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the Art of Bob - Why did you drink my Shampoo?

Okay, here's the drill. I've done some new stuffs, but it's all on my deviant page. I have NOT been in the mood to deal with my FTP programs lately. Which, by the way, if anyone can suggest a free, simple, kick arse FTP program... please do. I had one that worked amazing, then suddenly got all stupid. I'll probably try uninstalling it and reinstalling it, but just in case, I want some other possibilities.

Deviant site: http://eldepressio.deviantart.com
WARNING... some pictures are "mature". so.. uh, well, you really only can see them if you are a DevArt member and have "mature art" turned on. Otherwise it won't even show up... but still, the warning remains.

Note: I WILL eventually upload the art and post it here, the Deviant thing is just for those that wanna see *now*

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