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The Incredible Hulk Teaser Trailer Thread

Very cool, but I wished they would have held off on showing Abomination.

And is it me, or, are they expecting everyone to know Banner's past?
Please put it somewhere else.Why only US?!!?:cmad:Nah kidding.

I ****ing LOVED that.
Well I went in wishing it would beat the Iron Man trailer and for me personally, it did, it was great especially the last 30 seconds or so.
The scene with them running towards each other, with that music playing, is ****ing epic.
I can't believe it. A Hulk movie that I am actually excited about.
If anybody can get the direct download link for the HD version that MTV has up, I'd appreciate it.
Yay, El Hombre Increíble! :applaud

Abom looked a lot better than that toy reveal (more scaly/amphibian-like), though I couldn't get a full good look at his head (I'm sure I'll remedy that with the dozens of times I'll watch this thing today :D).

Hulk was just about perfect. Norton is conveying a lot of desperation with Banner's plight.

That ending is insanity. :wow:
It took a while, but they brought the goodness. Hope the final product is as favorable. :bh::abom: :up:
Looks good. I'm not 100% sold on the CGI, but I think that might just be the quality of the video.

Either way, it looks way more epic than the previous Hulk movie.
After watching this rate the trailer.Thanks!
Honestly, 10/10. It did its job.

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