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The Hype's Most Hated Cars!


Queen of the Kitties
Mar 12, 2006
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I know you guys hate some of the atrocities we see on the roads now days. What cars do you hate?

I hate..........

PT cruisers

Mini Coopers

what cars do you hate?
David Hasselhoff's talking demon car.
You take that back, K.I.T.T. was not only a fantastic car but also a great humanitarian
Any car that drove David Hasselhoff around is hellspawned.

And the fact that it talked was even worse.
I hate ALL American Cars. All Hyundi's and Volo's. If the JAPS don't make it, I don't like it. And I really hate ALL pickup trucks driven by men with big ego's and all minivans driven by women who don't know how to drive them,and SUV's cuase people take the slowest turns possible cause they are so damn parinoid they are gonna tip off with every turn they make.

Everything a car should not be. :down:
My mother owns a PT Cruiser. I hate driving that thing.
Sport-tuned suspension + piss-ant engine = Terrible driving

I hate those little "sporty" pick-ups. If you have a full-size that you actually use for transporting stuff, fine. Those useless, gas-guzzling undersized ones just bug me.

the ad has some nice asses in it tho but also some not nice asses.

also i hate citroens. infact french cars all suck.
BRUTAL said:
You take that back, K.I.T.T. was not only a fantastic car but also a great humanitarian

"his windscreen wipers were evil."
Any car that looks like POS's from the Fast and the Furious.

Little rice burners annoy the Hell out of me. It's worse when kids do up their VW's, Escorts or Saturns.
Especially since they're usually all noise and no speed.

...What The F**k indeed.

And sports cars in general...They just...suck. Ferrari=Most overrated car ever.
I hate Ricers. All those lame imports that punk@$$ kids think "rawk." Hundreds of stickers and flashy neon paint don't make you cool. Oh, and newsflash: Spoilers don't make FWD cars go any faster. Just stop. Plastic pieces of... :mad:

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