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Jan 19, 2004
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Company: Sony/Hyde Park/RAW.
Written by: Tab Murphy.
Screenplay by: Tab Murphy and Thomas Jane.
Directed by: Thomas Jane.

Thomas Jane ... Dick.
Lauren German ... Gina.
Ron Perlman ... The Sheriff.
Chris Browning ... The Stranger.

"This dark story of love and death on the highways of America will keep you guessing until the final shot."

Click Here For The Production Diary From Tim Bradstreet.
Thomas Jane directing? I hope this is good! The man has talent. Anyway, I clicked the link, this sounds pretty cool. But can someone tell me what this is about, that's just too much to read.
Tom Jane hasn't let me down yet. I'm looking forward to this.
the tripper was awesome, punisher not so much. but i will check it out to see his directing talents...
Press Release:
Sony Pictures "Dark Country" Brings 3D Thriller to Life Using New Silicon Imaging Digital Camera Technology

Actor/Director Thomas Jane and Director of Photography Geoff Boyle Immerse Audiences in a Visceral Live-Action 3D World
LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - April 10, 2008)

3D cinematography has always held the potential for delivering to audiences a more realistic, story-telling experience. This promise has been largely unfulfilled due to the physical constraints of traditional dual-camera cinema rigs, which limit the creative direction of any given shot. Director Thomas Jane and Cinematographer Geoff Boyle, of the 3D film noir thriller "Dark Country," were able to overcome these obstacles through a new highly mobile 3D Steadicam-based rig made possible by the Silicon Imaging SI-2K stereo camera system. Rather than succumbing to the limitations of past 3D systems, the SI-2K stereo rigs enabled a new dynamic story-telling style, transforming the possibilities for live action 3-D content creation.

Thomas Jane and Geoff Boyle had been exposed to the Silicon Imaging camera technology during their recent Sci-Fi action feature film "Mutant Chronicles" and were already keen on shooting with SI-2K. Sony Pictures hired 3D specialists, Max Penner and Tim Thomas of ParadiseFX to help bring the feature to life. They had just completed developing a 9-camera 360-degree rig using the Silicon Imaging cameras and were able to design a stereo beam splitter rig into a MK-V-AR Steadicam with variable interocular control and another rig with fixed interocular for hand-held shooting. The Steadicam-AR rig was used to perform dynamic tracking shots with auto-leveling, moving the cameras from a high mode of 8-feet to ground level in one second.

"The physical size of the Silicon Imaging 3D rigs completely redefine the scope and potential of 3D cinematography," says Director of Photography Geoff Boyle. "The true revolution is in the visual language and stylistic choices which can now be utilized, with shots that have never been seen in a 3D movie before. Had we used any other camera system, there would have been nothing new to see -- it would have looked like any other 3D film shot in the past 50 years. To bring a thriller car-chase movie like 'Dark Country' to life, we simply couldn't make those compromises."

"'Dark Country' is a film that I wanted to express in a manner that remains true to the stylistic choices of film noir, while delivering an immersive reality and visceral experience that only the next generation of 3D cinematography could provide," says "Dark Country" Director/Actor Thomas Jane. "Every medium brings a life of it's own to the story-telling process, and with 'Dark Country,' I wanted audiences to be there, to be in the car with the characters, and make the story their own with a heightened sense of physical contact never experienced before. The mobility and physical expression we were able to achieve with the Silicon Imaging camera rigs truly transformed my personal vision into a living and breathing visual reality."

At NAB 2008, Silicon Imaging will be demonstrating a technology preview of the industry's first integrated 3D stereoscopic digital cinema camera system. It will enable filmmakers to view, adjust and shoot in-context of a live 3D stereoscopic effect through an intuitive camera control interface complete with metadata capture, visualization and recording.

"Thomas Jane has set the new standard for live action Stereo 3D production with 'Dark Country,'" says Ari Presler, CEO of Silicon Imaging. "Today, a great deal of time in 3D production is spent focused on shooting and editing two of everything and trying to determine if the camera setup will result in the desired stereo effect. Our next-generation 3D systems will give cinematographers an unprecedented level of visualization and post workflow control while hiding the complexity of on-set operation. It will show exactly how the 3D shot will look as it's being captured."

Dark Country-3D is currently scheduled for summer release. Silicon Imaging's 3D digital cinema camera systems will be demonstrated with sample footage at NAB 2008, booth SL10608.

Silicon Imaging, Inc. ( is a leader in IT-centric high-definition digital cinema camera, Stereo 3D recording systems and RAW workflow solutions. Silicon Imaging's products incorporate disruptive technologies, which outperform traditional cameras while increasing flexibility and lowering cost
Sounds cool!

Nice to see Jane is doing more projects.
The link in the first post is dead now but Perlman and Jane in a Noir, now with 3d cinematography ? count me in.
sounds cool . I wonder what happened to that movie killshot.
sounds cool . I wonder what happened to that movie killshot.

11 April 2008 (USA)

The release date for Killshot.

Nonetheless, Dark Country sounds very interesting. And I can't wait to see him direct.
That must be playing in select theatres

EXCL: Thomas Jane on Dark Country
Source:Ryan Rotten
June 28, 2007

Unless he has some pull as a producer, it's not often you'll find an actor voluntarily sitting alongside his director in the editing room. On Frank Darabont's The Mist, however, star Thomas Jane has becomes a permanent fixture. "Film school" is what this former Punisher is calling his daily presence through the post-production process - all preparation for his directorial debut entitled The Dark Country. In a Shock exclusive, Jane tells us his $5 million thriller produced under RAW Entertainment - a banner he created with Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) - is revving up for production later this year.

Written by Tab Murphy (Disney's Tarzan), "Country" - also a starring vehicle for Jane - picks up on a two-lane blacktop where a newlywed couple are trekking across the desert from Las Vegas. "They come across a body in the road who seems to be a terrible accident," Jane elaborates. "He's still alive, so they pick him up and try to find a hospital. The guy wakes up in the backseat terrified and freaked-out, wondering if people are after him. [The couple are] trying to get the story out of him but he's been horribly wounded. He's just a mess, broken and bloody. He starts talking all paranoid and then attacks the husband. Tries to kill him. They almost crash the car. The husband - our hero - picks up a rock and ends up killing the guy and they don't know what to do with him. So, they start to panic and bury him out in the desert. Everything goes downhill from there."

The Hollywood multihyphenate (actor, producer, comic book writer) has pulled together a crackerjack team of techies to bring his vision of "Country" to life in 3D. "It's a little bit of a challenge, but I've narrowed down the technical aspects and I've hired a company called Paradise FX who have been doing production on films like 'Terminator 3D' - all of those rides you see," he says. "I've also hired Ray Zone and he's one of the best known figures in the 3D world. He's done over 150 3D comics and he's a 3D photographer - knows every aspect of 3D physical production. So I've hired him as my 3D producer. The technology has taken this great leap with the hi-def and it's going to be fun."

Jane is fully aware that not every theater across the nation is equipped with updated 3D projection systems, so he is taking steps to ensure "Country" is also being shot for traditional 2D presentations without it affecting the production cost. Visually, he stresses, he'll be steering clear of the 3D funhouse gags you might find in eye-catchers of the early-'80s (Jaws 3D comes to mind). "We're going for the effect that Hitchcock used when he made 'Dial M for Murder' than what we saw in Vincent Price's 'House of Wax.' It's a more sophisticated use of the technology which is what we're striving for." It's also his chance to steer the genre away from safe teen thrillers. "Up until now we've seen all of this PG-13 stuff so I want to do an R-rated adult-oriented 3D thriller."

Sony is in line to distribute The Dark Country.
Perlman and Jane, together in a movie again? I'm in, although it looks like its going straight to dvd at his point. Jane can never catch a break.
It looks really cool, it would be a shame if it went direct-to-DVD, either way I'll be seeing it.
Written by the TARZAN writer, you say?

They should have called it COUNTRY ROADS, and used the John Denver song to promote it. I like Jane, but I think I'll pass on this.
Love the poster, love the trailer, love the guitar twang, love Jane, love Perlman, love Laura German
Dark Country is now on DVD. But the movie will have an 3D screening in LA, in late October.

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