Superman Reborn: the fan fiction


Nov 20, 2007
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I though it would be a mixture of some comics like Superman 2001, Superman Birthright, Siegel and Shuster's early Superman stories, Silver Age Superman, LOSH season 1 and 2 Superman,Frank Miller's DKU superman and John Bryne's 6 part SUPERMAN:Man of Steel miniseries/Superman for all seasons, tv series like Superman TAS, Lois and Clark, Superboy, Superman's appearance on The Batman, losh season 1,Ruby Spear Superman animated series, Smallville, and GR Superman series and Kirk Alyn's Superman Serials, Max Fleischer Superman animated serial, Superman the movie ,Richard Donner's Superman 2 and Superman returns mixed together with Wizard Ultimate DC, and Stan Lee's Just Imagine Superman.

Almost finish with Issue 1. It takes place on Krypton.

Krypton is based on the krypton from the golden age, siver age,losh( Kandor and Krypton flashback) , Superman: Birthright, the 1940s Superman radio series, Superman: The Animated Series, The New Adventures of Superman, Super Friends, the 1950's television program Adventures of Superman, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman , Supergirl, Superman the Movie, Superman 2( both The Richard Donner Cut and the 1980 theatrical Superman II), Superman Returns and smallville. Krypton looks like the golden age krypton where Kryptonians lived under the rulership of a scientific elite, in cities of delicate art-deco towers, and wore costumes in the style of Alex Raymond characters. The trappings of Krypton were all rather reminiscent of the final technological utopia depicted in the H.G. Wells film Things to Come. It is also the Silver Age version of Krypton which had a clear resemblance to the jet age consumerist utopia then common in popular visions of the future. Kryptonians made use of their advanced science to create a world where scientific inventions and research influenced much of daily life. Robots and computers were used for many tasks on Krypton, even for determining what career paths young boys and girls would take as they grew up. Scientific and technological research was highly valued on Krypton, with the ruling body of Krypton named the "Science Council". Kryptonian crystals are able to grow huge land masses and incorporate the properties of the surrounding environment and kryptonians can control their kryptonian technology and marring people at birth is a common ritual up on Krypton.
The first issue is almost finish so I going to write character descriptions, and drafts.
Here are some ideas

The whole story using ideas from the golden age- more specificly the early Siegler and Shuster Superman( Krypton, reporter Clark Kent and Superman's personality, history/origin, villians Metropolis and Lois Lane), Silver/Bronze Age Superman(power levels, villians, origin/history, Krypton, metropolis, and Lois Lane), The Donner and Singer Superman( power levels, Clark Kent and Superman personality, power level, Krypton and history) and to a lesser extent

It is the early Siegler and Shuster Superman with silver age superman powers( in between Superman Birthright, Richard Donner/ BS Supeerman, red son and superman prime power level and Golden Age Superman, STAS, JB and FM'S dku POWER LEVEL) and villans, the donner/singer and the early Siegler and Shuster mild mannered bumbling Clark Kent personality and Richard Donner Krypton mixed with Golden Age, Silver Age and JB Krypton and

Lex Luthor is the John Bryne Lex Luthor( RICH BILLIONARE MONGUL) with the Silver Age past mix with the JB past and a golden age/silver age luthor intellegence and rich dad and mom

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