Superheroes, Gundam, and Star Wars for Sale


Oct 4, 2003
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I know I haven't sold or traded anything on here before, but you can trust me. Here's my Feedback Thread from a different forum. Anywho, I have Spider-Man 3, Superman Returns, Gundam Wing and Star Wars for sale or trade (I very much prefer sale though because I need the money). If you really have to trade just tell me what you have and we can make a deal. I can provide pictures if you need them. Shipping is around $2 for every figure. The following are all loose.

Spider-Man 3 (5")
Black-Suited Spider-Man (all accessories)
New Goblin Regular (No belt but has all other accessories)
New Goblin Wal Mart (No belt but has all other accessories- btw the metallic sky stick is damn cool)

Superman Returns
Bulletproof Superman (No cape, has all accessories)
Daily Planet Superman from Man of Steel Line (No Cape but has all accessories)

Gundam Figures

Wing Gundam (Yellow)
Shenlog (Yellow)
Epyon (Gold)
Deathscythe Hell (Gold)
Sandrock (Gold)
Heavyarms (Yellow)
Dragon Gundam Battle Scarred (from G Gundam)

Damaged Figures (Good For Parts)

Altron- Can’t stay together for more than 5 seconds, but part of his body is in good shape (missing two fangs for dragon arms). (Gold)
Talgeese I- Broken thruster. Everything else is perfect. (Gold)

Set of Seven Gundam Wing PVCs- Set of seven PVCs of the human characters that was released by Ban Dai in America. They are- Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Wufei, Relina, and Zechs. Great condition.

Gundam SEED Astray Vol. 1- Perfect Condition

Star Wars
The list is huge so just go here
can't do sales man, mods dont allow it. u'll have to take away the prices.
So far as I know you can have a list of things you're selling, but you do have to take away the pricetags. All of that is supposed to be disclosed through private messaging from those interested.

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