Sequels The X-Men Movie Timeline... If i wrote any prequel or sequel to the trilogy.


Dec 28, 2007
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Ok this is how i would of written the history of the X-Men Movieverse...

> En Saber Nuh - is born in egypt as the first mutant. However the Egyptians feared him and inprisioned him in the Lazarus chamber Tomb which is kept safe by Ozmidus a mystical profit who saw his comming and told the egyptians how to imprision him.

> Nathaniel Essex some time in 1800's travels to egypt and discovers the tomb of which he becomes immortalised to carry out his mutation research.

> 1900's Wolverine is born - story stays true to the comic book, He grows up with Sabretooth and Rose, they leave when James Howlett's father dies.

> 1930's Magneto is born in israel - somewhere between 1939 to 1945 - his parents are killed and the stress causes Magneto to discover his powers. During this period Wolverine had joined the army in world war 2

> Late 1940's Charles Xavier is born, Wolverine enlists into the Weapon X programe thinking it was volentary - This is overseen by a young William Stryker. The Hellfire Club is set up with members Young Sebastian Shaw

> Late 50's Wolverine escapes weapon X but his memory has been servearly tampered with - Charles Xavier meets Magneto and Moria McTaggart at Oxford University.

> 1960's - Charles Xavier, Eric Lenshire are in the viatnam war, They start there work as towards the first mutant rescue idea. Charles is crippled by the mutant known as Shadow King. Who was profiting from the war

> 1970's Charles Xavier and Eric Lenshire create the School for the Gifted, The're first pupils, Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Jason Stryker, Hank McCoy and Ororo Monroe... Eric's views differ from Charles and the two part ways, Eric begins work on his Brotherhood, The Hellfire now have a hand in nearlly all mutant affairs. Jason goes crazy and almost kills his team mates he is stopped by his own father Stryker

> 1980's - Stryker reopens the Weapon X Project after what his son did killing stykers wife, Stryker discovers Yuiko - Magneto has created his brotherhood with Mystique, Toad and probably Avalanche and Blob as members. They where pretty much underground - Xavier trains his students as a task force after what Jason did. The students train to become teachers - Young Iceman and Pyro plus a whole load of new members join the school as it rapidly grows.

> 1990's - Hank has left the school and joined the political debate, Jean, Scott and Ororo now teachers and X-Men - Trask starts a small sential design of which Magneto discovers and tries to destroy - Not big giant robots but more like little metal things that could scan mutants. Taking down Trasks sentinal project forces the x-men into there first outing, Avalanche and Blob leave the brotherhood to fight a different cause but Magneto free's a mutant who is prisioned there Sabretooth who Joins Magnetos cause. Nathaniel Essex starts his own research corporation in england where Moria McTaggart works and is in contact with Charles Xavier, DrEssex does not seem sinister at this point. Hank is in constant fights with the Hellfire club over mutant registration act. Hank's experments causes him to turn blue, the video in the second movie with hank as human is archieved footage of this period.

> 2000 - Between this decade the advents of X-Men 1 to 3 happen

> 2010 - Wolverine has gone off to find out about his past, Ororoe is left incharge of the school and has disbanded the X-Men, Colossus and Kitty Pride go on a Euro tour to meet up with Nightcrawler...Nod to Excaliber. a deadly virus occures that kills mutants causinga hostile reaction from them, Beast and White queen open a new task force known as Factor-X they recruit Iceman, Rogue and Angel former X-Men... with Emma Frost's own Academy students - Havok, Polaris and Forge... Dr.Essex takes over research of this new Legacy Virus of which issues the Mauraders to kill the Morlocks. The Legacy Virus is a mutated verson of the cure created by Leech. Pyro has been infected by it and has become hostile. Essex's Maurders consists of 6 members, Gambit, Vertigo, Harpoon, Blockbuster, Scrambler and Riptide. as the story unfolds essex is revealed as a mutant who can not die, gives Rogue back her powers Gambit is her new love interest, Iceman falls for team member Polaris, Angel looses his wings, Part of Sinisters plan is to make Angel a horsemen - End of X-Men 4

X-Men 5 - Trask has been premoted to produce sentinals underground with the help of the Hellfire backing them. a homless mutant Bishop has a premenision of the future and tries to stop the advents from happening, this causing the Factor-X to intervien, The Hellfire who also in connection with Mr Sinister who is covering up his shady dealings. The Hellfire unlease the first wave prototype of sentinals on the Factor-X, Arch-Angel is revealed which just makes matters worse, Gambit has offically joined the Factor-X with Rogue.

X-Men 6
Apocaylpse rises with his horsemen, Arch-angel, Sinister, Bishop and Rogue who had been brainwashed by Sinister without knowning when she got her powers back. A whole survival of the fitist occures where more than one team fights apocaylpse and his horsemen, featuring Factor-X and Canadian based Alpha Flight. and Englands finest Excalibure featuring Colossus, Shadow Cat and Nightcrawler you also have Trask's sentinals recommisioned to take down Apocaylpse.

>2020 onwards - with the distruction of Apocaylpse there was a Cosmic disturbance which brings Cyclops and Jean Grey back with a 12 year old son Christopher - Future Cable... Jean Grey when ressurected sent Cyclops to an unknown place so that the Phoenix could not hurt him. when Apocaylpse distruction re-awoke the Phoenix spark in Jean''s remains re-animating her which causes Cyclops to return from the unknown place, However because of the warped nature of apocaylpse and sinisters experments essentially the cyclops and jean grey were merged to create the 12 year old cable. who they class as there son... Not only did Apocaylpse death cause Jeans revival but also Xavier... however Xavier no longer has a body but his concious is still active unable to take form he becomes Onslaught...In this future Factor X is redesigned Iceman has retired to a normal life, Rogue angel and gambit return to the x-men, which scott and Jean also returning. Factor X now has Havok, Polaris, Forge, Multiple Man, Wolfbane and Strong Guy as members... adventually Onsluaght is destroyed and Xavier is given a phyiscal form which he can walk.

And from this the Movie universe will end and no other story will preceed it.

Intitally the X-Men universe can go on and on because there is so many stories.

But i think like Star wars they need a second trilogy - and the only stories they havent properly coveredi s the Legacy Virus, Days Of Future Past and Rise of Apocaylpse.

And as insurance have Onslaught, on the back burner.

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