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The Surprising Cause of Most 'Spider Bites'

Without having read the article, I'm going to guess....

Spiders? ;)
The article is not reassuring in the least, whenever I see a spider, it goes SPLAT!! :jedi
If spiders didn't wander where the f*** they wanted, there wouldn't be a problem. Stay in your lane, not in my shoe or my bed. Dumb motherf***ers.
I'm going to say hippies buying all Organic food :D
I like spiders, they are mosquitoes and other flying annoyances natural traps !
I never cough one in my shoes, bed or anything..oh well sometimes I see one in my bathtub but it is rare.
Spiders need love too.
I've never been bitten by a spider but I really don't like them. Recently there was a live black widow spider found in a pack of bananas in a nearby grocery store. I'm allergic to bananas anyway but even if I wasn't I think I would be. :p I'd hate to have gotten that home and noticed it there.
Once I got bitten by a medium spider, mosquitoe bites are way worse.
Science exhibits?

See im looking to push past my phobia of spiders cos im like a girl when I see one, a girl whos scared of spiders. Also should the likelihood of spiders turning people into spiderman actually occur I would like to be able to allow the spider to land on my hand and move for more than a second before I crush it or throw it across a room and run off..would make for a short film if it were about me ha ha
**Cue 1960s Spider Man song**

Doo-doo, doo-doo, doo, doo-doo, doo-doo, doo

Spider bites,
Spider bites.
Actually caused,
by fleas and mites ...

I've been working on that for 6 hours. :(
That's actually happened to me before. I still don't have a rational answer as to how, but it was wicked awesome!

You were bitten by a spider at a science exhibit? Did you spend the rest of the day running your fingers along the walls just in case?
My brother was bitten by a spider once. Had to get treatment because it was causing red "tracks" down his arm.
"I've been handling spiders for almost 20 years, and I've never been bitten," Buddle told LiveScience. "You really have to work to get bitten by a spider, because they don't want to bite you."

"5 minutes after completing the interview for livescience, buddle was bitten severely while showcasing one of his collection"
**Cue 1960s Spider Man song**

Doo-doo, doo-doo, doo, doo-doo, doo-doo, doo

Spider bites,
Spider bites.
Actually caused,
by fleas and mites ...

I've been working on that for 6 hours. :(

That's the greatest thing I've read all day.
That article is wrong. Most spider bites happen because spiders are ass*****. Today I sat on a bench near a planter for half an hour. When I got up there was a large, nasty-looking spider crawling down my arm. He was probably looking for a tender place to sink his fangs. I just shook him off, not having time to spot where he fell so I could end his menace once and for all.

See what I mean? Ass**** spider.
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^ lolwut.

"spiders are our friends." Aw how quaint.
I remember this one time, I was on my way to school. As I was getting a glass of water, I saw this diesel wolf spider. He looked right at me and I looked at him. I made a deal with him and said that as long as he keeps killing pests and stays out of my view, I'll let him live.

True story.
Okay, maybe spiders are unlikely to bite humans. But the fact remains that it is impossible to keep insects and their eggs out of food at the factory. It is a sure thing that insects parts are in your food at home.

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