The Teaser Poster Revealed?!

If not that's some pretty amazing fan art.

Official 'Casino Royale' Teaser Poster Revealed

Written by Devin Zydel (28 Apr, 2006, 22:00)

Awaited for by endless fans for many months, CBn can confirm that the official teaser poster for the newest James Bond 007 film, Casino Royale, has been revealed.

Featuring Daniel Craig as Bond at what appears to be a casino table, the sleek and stylish poster also features a handgun and chips, as well as the Casino Royale logo in the center. It can be viewed on Finland site for the film.

Stay tuned to CBn for all the latest news and coverage on Casino Royale.

Awesome poster. Here's a wallpaper I made out of it.
Daniel "Egg Head" Craig does it again :up:
Thats the first film poster in a very, very long time I have wanted to get a copy of :up:
very connery looking.

It looks like a 007 fan poster bit it's amazing...
Looks great, now how long until the teaser is online?
It's an awesome poster:up: but i wonder why the movie sites aren't carrying it:confused:
That's one of the coolest posters I've seen in a long time. No more stupid invisible cars-just pure 007.
ok, awesome teaser postrer and an awesome teaser in one day. PLease let my expectation not be dashed. This might be the real deal......
Very cool poster ...very James Bond.
can't wait for a HD version... woot!

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