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Action-Adventure The NCIS Thread - Part 2

So we don't have a two week wait until part 2 of LA
I thought LA was a two night event, shouldn't part two be on tonight?

Loved the scenes with Gibbs and Lando this week. :D

Deeks and the poodle. :funny:
why would it have been?
All the reports on Sandy. Sort of annoying that they pre-empt stuff at the drop of a hat. One network pre-empts their shows on one night. Another does them on the next.

Curse you politics for interrupting our favorite shows.:argh:

Agreed. Especially since everyone knows Hetty's the one who's actually in charge.

[blackout]At least, for 72 hours in Nicaragua[/blackout] :oldrazz:
...so my original NCIS thread has officially grown into a new thread. :yay:
Perhaps the leads with be hot chicks!
A spin-off of the spin-off, oh the humanity!

*looks at Star Trek and CSI*


Yeah it goes...

NCIS: LA (+crossover with Hawaii Five-0)
new show
Can anyone answer this question.

Why do they shoot NCIS so it looks so old and fuzzy? The picture quality looks like garbage. I don't get why they are shooting the show in this fashion. Is it to make Mark Harmon look better?

Just seems like a step backwards to film the show in a dated way and make it look like it was shot in the 80's.
I liked the Ziva and Tony scene this week but I'm not a huge fan of the rest of the arc.

LA was excellent, some cool insight into Sam. What is surprising is that the story is not continued next week as next weeks ep is the Densi surf ep.

So who was Sam's girl on the side? Hope his wife doesn't find out about this.

I dunno, was kind of hard to feel for Sam now that he's messing around with some other girl.
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Oh OK, nm. The undercover agent is Sam was sleeping with is his wife.
Yeah that was really the twist as the impression given previously was that Sam's family were regular and knew nothing of his work.
NCIS was good this week, I particularly enjoyed the Ziva and Abby scenes and I think we'll see Alex Kingston back.

LA was good as well even though the way it started I expected it to be about cheesy old pretend spies working on video-games. I also guess that they mustn't be allowed to show cleavage on the show as Kensi twice unbuttoned her shirt and you still couldn't see anything. :funny:

No ep next week but the promo for the next LA is here, no Densi which sucks but the quirky heist looks fun.


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