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Superman Returns Superman Returns - TV Spot (FAN Edit)

If thats how the spots are like, I'm sure it will get many people's attention.
extreme good. the part when he is in the space was out of this world.
All I have to say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Well done. Easily one of the best ive seen out of mock trailers and everything. And thats saying something because Ive seen alot.

Not I must know.

Whats the music in it? I want it.
The Music is

End Of The World by APM Music
Strgts said:
The Music is

End Of The World by APM Music

Damnit I cant find anywhere to download it. But hey, again, excellent work. Perfect cutting, perfect music piece to use.

i hope that the official tv-spots will be like that.
I loved it, this one is so professionally done! :D :up:
Great job. Brilliant stuff, a TV Spot like that would no doubt leave the viewers in awe. My only suggestion- Maybe you could have put in a couple of lines there such as - The Greatest Superhero is Back or Look Up in the SKY. Could have made the ad perfect.
Very cool.... But you used the same shot twice!:)
Very good!

Can you make one with also using the footage from the docu trailer? :)

Looks excellent. But it would be greater, if there were new shots.
Cinemaman said:
But it would be greater, if there were new shots.

Blame WB

Naite22 said:
Very cool.... But you used the same shot twice!:)

Nope I am 99.9 % sure I did not.Some shots do look very identical though in terms of movement & direction etc
I think the reason to why the footage in the documentary trailer had more of an effect on me, was because it was so character driven!... I love the little peace where Clark is looking at the newspaper with that pretty sad/pissed face expression on him! And the lines that was said gave me chills!!!

Could ya make a spot mixing in that footage!:)
dnsk that was awesome dude.. very well cut together..all the music and editing was spot on.

You know what would be cool? If someone put all the footage with dialogue, from the blogs, Teaser Trailer and Trailer all in one clip that would be great!! :D
how do you download it

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