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Dec 21, 2002
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Ever heard of this upcoming
Shame on you, it looks awesome.

By Arkane Studios, the developers of Arx Fatalis and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, The Crossing is an upcoming first person shooter that fuses single and multi-player gameplay.
Made with the assistance of Valve and under the Source Engine.
The game incorporates the idea of parallel universes, and is set across two vastly different renditions of modern day Paris. In one, which shares many aesthetic similarities to our own, Paris has descended into anarchy following the collapse of government. In the other, the timeline diverged in 1307; where instead of being disbanded, the Knights Templar seize control of the French crown. The story will take the player across both universes.

So far, the game is ony announced for the PC, but, guess what, even the trailer only mentions that platform, but teamxbox found this..

A new offer found at Arkane Studios' job opening page has revealed that the Dark Messiah of Might & Magic developer plans to bring The Crossing to the Xbox 360. The Crossing is the world's first "cross-play" shooter that fuses single player with multiplayer.

The following is the description for this new position:

If you want to work on “The Crossing”, our remarkably innovative “crossplayer” FPS for PC and Xbox360, and you think you can make a difference, you could have a place at Arkane. Job description
As an Xbox360 programmer in Arkane Studios, you will handle porting, maintaining, and optimizing the codebase for the Xbox 360 version of the game, developed on the Valve’s Source Engine.

What is exactly "cross play"? Well, imagine that in Gears of War, which featured drop-in/drop-out co-op for a friend to take on Dominic Santiago, any Xbox Live player could either take the place of a Locust or a Gears squad member while you are playing the campaign mode. Arkane Studios explains that The Crossing is a first-person shooter that allows players to take on any NPC. That sounds to me like next-generation multiplayer

So, The crossing is a PC/360 game :up:

that looks like a one big awesome! :wow:

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