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The cleverest poster IMO

Jul 7, 2005
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doesn't anyone think so?
No.. The movie was alright though.
Yeah it was great I thought...one of the most quotable movies if there arne't little kiddies around! lol
When I saw the words "the cleverest poster", i thought you were starting a self-loving praise-me thread.
nice catchphrase and a kinda funny pic but it not clever enough to have made me wanna go and watch the film though

Steve Carell's eyes will haunt me in my dreams now.
I never inspected the poster closely until now...good one lol :up:
I'm not going to lie to you, I was always a big fan of this poster:

I liked that Episode 1 poster. Even non fans knew what it meant.
Ultimate Movie-Man said:

doesn't anyone think so?

At first look, I didn't even notice all of the little sexual jokes going on in the piece. Upon second viewing, I agree, it's pretty damn clever.
Personally I think that's a very normal looking poster, however Winone looks very sly :up: Really looking forward to that movie.

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