The Smudge Enhancement Project



I've started this project, where I post one smudge painting I've done everyday. I smudge photos into something new. I do this on Every visit is motivation.
Cool concept. Any chance to see the originals?
thank you for signing up so that you could plug your website:up:
Well I decided when I started this project, that I wasn't going to post the original photos, since my smudged versions are so unsimilar to the photos, and I really see the photos as my palette of colors rather than what the painting will become. Thanks for your comments.
are you supposed to be able to tell what it is?
wow... i ummmm..... wow, i'll never get that moment back
looks like a close-up of one small part of a Salvador Dali.
The idea behind this is kind of cool, but since the finished product seems to be entirely abstract, I think it's kind of stupid. No offense. It would be cool if you smudged it into something recognizable, but anyone can do what you're doing.

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