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Sep 7, 2004
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I see thread after thread of suggestions for casting JL or any other comic movie. Now granted some of the suggestions are ridiculous. Some may look the part, but can't act and vice versa. But, I wonder if casting directors, producers, directors, etc ever come to forums like this to get casting suggestions, guage feedback to people they have in mind that the fans may be talking about, etc.

For example their are lots of people who like Monica Dean and Tyler Cole for Wonder Woman. Is their any chance someone associated with the casting would say "Hmm. Never heard of this Monica Dean. Maybe, we should look at her." or "We are looking at Taylor Cole. I wonder what kind of reaction the fans are giving her."

Just curious.

ps-I know they are not coming here and using our ideas as fact.
I say no chance because casting directors and movie studios don't care about who's right for the part, they just care about bankable names who will earn them the most money. Us "fans" don't make up a large part of the population. The general public will go see a movie with terrible casting choices and it doesn't matter if we fans like the casting or not because it doesn't affect the box office one bit. This is pure *********ion on our part.
Bankable names? I guess that explains Christian Bale and Brandon Routh. :whatever:
I think they might get wind of certain choices, when they become so widespread that multiple websites and forums constantly promote them.

I do believe that the massive internet support for Bale playing Batman was a factor in his selection.

I don't think that casting directors actually frequent this board, or care much about individual posters opinions.

I think they might just get the occasional feedback from their subordinates about certain trends online.
No they don't listen to us! We sit here and fight and snipe at each other about opinions. There are very few cases of us agreeing on something such as Bale.
Sometimes when casting directors allowed i think they can get it right, but when you see casting suggestions like Halle as Storm or Jessica as Sue Richards it just screams it girl casting and the studio heads wanting this. For black characters there is even less caring of getting it right. I don't think Singer and FOX ever gave much thought to the casting of Storm, they just went we need a black actress, and it's the same with John Stewart. When you hear casting suggestions like TI it makes you go huh? Now even though I can accept Tyrese I don't think he fits John Stewart at all.
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