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The New and Improved Confirmed Cast as it Stands thread


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Sep 2, 2005
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Since the last thread was a bit out of whack and Newwave, it's updater, has left, I give you the new cast list thread!

Patrick Stewart – Charles Xavier/Professor X
James Marsden – Scott Summers/Cyclops
Halle Berry – Ororo Munroe/Storm
Hugh Jackman – Logan/Wolverine
Anna Paquin – Marie/Rogue
Shawn Ashmore – Bobby Drake/Iceman
Kelsey Grammer – Hank McCoy/Beast
Ben Foster – Warren Worthington III/Angel
Ellen Page – Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat
Daniel Cudmore – Piotr Rasputin/Colossus

Kea Wong – Jubilation Lee/Jubilee
Bryce Hodgson – Artie
Shauna Kain – Theresa Rourke/Siryn
Conner Widows – Jones
Luke Pohl – X-Kid
Riley Canter – X-Kid #2
Sanjeen Sandhu – X-Kid #3
Ashlyn Dixon – Unknown
Shaina Unger – X student
Layke Anderson - X-kid Cypher

Brotherhood/Magneto’s Allies
Ian McKellen – Erik Magnus Leshnerr/Magneto
Rebecca Romijn – Raven Darkholme/Mystique
Aaron Stanford – John Allerdyce/Pyro
Vinnie Jones – Cain Marko/Juggernaut
Famke Janssen – Jean Grey/Phoenix
Eric Dane – Jamie Madrox/Multiple Man
Omahyra Mota – Phillipa Sontag/Arclight
Dania Ramirez – Callisto
Ken Leung – Quill
Mei Melancon - Elizabeth Braddock/Psylocke
Julian Richings - Unknown
Robert O'Donnell - Unknown

Michael Murphy - Warren Worthington II
Cayden Boyd – Young Warren Worthington III
Cameron Bright – Leech
Haley Ramm – Young Jean Grey
Olivia Williams – Dr. Moira McTaggert
Bill Duke – General Bolivar Trask
Shohreh Aghdashloo – Dr. Kavita Rao
Beverley Mahood – Unknown
James Leard – Doctor
Andrew Abud – Chauffer
Susan Wilkey – Nurse
Donlea Maxwell – Nurse
Stan Lee – Neighbor
Will Rogers - Unknown
Peggy Daniel – Unknown
Art Hives – Unknown
Chris Claremont – Neighbor
Unknown – Phat
Ashley Hartman – Unknown
Doug Lennox – Bartender
Makenzie Vega – Unknown
Robbie Snooks – Military Soldier
Tanya Newbould – Assistant to Beast
Josef Sommer - President
Desiree Zurowski - Elaine Grey
Anthony Heald - Interrogator
John Pyper-Ferguson - Mercedes Father
Christopher Fosh - Husband at BBQ

Unknown - Gauntlet
Unknown – Omega Red
Mercedes Yvette – M
Vince Murdocco - Unknown (part possibly cut from the film)

Directed by Brett Ratner
Good idea spector.:up: But you forgot the president.
lordofthenerds said:
Good idea spector.:up: But you forgot the president.

Whoops. But do we have a name for who's playing him yet?
the x team in this one rocks!!!
nice specs...so does that mean ......ashley hartman is confirmed???????:confused:
Hey Spec, somebody on this forum figured out that Anthony Heald may be the official who's sitting in the chair across from Mystique in her interrogation pic.

I can't remember which Hypester pointed that out though.
It wasn't me... but I thought Heald was hilarious in Boston Public.

He was Dr. Chilton in Silence of the Lambs & Red Dragon, too.
Antonello Blueberry said:
Raz Degan is in the movie? And he is an actor, though not a good one.

Rumored. Giant rumor...
With that cast, and those characters, I smell Oscars for The Last Stand.
cookiva said:
Uh, yes he is. Omega Red isnt in the film, but he is...
Uh no he is not in that same article it was confirmed hes not even in the movie.

Ask whoever it was to pull up that article, it was confirmed hes not even in the movie
The Blob said:
Uh no he is not in that same article it was confirmed hes not even in the movie.

Ask whoever it was to pull up that article, it was confirmed hes not even in the movie

If its so widely known, then you go find the damn article...
What about the recent news concerning Tonya Newbould?

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