. It was ****ing HILARIOUS. It was just insane.

I laughed my ass off at:

After they kill the Bigfoot they sit there yelling obscenities at it, but the stoner guy yells; "F***ing cocktease!" :funny:

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