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The Dark Knight TRAILER #3 Discussion (First Post Updated w/ Download Info)

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Jul 31, 2006
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Talk about what you want for a 3rd trailer? What themes? What ideas? Do you have an entire "script" for the trailer? Share it here... what exciting things do you think they'll pull that will excite us to no end?!

The Official Trailer #3 thread! :brucebat:


From IGN

April 19, 2008 - It wasn't on the panel lineup. It wasn't advertised. It wasn't supposed to be here. But the fact that Warner Bros didn't signal a new trailer for the Dark Knight was going to be in New York didn't stop the company from surprising attendees just prior to their presentation for The Spirit (check back with IGN later in the day for details on that panel).

Paul Levitz, President of DC Comics, came out just after Marvel's Incredible Hulk panel ended to address the attendees. Due to a packed schedule he wasn't able to say too much, but kicked off the first new footage for Christopher Nolan's eagerly anticipated sequel. This is the first time footage from the film has been shown since the IMAX footage and trailer debuted. Levitz noted that this particular trailer was set to debut "in a couple weeks."

Images were flying fast and furious, but here are some of our quick impressions.

The trailer repurposed some older clips, remixing them into something that seemed more plot-centric than the Joker centered piece from last time. Extended sequences featuring Rachel Dawes meeting the Clown Prince of Crime were shown, and attendees also caught more of a glimpse of what appears to be a love triangle/feud that develops between Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent and Dawes.

While Two Face was entirely absent, a couple hints were dropped about Dent's dark future. As usual, the Joker was the star of the show. A significant portion of the trailer featured Heath Ledger's much-hyped performance. The trailer revealed what appeared to be the genesis of Joker's rise to power in Gotham, with him meeting with a group of people (the mob?), saying the answer to their problems is to kill Batman. That segued into the amazing sequence from the first trailer where Batman and the Joker have a showdown in the middle of the streets.

Our opinion of what we saw? It's more of the jaw-dropping, drool-inducing stuff we've seen throughout the past year. In a way we weren't as blown away by this trailer as the first because we pretty much just want to see the movie. We don't want any more teasers or glimpses. We know Ledger's Joker is breathtaking. Simply put, we just want to see what has easily become our most anticipated film of the year. (And just so you don't rush to conclusions, what we saw was still impressive.)

In a couple weeks, all will be revealed. Keep an eye out for the new trailer, particularly through the Warner Bros viral campaign. Levitz mentioned something to the effect of finding hints and clues to see the trailer again.

Stay tuned to IGN for the latest news from New York Comic-Con. From movies to television to comics to anime, we've got tons of news for you to check out. You can access our New York Comic-Con hub by looking to our Comic-Con graphic at the top of this article.

From MTV

Batman has more to deal with than just the Joker in this summer’s “The Dark Knight,” and now thanks to a top secret new trailer for the film that just screened at NY Comic Con, we’ve gotten our first extended look at his friend and eventual rival, Harvey “Two-Face” Dent.

The brand-new “Dark Knight” trailer was shown to a flabbergasted audience here in New York (Warner Bros. had not announced any plans to show any footage) and though we only got a chance to see it once, there’s an awful lot to chew on in this new glimpse.

- After a breathtaking shot of Batman perched high above Gotham, a voiceover from Heath Ledger’s Joker asks “Where do we begin?” Batman glides through the city.

- “Kill the Batman,” the Joker states to an adjoined meeting of mob bosses, before an explosion is shown and the subsequent showing of a Joker card. This seemingly gels with the suspicion that the Joker is controlling the mob through ransom (after robbing the mob-run bank in the IMAX preview).

- After several shots of Harvey Dent in District Attorney mode, we finally get everyone together as the Joker invades a fancy bash with Bruce Wayne (Christopher Nolan), Alfred (Michael Caine), Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) and Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal). Sadly, the scene wasn’t topped off by the Penguin crashing through the floor on a giant duck.

- “The dawn is coming” says Dent in a voiceover.

- The Joker mutters “Here we go” before walking down a city street blowing stuff up in one particularly awesome scene.

- In one of the most foreboding moments of the trailer, Dent emphatically states “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Harvey Dent, of course, backwardly referencing his future transformation into super-villain “Two-Face.”

- Our eyes may have been playing tricks on us, but it certainly looked like the Joker drops Dawes at some point. The length of said drop is uncertain.

We’ll all know more when the trailer officially hits in two weeks. The clock starts now.


In addition to what MXN36(my brother) said, we just remembered some more stuff.

Regarding the Joker:

I want to say he has the first line of dialog in the trailer, but I can't be sure. Either way, his first appearance has him at a meeting with the heads of all the mob families (kind of like in Batman 89). In a kind of insulting manner, he questions them how a few months ago they ruled the city, but how now can't even show their faces. Then says the "Kill the Batman line". They also show a little more of the sequence where he and his goons raid Bruce's penthouse. He says something along the lines of "Ladies and Gentleman, we'll be your entertainment for this evening!" right before the shot of him cocking his gun up in the air shown in the previous trailer. It then shows him advancing towards Rachel, combing through his hair in an attempt to look somewhat presentable, and he makes some kind of remark on how pretty she looks. Uber-creepy.

Regarding Batman:

The beginning of the trailer was very reminiscent of the beginning of the Mission:Impossible 3 trailer, a rather long panning shot of Batman on the roof of a sky-scraper, taken from a helicopter. As mentioned before, the shot of him gliding through Gotham is awe-inspiring.


- I don't recall much if any fighting in the trailer.

- It focuses more on suspenseful and just flat-out amazing looking scenes than fighting.

- A few new shots of the Batpod yes. Amazing looking, as expected.

- The sound was horrible in the auditorium, lots of echoing, and I even had some trouble understanding some of the dialog because of this. But I do remember new cues being played along with some of the ones we're familiar with. None of that "trailer music" either, this sounded like the score. I want to say I heard some of the two-note Joker cue that Hans Zimmer's been talking about, but I'll admit that this could just be me imagining this, since I want to hear the new score so bad.

- Not a whole lotta lip smacking, but a lot of dialog, you get a clear sense of what he sounds like. He sounds almost playful, in a very wrong sort of way. The "Ladies and Gentlemen!" line is 100% pure Joker concentrate.

- The shot of him approaching Rachel and combing through his hair (while holding a knife) is CREEPY. He's got this innocent schoolboy look on face, like he's about to ask his first crush out on a date.

- Overall, I'd say the trailers split up pretty equally between Bruce/Batman, Joker and Dent. Again, not a lot of fighting, but you get a sense of the relationship between all three.

-Dent really comes off as a man trying to do what is right. Juxtaposed with the shots of him on floor screaming "NOOOOO!!" and the acid or gasoline spilling on the floor around him, you feel sorry for him, knowing what his fate is.

- You can really sense the power that Joker holds in the movie. He comes off as an unstoppable anarchic force that stands as a threat to everyone.

- Not a whole lot of Batman's story-arc is revealed. Bruce's relationship with Rachel is brought up, but most of the shots of Batman are just visually stunning, and epic rather than informative of his role in the plot (like we don't know anyways).

- There was small additional scene after the release date is shown. Alfred asks Bruce if he'll be taking the Tumbler or something. Bruce responds he'll be taking the Murcielago, to which Alfred says some quip, and it cuts to shots of the sports car racing down the street.

End of trailer.

"It's simple....Kill the Batman"


QuickTime Download: Best Quality (212mb) http://media.whysoserious.com/TDK_TRL3_best.mov
QuickTime Download: High Quality (125mb) http://media.whysoserious.com/TDK_TRL3_high.mov
QuickTime Download: Med Quality (53mb) http://media.whysoserious.com/TDK_TRL3_med.mov

For further download links and requests, go here.
I think it definetly needs to show more of Dent...that is all.
A better glimpse as to what's going on with Batman in this film. The last trailer was awesome, but it was pretty much just a Jokerfest with a few shots of Batman riding his bike. And yeah, I want to see some of Dent.
. WB silver Logo.

. Legendary silver Logo.

. DC Comics Silver Logo.

. Fade to black.

. We see a man on top of a big Chinatow building.

. VOICE-OVER: You've changed things.''

. The man puts his gloves.

. VOICE-OVER: ''Forever''.

. The man puts his belt.

. VOICE-OVEr: ''See... To them...''

. The man puts his cape.

. VOICE-OVER: ''You're just a freak...''

. The man puts the helmet.

. Fade to black.

. VOICE-OVEr: ''Like me!''

. Batman jumps from the top of the building.

. Areal shot of Gotham City.

. Harvey Dent on a press conference.

. HARVEY: ''You can trust... On Harvey Dent!''

. Rachel Dawes walks in.

. RACHEL: ''You can't let the ghost from the past to destroy your future.''

. James Gordon pulls the gun, in front of a SWAT team.

. GORDON: ''You can't deny the truth. We're in a war''.

. Lucius Fox building the tumbler.

. LUCIUS: ''Now thats more like it''.

. Miken Engel types on the computer.

. MIKE: ''There's allways a story. And i'm gonna find out that one''.

. Gamble releasing his hounds.

. GAMBLE: ''Bats are only rats. And i'm gonna break this one''.

. Sal Maroni shoting a man.

. MARONI: ''Justice is only a polite version of murder''.

. Interrogatory room.

. JOKER: ''You can't impeach me''.

. BATMAN: ''We'll see about it''.

. A Big explosion.

. Tumbler runs in the streeths of Gotham.

. Maniacal Laugh.

. More explosions.

. Batman running scared.

. Scarecrows shooting his gas.

. The Fake Batman hanged on the radio tower.

. Batman invades Gotham rail station with the BatPod.

. Mike engel with a Bruce as Batman photo.

. Lau in the middle of a shotgun war.

. The tumbler exploding.

. Harvey Dent in coma.

. Joker laughs, shooting a missile.

. The semi-truck flipp.

. JOKER: ''Now thats danger direction''.

. ''TDK'' Logo.

. Joker comes out the semi.

. JOKER: ''I Think i have a flat tyre.

. Batman comes crazy.

. Joker Shoots with the shotgun.

. Batman flips over.

. Joker look to batman.

. JOKER: ''You have no sense of Humor''.

. july 2008 everywhere.
More Harvey, and a slight taste of what the Jokers "plan" is for Gotham.
All i want from the trailer is to reveal no more than we already know. I dont wanna see any of the mob bosses, i dont wanna see that reporter, i dont wanna see dent.
Save it to blow my ming in July. thanks!
All i want from the trailer is to reveal no more than we already know. I dont wanna see any of the mob bosses, i dont wanna see that reporter, i dont wanna see dent.
Save it to blow my ming in July. thanks!

So you want a repeat of the first trailer?
I think the title of this thread is misleading....I thought there was a new trailer
I dont want any more footage until the movie is released.
I would definitely like to see more of Dent, no Two Face though, and more of Batman, less of the Joker. I would also like to see Maroni, even if just for a few seconds.
A bit more about the current state of Gotham. More Harvey, more Batman, less Joker.
I'd like it to end with the "thought you were dead?" "half" scene. Since ti only shows Two-face from the back---you don't actually see anything.

Overall just push the focus to Dent, Batman and the Mob.
I'd like it to end with the "thought you were dead?" "half" scene. Since ti only shows Two-face from the back---you don't actually see anything.

Overall just push the focus to Dent, Batman and the Mob.

I would be fine with that. I just don't want to see the full fledged Two Face, not yet at least.
I would be fine with that. I just don't want to see the full fledged Two Face, not yet at least.

I agree.

I really hope that there aren't any leaked photos of Two Face in the coming months. I would be too tempted to look. I want to leave it a surprise til I see the actual film.
More Harvey, and a slight taste of what the Jokers "plan" is for Gotham.

agreed. But i think the threat of the Joker still needs to be felt. I say juxtapose that against the "hope" that Harvey represents for Gotham. Also, i'd love it if it began with Harvey and Gordon on the GCPD rooftop, with Batman suddenly appearing saying "Gentlemen" (a la TLH). so in essence i say let this trailer focus more on the good guys, since we already have our "bad guy" trailer.
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