"Theatre of War"

Discussion in 'Captain America World' started by Fantasyartist, Aug 15, 2009.

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    I must confess to being mildly surprised to see "Theatre Of War" whereby Cap fights alongside "Leathernecks" and "dogfaces"(US Marines and regular Army troops) in contemporary Afghanistan and Iraq( Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom).

    As neither the Taliban or Saddam Hussein's Baathist regime qualified as "super villains"( a la Dr Doom or the Red Skull) no matter how obnoxious they may have been, wouldn't it have been more appropriate for higher authority( ie the President- who would have George Bush( pere and fils) to dissuade him from going to either theatre( he was too valuable to be risked on either front.

    Of course, Captain America is a soldier at heart and wants to be fighting alongside his fellows( be they "Leathernecks" or ""dogfaces/grunts"), but as the only living recipient of the Super Soldier Serum wouldn't it be a good idea if he was more discriminating as to which conflicts he got involved in?


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