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The Imperfects

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Come at me bro
Apr 29, 2005
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What ever happened to them? I know they were in the comics when the game came out. But then what? Does marvel still own them? Can they still be used?
I don't know what happened to them, but hopefully they were taken out of continuity. That would make it much easier for me to erase that crappy game from my memory.
they were never in continuity, nor were they ever wholly Marvel charachters. I'm pretty sure that EA owns them at this point, and liscenced them to Marvel for the Comic like Marvel did with them for the game.
That game though. It will own your soul. It ruled (for X-Box at least) in the multiplayer department.
Wouldnt say the game sucks, though too many missions are the same.
That's what I'm saying-the missions suck, and the only reason to play them is to unlock multiplayer combatants. I wish they just had a code for it, but I already beat the game and unlocked everyone. My friends and I love the multiplayer.
its a fun game but the missions got old. and i hear a sequal is in the early stages. so most likely see a return of the imperfects in the marvel u when that happens. from what i learned when the game was comming out, EA made a deal with marvel to make the characters into the game and it was marvels idea to promote the game threw that limited series. its like a joint ownership of the characters.
Multi-Player mode was the only good thing about this game.
that game irritates me simply because it isn't marvel vs capcom 3.
I really enjoyed the game. The multiplayer is awesome. (Have it for Xbox):xmen:
Actually, the idea was that they would be put in continuity. They also got a limited series to introduce this idea. There was supposed to be a whole tie-in thing to boost sales on the game.
Then Marvel found out the game wouldn't sell for ****, took the little money they DID make off it, and gave up on printing titles they knew no one would buy.
Good ridance.

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