The World's Finest: The Animated Movie


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Jul 2, 2007
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Hello and I would like to tell everyone that I am making a World's Finest animated movie. I need people to help me in this project. I want this movie to be big and great. Voice acters are also needed. More news on this will arrive. Need all the help I can get. I hope people will like the idea and help with this movie. Lets start! Also people from Spider-man sony boards, I'm Spider-Z


Bump. Anyone?
Well since you have not read the comic books. This is a Superman & Batman team-up movie. Here is the plot.

After finding out Joker has gone to Metropolis, Bruce goes there to take down him. But Joker has made a deal Lex. He will help him destroy Superman and he will help kill Batman. Now Batman has to join forces with Superman.

It gets better but aint gonna spoil it.
Sounds kinda like a knock off of the "World's Finest" BTAS and STAS episodes. Have you even done any test animation?
I am helping doing websites and downloads like wallpapers avatar, posters, etc.
Not yet on and no this is not gonna be like the TAS. Trust me.
and no this is not gonna be like the TAS. Trust me.

That's cool. Although I still dislike the idea of the Joker asking for help. May I just recommend you do some test footage before going through the trouble of making a script? It takes a lot of work to animate something.

Best of luck!
What do you need? Concept art? I could do that...but I ONLY have a digital camera, not a scanner :/
Cna yeah use paint or photoshop or something like that?
Cna yeah use paint or photoshop or something like that?
EH, I'm not good at stuff like that...and I don't have photoshop...oh,well then :(

Any other jobs you need? Maybe I could do something different....???
Voices? Websites or anything else?
Joker Voice? Very nice. I've been mixing Ledgers with my own. I'll send you a clip soon. :cwink:
So sorry but this has been cancelled and it will become a fan fiction story.

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