Translating novels to film becomes a greater challenge for filmmakers

Why did it become a greater challenge? That article seemed pointless to me.
How so? How is it greater, now?

Edit: Oops, I was still reading when you posted, lol. I agree. The title of the thread really doesn't make any sense to the article. :confused:
The article did tell me that this lady has no taste in literature and just loves whatever's popular at the moment.

LOS ANGELES - David Benioff was sitting on a plane, having a perfectly pleasant conversation with an elderly passenger about his job as a screenwriter, when he mentioned that he was working on an adaptation of "The Kite Runner."
"She grabbed my arm and said, `That's my favorite novel. Don't change a word!'"
I can see how its gonna be harder to translate novels to film,because its becoming a lost art. All they are doing now is doing remakes,remakes and more remakes..

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