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The Spiderwick Chronicles


Aug 25, 2006
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The trailer, imo, is a HUGE improvement over the teaser trailer.
This movie is gonna be doodoo.
I've seen it. at an advanced screening. it was ok. The fantasy stuff was great for the most part to me, but at times the movie was overly sappy and corny, and I was accurately predicting how things would play out because of past fantasy films. I think most people will like it. reviews I've seen so far are good and the audience seemed to be into it for the most part. It's an okay movie that for me has potential to get better with repeat viewings, but I have to say one thing. This movie had one thing missing that great fantasy films like Harry Potter and Lord of the rings do have. Characters that to me outshine the fantasy. The fantasy is awesome in harry potter, but I have loved the focus on his growth as a human being as well, and in Lord of the Rings I wanted them to save middle earth because they were good honorable people. There were times when I wanted to knock the main character on his ass in this movie so that's why I gave it a **1/2 out of ****.

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