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The Movie Battle Tournament.


Nov 8, 2012
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This tournament is based on which is the best movie of this tournament. Decided by you SHH voters. There is 32 battles in round 1 and the other round are less and less till the final battle for the championship.

1 Avengers vs Star Trek
2 Captain America vs Dredd
3 Harry Potter 7 Part 2 vs Snow White and The Huntsman
4 Iron Man vs Indiana Jones 4
5 Star Wars Episode 3 vs Tron Legacy
6 District 9 vs Battleship
7 Hellboy 2 The Golden Army vs X-Men 2
8 The Dark Knight vs Batman Begins
9 Mission Impossible 4 vs RED
10 Thor vs 300
11 Watchmen vs Sin City
12 Fellowship Of The Ring vs The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe
13 Shrek vs Kung Fu Panda
14 Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter vs Constantine
15 The Matrix vs Men In Black
16 The Dark Knight Rises vs Pirates 4
17 Spider-Man vs The Amazing Spider-Man
18 Willow vs Stardust
19 Die Hard vs True Lies
20 Jaws vs ET
21 Star Wars Episode 4 vs Star Trek 2 The Wrath Of Khan
22 Sherlock Holmes vs Dark Shadows
23 Casino Royale vs Skyfall
24 Police Academy vs Stripes
25 Bram Stokers Dracula vs Man In The Iron Mask
26 Iron Man 2 vs Transformers 3
27 Con Air vs The Rock
28 Drive Angry vs Fast Five
29 Temple Of Doom vs National Treasure
30 Gladiator vs Braveheart
31 Pirates Of The Caribbean COTBP vs Rango
32 Home Alone vs Ghostbusters
33 Hook vs Jumanji
34 Goonies vs Red Dawn
35 The Iron Giant vs Cars
36 How To Train Your Dragon vs Ice Age
37 The Hobbit vs Nimh
38 The Hobbit An Unexected Journey vs King Kong
39 The Grinch vs The Nutty Professor

Round One Battle 1



Star Trek
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Avengers wins 11 -2

Round One Battle 2

Captain America




I really enjoyed Dredd but this easily goes to Captain America.
Captain America leads 7-2 but will leave open this battle till sometimes sunday.

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