Tool - 10,000 Days, Album Discussion Thread


Asgardian Jester
Aug 18, 2005
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So, here is a thread where any likely fans of Tool on this board can discuss the new album released this month. Criticism, good or bad is welcome here, although lets keep it civil between both camps.

When I first put the album on, the first thing that sprung to mind while listening is that the sound is very much a continuation on the direction taken in Lateralus. Unlike Undertow, and to a lesser extent Aenema, the record takes a more progressive and surreal route than the more traditional metal heard on those former albums. However, some of the tracks on this album are considerably heavier in places (Vicarious, Rosseta Stoned), while the records centerpeice, 'Wings for Marie/10, 000 Days', is a very mellow affair, arguably the most gentle song Tool have ever done. For this reason, having it clock in at 17-minutes or so may or may not work to the songs credit for many listeners. Overall, I have to say this album is one of the most challenging to get into, although I feel myself adapting to the sound already, I feel this is going to be a more 'love- it or hate-it' affair amongst fans and general listeners.


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