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Thor vs Hulk


All Mighty
Feb 11, 2011
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Who wins this fight? Stan Lee wanted Hulk to be the strongest character of comics, while he envisioned Thor as the only one that could take Hulk down. The power levels have changed throught the course of the years, so in a fight with both characters at their prime who would win?
Thor would outlast Hulk in the long run. And I'm talking about a very long run because this battle would go on for quite some time.
thor is too versatile and holds back. look at him in blood and thunder..THAT's thor.

Thor beats ANY hulk
In the comics Hulk regularly defeats Thor. Almost every single time.
Definitely the Hulk. Yeah they're both pretty strong but the Hulk will outlast Thor. Plus, Thor is mortal and will die at some point.
I think the Incredible Hulk will crush Thor. :bh:
If it were any monster even with identical powers except the hulk it would pretty regularly be Thor who wins.

that being said, I could go either way but Thor is the far more satisfying win. Especially after that awful animated Thor vs. Hulk
Rune Thor > Odin Force Thor > WW Hulk > Classic Thor = Classic Hulk.

During Fear Itself, Thor beat both Hulk and The Thing, did he not? Morals off/ blood lusted, Thor ends Hulk.
Thor wouldn't even need to physically touch Hulk. He'd just use Mjolnir to transport him into the heart of the sun if he was written to his full capabilities. Or he could drain the Gamma radiation out of the Hulk reverting him to Banner.
Hulk smash Yellow Hair! Longer Thor fights the madder Hulk gets until his strength destroys Thor or cracks the planet into pieces.
Either one can beat the other

Yea, I didn't wanna cop out, but I agree with that. They've both reached such levels that any good writing would convince me of eithers win without me rolling my eyes, and that's coming from someone who leans towards Hulk.



I realize MCU Thor and Hulk are nerfed, but I liked the gifs. Lemme alone. :bw:
Hulk will smash Thor if Thor lose his mjolnir

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