The Question Casting Thread


Dec 20, 2007
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Any ideas?

The Question - Clive Owen.
Aristoteles Rodor - John Hurt.
Richard Dragon - Chuck Norris.
Jackie Earl Haley is already playing him, why you wana go and recast him?
Jackie Earl Haley is already playing him, why you wana go and recast him?

Because Jack Earl Haley is Rorschach aka Walter Kovacs, The Question is Vic Sage a completely different character though Rorschach was based on him
::SMACKS LOBO:: Thank you for fragging my joke Lobo
To be fair, it did make you look a little like an a-hole, whether that was your intention or not.

Sarcasm is completely wasted in written form. Gotta give a wink afterward. ;)
Speaking of the question does anyone know if Renye Mantoya is gona bein TDK?
i dont think so. I think that kinda casting would be revealed.
Timothy Olyphant would be perfect as Vic.

He has the creepy voice, he can play narcotic and paranoid, and he can play reluctant hero.
Dave Duchovny could work I think. I still think Guy Pearce would be best,but Daves cool
Jeffrey Combs


too bad he doesnt look like that anymore. I actually even question if that is him. If he did I would totally be on board he did so well on JLU. I was pushing him for Rorschach in Watchmen but JEH should be good
I hate to be glib...almost any actor alive who can act could play The Question.

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