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The Man Who Thought He Was Bill Murray

LOL! That made me LOL quite a bit :D
That was great. I did not expect the
onslaught of Murray heads
That was great. I did not expect the
onslaught of Murray heads

That WAS quite a surprise, but it did add to over all goodlyness of it.

Now I'm gonna be thinking about baby steps all day :D
I am Bill Murry
I wish there was a YouTube link so that I could post a direct video.
Bill Murray said:
I remember doing that. It felt amazing. Comment by Bill Murray — Tuesday 19.2.08 @ 6:29 pm

This comment completely finalized its awesomeness. :funny:
I wish they'd make The Man Who Thought He Was Steve Buscemi.

EDIT: Thank you to whichever MOD fixed my spelling error. :up:
In a truly bizarre way, that kind of reminded me of Altered States.
Bill Murray has a cameo in the Darjeerling limited for those who are desperate for some Murray .
Saw this again recently. Still funny.
awesome, some would even say godlike

as is the man himself. Godlike

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