The Official Worst Nut Shots Thread

... Lame.

I've had worse done to me. The video I posted looked worse:o.
When I read "nut shots" I was thinking of something far different, and much more fun.
Why don't you just go watch America's Funniest Home Videos.....:dry:
This is stupid. Seriously, it's like I'm living in the movie Idiocracy.
I know what it means and I knew your response would be as such, however I wouldn't expect much from a guy who wanted to make celldog "happy." :o
I know what it means, but this is coming from a guy who wanted to make celldog "happy". :o

It's not realy to make him happy, it was more a "hey everone, Celldog is full of s**t" thread...also, it let me get a cheap shot in on Scientology, which I always enjoy :)
I don't have a link to post, but a few years ago some kid I knew told me to look up and I'm like wtf (but i look up anyway) and I just get kicked in the nuts. :(
Yeah, but we all know damned well why you put that quote there:o.

Cause it's one of the best written Joker issues of it's time. Oh, how he gets Batman to fly his plane backwards kills me everytime :D
That's was Batman's *****...if you believe the newspaper stories shown, it was, in fact, "Batmans Greatest *****".
I predict this thread getting a nutshot from the Empress real soon.

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