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The EVEN COOLER movie name game(diffrent type)


Nov 12, 2006
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Ok this is different than naming movies in alphabetical order this is what you do.
  1. Name a movie
  2. Name a actor from that movie
  3. Then the game begins, then you name someone entirely different from that same movie the last person named.
  4. and then name a movie that actor was in (try not to repeat movies)
  5. Repeat
Example:Person one: Spider-Man ,Toby Maguire
Person two:Pleasentville,Don Knotts

and so on and so forth its hard to explain on here but one you get it you get the hang of it and a fun car game :cwink: trust me it gets hard with out IMDB and other stuff

So I will start with
The Prestige ,Hugh Jackman
X-men, Wolverine

What happens when you run out of movies that person is in?

No lol you name a same actor in the movie and the actor you named you name a entirely different movie that they were in and so on and so forth
I mean no offense or anything, but I don't really think this is needed with the other actor-movie-actor thread. It's only slightly different and doesn't seem as fun to me...
this is lame....but I see how it works.

The Presige - hugh jackman.....oh wait....yeah...it makes more sense now...but I was thinking wrong...

but yeah.....nevermind...this is lame and these games are silly and waste of time....i never should have come here.......
I have never seen someone with as many posts as you Roughneck



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