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World Superman Elimination Game Suggestion Box

Mister J

Enlightened to the Great Darkness
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Jul 23, 2005
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Hey Yo,

Some of you might have seen the Superman Elimination games that Red X starts. Basically, there's a list of Superman-themed choices and you vote until there's one left. They're pretty fun and a good, non-spam way to up that post count. :up:

Red X is looking for ideas for future rounds, so I'm stealing Themanofbat's idea from the Spider-Man Elimination games and starting a thread for everyone to post suggestions for themes and choices they'd be interested in. Feel free to make any suggestion, but the theme should be expansive enough so that we can get at least 10 choices.

Up to this point, we've had the following rounds:

Round 1 - Villains
Round 2 - Supporting Characters
Round 3 - Costumes
Round 4 - Interpretations
Round 5 - Graphic Novels/Trade Paperbacks
Round 6 - Alternate Versions of Superman
Round 7 - Writers
Round 8 - Artists

Have at it :supes:
My suggestion for Round 5 (whenever we finish Round 4) is Graphic Novels/Trade Paperbacks. Some possible choices:

Red Son
End of the Century
Day of Doom
For Tomorrow
Our Worlds at War
President Lex
Ruin Revealed
The Man of Steel
They Saved Luthor's Brain!
The Trial of Superman
The Wrath of Gog
I was thinking of doing villians again (the ones missed from the first round) for the next round.
Thats a good idea :up:
What about all of the Superboys and like versions of Superman? This does not fall under Costumes because these aren't Superman exactly.

Also, you could do like best Superman artist.
^ Interesting.

Off the top of my head....

1. Pre-Crisis Superboy (Kal-El)
2. Superboy-Prime
3. Connor Kent (Kon-El)
4. Steel
5. Eradicator (Last Son of Krypton)
6. Cyborg Superman (Hank Henshaw)
7. Bizarro
8. Superman Red
9. Superman Blue

That's all I can think of right now, though there are probably some others. We could even go as far as to toss in different incarnations of the Supergirl character as well.

Good stuff, t-k
Thanks. :)

I just today started to actually get into the other sections and threads besides Batman since I like Supes, Spidey, and the X-Men gang.
Okay um, when will the next round begin? And what will it be? Round 5 here we come!
Writers and Artists were suggested above. Just a couple of names to that end...


John Byrne
Jerry Siegal
Joe Shuster
Jerry Ordway
Geoff Johns
Grant Morrison
Alan Moore
Mark Waid
Roger Stern
Louise Simonson
Mark Millar
Jeph Loeb
Marv Wolfman
Dan Jurgens
Georgre Perez


Curt Swan
Wayne Boring
Pete Woods
Frank Quitely
Leinil Francis Yu
Gil Kane

Other suggestions are appreciated.
You left one name on the list...Jeph Loeb (lol)l. I do not keep up with Superman comics but I heard his For All Seasons was good. :p

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