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The Superior Marvel X DC

Mar 30, 2006
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Hosted by WolfCypher

Voting game (NOT A FIGHT THREAD). Vote however, for whomever.​

Rounds 1478 - 1800
Eddie Brock (Venom, Anti-Venom, Toxin) x Bane
Black Panther x Hank Pym
Ultraverse x Dakotaverse
Ai Apaec x H'el
Electro x Parasite
Havok x Multiple Man
Psylocke x Raven
Tigra x Vixen
Hellcat x Tigra
Hellcat x Bronze Tiger
USAgent x Captain Atom
Spider-Woman x Hawkgirl
Plastic Man x The Creeper
Moon Knight x Red Hood
Namor x Hawkman
Aunt May x Martha Kent
Odin x Hippolyta
Storm x Black Canary
The Thing x Nightwing
Moon Knight x Taskmaster
Static x Black Vulcan
Fantastic Four x Captain America
The Human Torch x Aquaman
Annihilus x Despero
Annihilus x Brainiac
Black Panther x Storm
Kraven the Hunter x Scarecrow
Spider-Man x Wonder Woman
Quicksilver x The Flash (Wally West)
Bizarro x Zod
Spider-Woman x Batgirl
Black Bolt x Black Adam
Cloak & Dagger x Green Arrow & Black Canary
The Human Torch x Captain Cold
Baron Zemo x Vandal Savage
Jor-El x Jonathan Kent
Captain Marvel x Shazam
Juggernaut x Solomon Grundy
Lockjaw x Krypto
Two-Face x Black Mask
Foggy Nelson x Jimmy Olsen
Hank Pym x Green Arrow
Red Hulk x Solomon Grundy
Venom (Eddie Brock) x Doomsday
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (Vol. 2) x Earth 2
Congorilla x B'wanna Beast
Kitty Pryde x Nightwing
Black Cat x Batgirl
x Blue Devil
Blade x Morbius the Living Vampire
Werewolf by Night x Blue Devil
Mister Fantastic :hrt: The Invisible Woman x Superman :hrt: Lois Lane

Rounds 1801-ongoing
Nuke x Major Force
White Tiger x Bronze Tiger
Havok x Cyclops
The Juggernaut x The Thing
The Juggernaut x Gorilla Grodd
The Juggernaut x Solomon Grundy
Jubilee x Stephanie Brown
Spider-Girl x Spider-Man 2099
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Round 1748
Eddie Brock (Toxin) x Bane
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Why do they keep giving Eddie different aliases? I thought they wanted to kill him off years ago?

I don't mind Toxin, but compared to Eddie's and Flash's Venom he pales in comparison.
The Winner of Round 1748 is...Bane (4-9)



Marvel Round - Round 1749
Black Panther x Hank Pym
PANTHER it aint even funny!!like Panther for days! weeks !hell!years even! so much panther that they should bottle it! sell it as a mens fragrance called

its like that over that other guy! hehe
This one is hard... I like both equally.

But I'll go with Black Panther.

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