The Director that let me down


May 12, 2007
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Mr Timur, the director of Wanted was the man that made me think that the story i had to tell was going to be told....wait...let me start from the beginning.

Around 2 and a half years ago, a movie came out that I had been waiting for, to say the least, for a long time. The name of this movie was Nightwatch. I saw the trailer to this movie on, and though i feel very strongly for my creative nature and process, I felt that my job may have been done for me. The story i needed to tell and the elements to tell it would be no longer original. I consider myself to be a dying breed of storyteller that focuses on the imagination with a great understanding of myth that backs not only my characters but story. I believe that the importance of myth has been forgotten this day and age due to hollywoods constant abuse of its production power, but I remain hopeful. For those of you who have seen the trailer for Nightwatch and Daywatch, you undoubtedly wanted to see it. It has some of the most incredible concepts ever. It brings imagination back into the realm of film.


I saw both of these films and they were quite honestly the greatest let down I have ever experienced in my life. The story was shabby, the concepts weren't fluent, the characters were lifeless in many ways, and overall it just Stunk of hell's sweaty thighs. I tried to watch these movies over and over again because i just couldn't believe that someone with so many great concepts, knew nothing of execution (which is the most important part of being an artist). This Director is labeled as a visionary. Visionary my ass! I gave the films to my friends without telling them my plight and they all returned with the same problems. To say the least, the return to myth and real art was lost yet again. (by the way, I am in no way saying that no one produces good art, I'm just saying its few and far between). Even the native country of the movies labeled it horrible and though they pump up the director now that he's making an American film, his movies up to this point have been atrocious.

I know that just like an artist, being a director is something that takes tons of time and that no one ever truly perfects. No artist is happy with their work completely. Its part of growing creatively but....

This worries me to no end I'm afraid. Once again I have seen a trailer for a movie that this director has made, and I dont know whether to trust it. Wanted looks like an amazing movie though its the rehashing of everything that has been popular for the last 7 years.

Hitmen + Secret Society + Matrix like effects + moments of suspended belief + Become a leader and THE ONE! = yada yada yada

I am definitely going to keep an ear close to the ground on this one. Has anyone else seen the Nightwatch movies? Let's Discuss.

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