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The Tamagotchi is rebooted as an app

I just saw this. I remember caring more about if my Tamagotchi was fed more than actually feeding myself.
Another fad of the 90s I didn't care about.
I grew up in the 90's so I'm in the clear :D

That, slap bracelets, pogs, and xmen cartoon
Pokemon?? lol naw i remember this too. Same here, didn't really care about it.
I remember this. I never really got into it so meh.
I remember a kid in my 9th grade class crying when the teacher confiscated his tamigotchi. Guess the lil' bugger died.
I had a 101 Dalmatians version. I eventually overfed it, and it died in its own filth.
This is so dumb.

Wait... 99 cents? SOLD!
They brought back Furby it was only a matter of time for those as well.
Later the police report revealed the tamagotchi was pregnant.
There was a really good episode of the show Fillmore! which was based around a Tamogotchi hostage case.

That show was great.
I think one of my friends had one but I didn't.
I had one of those. I remember there were a few ripoffs during the craze. It only took me less than a week to get bored with it.
Is there a pokemon-like tamagotchi app where you can breed and fight them?
I played it for a day and remembered why I stopped. It's really very annoying.

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