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Toybiz actually Updated thier website.


Aug 30, 2003
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And apparenlt shorlt after the relaunch of said website it accidentaly had lists of future Marvel Legends. This list is not an april fools prank nor do I believe it. But this is the list as I have read it in another forum

Maestro Hulk
2009 Daredevil
2099 Spiderman
Astonishing X-Men Wolverine
Beta Ray Bill Thor
Captain Marvel
Classic Captain Marvel (variant)
Iron Fist
Lady Death Strike
Long Shot
Super Skrull
The Blob
this leak probably was from a list generated by a system list of all the products that were entered into their order system after a certain date. The web guys probably didn't think to ask if any of the products hadn't yet been announced or released because products in the order system are only set up in most companies after they've been approved and set up for production. Products in early development and products in prototype stage that haven't been approved aren't entered until they are ready. This means 2 things, 1) All the products have probably finished sculpting and have been presented to sales people to present to vendors 2) More characters that haven't been approved of yet may still be in prototype stage and haven't been set up yet.

What makes me think this is that no Sentinel or Galactus was on there because they weren't a "product" they were an accessory that wouldn't come up in a info dump. Also, it seemed like a raw list that had repeat names and it wasn't sorted into sets. If someone had actually CREATED this list, it would have been sorted by product groups and series and not just a list of names. Someone got sloppy and in a hurry.

So, in normal speak, just because it wasn't on here, doesn't mean it's not coming. Also, just because it's on here, doesn't mean it IS coming as a Marvel Legends.
This is big news folks. Read it dammit.
DAAAAAMN!! Ill buy the megamorphs just for the extra small figures!!
and that list actually makes sense... heavy hitters... not the stupid list we have been reading about ml 12 and 13 - Captain Marvel, Psylocke, Falcon Anihilus(sweeeet), etc..
Plus, we do know that Maestro was made just never relased.
gah,where the hell is captain britain,black knight,hercules,union jack,usagent,hydroman,trapster,inhumans,emma frost,havok etc...

why the heck do we heed x-23,sasquatch,manwolf,longshot....
if they do sasquatch they best do guardian and vindicator too....
even wendigo don't make much sense really....

not the best line up ever but i will like to get psylocke,super skrull,captain marvel,falcon and bishop...the rest don't bother me too much...except maybe loki.
if it was an april fools joke...it wasnt particularly funny.
Man-Wolf? Possible tie in to Spider-man 3 (if the rumor about Man-Wolf and Venom is true)?
Well since I don't see anything on the site about this, and I checked the site the day they updated it and saw no list of this kind, I'm leaning towards not believing it.

Especially since most of those would be really dumb choices.
If that list is real, I will be one excited little boy. Captain Marvel (classic and modern no less), Beta Ray Bill, Blob, Wendigo, Maestro, Loki, Psylocke, and Falcon! Plus Power Man, Astonishing Wolverine, and Spider-Woman to add to my New Avengers roster.
I just hope they go back to doing the wll-mountable bases. I don't have a lot of shelf space and love the idea of being able to mount my figures to the wall. they actually look pretty cool up there. While I think it's neat that ToyBiz has figured out a way to get chracters like the Sentinels and Galactus out, the 'rough rider' series they're doing looks kinda lame to me and I'd much rather have the bases I can use to display all this stuff without it taking up too much room.

As for the list...oooooohhhhhh....Annihilus.....:drool:

Hmmm....You uys doubted this list....but every one of these was made....well all but Annihulus but we know he was made and suposed to be in the FF movie line.
Looks like your buddy Lumberjack never doubted you.
actually all but spidey and daredevil made the list... so i guess those 2 could be expected
Spidey 2099 is made.....during Hasbro's run I guess but maybe TB has it planned first.
They're supposed to re-release Spidey 2099 in the new Spidey line, right?? The same line thats gonna have all the Spidey villain repaints.
No there is a second line that has a bunch of Spideys.....Black, Iron, Regular, 2099.
Hold up. I thought the SMC (now AMS) line was gonna get canned in favor of the new Hasbro Spidey line???
Yeah but there's two lines...the Villain one and one called Spider-man Origins,
Nu-uh, its only one. Its called "Spidey's Sucktastic Missle-Shooting-Arm Bunch o' Friends".

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