Today We Celebrate Our Independence Day!


Jan 4, 2008
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Happy Independence Day to those in the United States, as well as a happy Republic Day to those in the Philippines.




The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, I actually like it far more than Christmas.

While our country has many problems, both historically and certainly presently, there are many qualities of our country and our people that I do admirable, not to mention the land itself is beautiful. I like to believe that underlying all of the fireworks, the corny action film speeches and zero-interest-for-six-months mattress sales is an honest enthusiasm for the various things the United States claims to stand for and I hope some of that enthusiasm can carry over to a commitment to actually carrying those ideals out in the future.

Whether you are celebrating the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, or just enjoying the day off with beer and minor explosives (and less face it, those are pretty much the same thing) have a happy and safe holiday.
Arnold, shortly after becoming a citizen.

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A happy Independence Day to you as well. On a bad note the weather sucks here today so no cookout.
Have a good 4th, people. I know it's not in vogue to actually celebrate America without doing it in an ironic cynical manner, but I can give it one day.
Happy 4th of July to our American brothers and sisters, and Republic day to our brothers and sisters in Philippines! :up: :up:
"Happy Apocalypse Day" - every dog in the suburbs

ADDING: Just seeing that the video was added in the first post lol, still one of the greatest scenes that defined a great film and my childhood.

Also - Bill Pullman is a really really cool dude too. Met him once and he was really down to earth (pun not intended).
Today we celebrate being the middle person in the Canada-US-Mexico human centipede. :o

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