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World The Live Action CBS Spider-Man TV Series (1978-79) Appreciation Thread

Dark Raven

It's not about what you deserve...
Apr 2, 2010
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Post here if you remember this TV series from the late 70s starring Nicholas Hammond and would like to discuss it.






It would be nice if it were released on DVD/ BR, but sadly it has never been but only on VHS.

Here are some full episodes:

The pilot episode:


Spider-Man Strikes back (Aka The Deadly Dust):


Spider-Man: The Dragon's Challenge (Aka The Chinese Web)


Season 1 theme:


Season 2 theme

It's pretty bad. Nicholas Hammond plays a good Peter Parker, but he has very little to do acting wise. His character never has any character development, plus the villains are pretty lame.
The show deserves a revival in a DVD box set.
Dunno why it has never been released and remastered on DVD. You can only find this on VHS or maybe laser disc, but who has those machines these days, particularly the latter? The only other place to watch some of them is on YouTube.

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