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The Hype Elderly...[Eat it, Wilhelm]


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Sep 14, 2001
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Yup... soo realized the other day alot of us have been around here for one hell of a long time... were pretty much the "ancient" ones of the hype.... we've been here from about the beginning... and sooo i decided to post a thread focusing on us "elders" where real age doesn't matter, just how long you've been on the hype. So gather round the fire young grass-hoppers and listen to the ancient ones.

i've been registered for over 6 years, and been visiting this site since it was just "Spider-man hype" for the first movie. It's changed alot... and i actually owe alot to this site. and can personally say it changed my life.

I met my pal Jspider13 on the hype... a bit over a year before i graduated high school. We shared a love of animation, and he told me about the college he was going to and we became "online pen pals". We became great friends, and decided on going to the same college after a trip to LA. He was the only friend i had so he became 1 of 3 of my roommates for nearly the first 3 years here. Alots changed in my life since i've been on the hype... and can clearly say it's changed mine.

I been here since April 2003.... man I'm old...
You guys are a bunch of old farts. I'm from Hype Generation G (2007).
You have time to make a thread like this, but you can't delete a few Survivor PMs? :o
Today's word is "euthanasia". :D

I got my 5 year coming up this year. Proud is the word.
I've been here for only a year. I'm still a youngin'.
Soooo...can you pull any strings to get the title fixed, Eder?

heh . . . I know this chick who's last name is Eder . . . it's pronounced "Eat-er" . . . she's a big-boned girl :hehe: for realz

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