TV Hulk, Thor vs present-day MCU heroes. Who would win?

Discussion in 'Marvel Films' started by Dark Raven, Sep 23, 2016.

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    Hulk and Thor are meant to be two of the mightiest heroes there are. However, their TV counterparts were vastly underpowered.

    Here in this video, both of them have trouble holding down a helicopter:

    However, MCU Cap was able to prevent a helicopter lifting off all by himself, and with one arm, and was successful at grounding it.


    If TV Hulk or Thor were pitted in a fight against some of the MCU heroes (either of the big screen or small screen), how would they fare? Could they beat any of them? I won't pit them against their own big screen counterparts played by Ruffalo or Hemsworth because they wouldn't stand a chance, but what about the others who aren't as overpowered?


    TV Hulk/ Thor vs Cap

    TV Hulk/ Thor vs Iron Man

    TV Hulk/ Thor vs Spider-Man

    TV Hulk/ Thor vs Black Panther

    TV Hulk/ Thor vs Winter Soldier

    TV Hulk/ Thor vs Luke Cage

    TV Hulk/ Thor vs Jessica Jones

    TV Hulk/ Thor vs Quake

    and so on.

    How would they do? And feel free to consider other TV Hulk/ Thor match-ups against other MCU heroes (or villains) I haven't mentioned.
  2. raw manga

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    I think Hulk win:sly:
  3. Willie Lumpkin

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    Interesting question because TV Hulk never seemed particularly strong (though that was probably mostly due to budget and special effects limitations). He was pretty cool in the pilot when he was busting out of the chamber and flipping the car, but he never seemed as strong or intimidating after that.

    He was probably stronger than Cap, Winter Soldier and Black Panther, but they could probably all give him a pretty good fight with agility, speed, technique and strategy.

    Jessica Jones is probably about even with TV Hulk on strength from what I've seen, and I think just about everybody else would easily kick his ass.

    I can't really comment on TV Thor, because I remember his big furry suit, but I can't remember him real clear beyond that.
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  4. Quasar

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    TV Thor would throw his hammer, then throw his hands up in the air in victory (he threw the hammer twice, once at Hulk, once at a car). Other than that, he could got into some scuffles in a biker bar.

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