Troll Hunter: Legend of The Rider


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Jul 16, 2002
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Chapter 1

The city of New Bee was overrun by trolls. They were everywhere! The good citizens of New Bee couldn't go a single block without being harassed by dozens of these disgusting creatures trying their patience. Their cries for help reached far and wide. When the terrors of New Bee reached the ears of The Rider, he decided to leave Cinemapolis. He mounted his mare and headed west; there were trolls to kill!

It would take him approximately three days to get to his troll infested destination. After 12 hours of riding, he stopped at Matt's Saloon for a drink. He dismounted and looked at his horse. "Stay here Bella" the horse grunted and did as she was told. As The Rider entered Matt's he noticed framed pictures on the wall. No one he recognized though. As he sat down on a stool near the end of the bar, a voluptuous tender came over to take his order. She was beautiful but too young for his tastes.

"What can I get ya stranger?" she asked

"Who are those men on the wall?"

"Oh them, they are former Mayor's of this town that the owner of this here establishment idolizes. You see he's running for Mayor"

She handed him a faded newspaper opened to an article which read 'Owner of Matt's Saloons seeks Mayor hood'

The Rider rolled his eyes

"Politics aint never been my thing"

"How bout a drink stranger? It's on me!" she asked with a flirtatious smile and batting of her eyelashes

"My names Kel by the way, and you are?"

"Busy" he replied with a cold hard stare

"And bring me a whiskey"

Despite his rudeness she couldn't help but be attracted to his gravelly voice.

As she turned to pour the whiskey, she let out a high pitched shriek. The Rider leaped over the bar in the blink of an eye to catch a glimpse of a fat hairy troll trying to steal liquor. He grabbed it but it's greasy skin allowed it to break the grip. God I hate these things he thought and reached for his trusty six shooter and shot round after round into the troll. Pints of slimy blood spewed all over the saloon.

The Rider looked at the mess and reached into his pocket pulling out a thick wad of cash and threw it on the bar

"That should cover the damage"

He grabbed the trolls carcass and hoisted it over his shoulder and began to carry it outside

"What are you going to do with him?" she asked

"That's between me and the devil" he replied without even turning back to look at her

Chapter 2 coming soon
Bella as my horse! :shock Kel younger than me! :shock.......I am a troll hunting Clint. :woot:

Nice start bro. :applaud
Hope she's not mad :hehe: and Thanks, I had a few other ideas that's what took so long this was my favorite though and as i was writing your lines this was the image I had in mind pic
Haha! I'm a horsey!!! I've always wanted to be a horsey. :O :D :up: Matt wants to be a mayor, eh? Good luck, Matt. I hope Hunter doesn't break Kel's heart. He's so rude!

I think it's a pretty good start. I would like to find out where the trolls came from and how their 'invasion' began.
All in time ;)
Chapter 2

The sun was just starting to peek out over the horizon, as the Rider continued his journey. He rode Bella hard and fast. She was a good mare but her age was beginning to show, he could feel she was a few steps slower than just a few months ago.

"I think you need a rest girl" he said after nearly 10 miles

He leaped off and led her to a nearby river. As he watched her drink, his stomach began to grumble and he realized he'd not eaten in days. There was a town about a half mile north, he'd go get some grub and be on his merry.

He reached the town and looked around, hardly anyone was outside save a few Companions is what they wanted to be called now a blond, brunette and redhead, and a portly old man sitting out side the general store whose mustache covered half his face. He walked over to the man outside the store and told him what he needed. The man got out of his chair and began to go inside, he had a heavy limp. Injury probably came from a bullet he deduced.

"Was you in the war?"

"Sure was partner, I served under General C.Lee until a runaway bullet nearly crippled me."

C.Lee's name rung a bell with The Rider. In Lee's youth long before the war with the Gamer Flamers he'd been an ace troll hunter. There were stories upon stories told about him, it was hard to know what was fact and what was myth not that he cared. Anyone who killed trolls was fine by him. The man with the limp began to collect the things on the Riders list and hand him him some beef jerky which he began to devour almost immediately.

"What's the name of this ghost town anyway?"

"This is Spirit River"

"Spirit? Appropriate considering how dead this place is"

"is there anything here besides you and those wenches? Though i guess it wouldn't be bad having the three of them all to yourself"

"watch your tongue boy, those are my daughters."

The Rider looked at the short man with the limp and then back at the three girls and shook his head.

"What's your name old timer? "


Mal waved his daughters over to introduce them

"I'd like you to meet my daughters, Babs, Daisy, and Holly"

Babs had a bright shock of crimson hair and a what would have been a lovely smile had she not been missing a few teeth, she could have done with losing 50 or 60 pounds he thought. Daisy was clearly the oldest and it showed, her caked on make up was doing the opposite of what she had hoped he supposed, and Holly had the body of a plank and face of a hog. They all took turns murmuring something in his ear trying to make him blush to no avail

"Enough!" he shouted and they fell silent

"I ain't interested, especially not in the likes of you all. Even a blind man who ain't had none years wouldn't touch you ugly...

He stopped himself they weren't worth even speaking too. He couldn't help but feel for the old timer though

He took his bag of supplies and headed back towards the water. Reaching into his pocket, he flipped open his pocket watch to see the image of his one true love

"I'll always love you Dewella, and when this over we'll be together again"

His mind began to wander when there was a MASSIVE explosion, that shook the earth beneath his feet.

He dropped his bag and drew his gun, and ran towards the explosion
I am riding Bella hard and fast. :hehe: Mal has wenchdaughters. :wow:

I hope we get to meet General C. Lee and what has happened to my poor Dewella. :csad:

I'm liking this bro. :up:
Chapter 3

The Rider got to the riverside as quickly as he could. He found Bella on the ground seemingly in pain. He drew his gun, he loved the old horse but figured it best to put her out her misery. He pulled back the trigger and aimed when a voice from the shadows called out for him to stop. He looked around to find the source of the voice, his eyes locked on a strange deformed looking creature, with pale gray skin and a balding head of hair quite heavyset as well.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Lobo and that mare is not dying she's pregnant"

The Rider raised an eyebrow and stared at the strange creature

"You sure?"


"How do you know"

"I have a sort of kinship with animals I can speak to them as i speak to you"


"The filly will be born soon, I will tend to her if you like?"

"Fine but if something goes wrong I'm putting a bullet straight through your head"

"Maybe a couple more just for kicks. Savvy?"

Lobo quietly nodded his head.

"Y'know anyhing about that explosion?"


"Well you going to tell me or not weirdo?"

"A half mile east of the River, there are a group of bandits who believe they are the chosen, that they are above the law, they have the audacity to call themselves Gods Among Men"

Lobo knelt down to help Bella with her delivery

Hunter ran fast as he could towards the action. he could here gunshot after gunshot and several smaller explosions. Soon he could make out voices.

"It's SHOWTIME folks" he could hear a voice screaming

"This is my town, step out of line and I'll ban your asses from it"

Showtime came into The Riders view. He was a giant muscular being with a heavy beard and eyes redder than the devils skin. He wasn't a troll but clearly not human.

A large war was going on in the center of the town. The GAM was harassing the towns security if they could be called that.

The Rider strolled right into the middle of the fray, largely unnoticed and shot Showtime through the adam's apple.

With their leader down the GAM was confused and unorganized but TRIED to avenge their fallen leader. Witha smile The rider engaged them all. It had been awhile since he had a fight this fun.

One by one the GAM members fell to The Rider's brutality. As he looked at the dozens of bodies around him he felt a sense of pride. he was the best at what he did.

Not far off he could hear the cries of a child. He walked over to the boy who looked up with awe in his eyes

"I'm Mister J" the boy volunteered

The Rider looked at the boy for a moment and then walked back over to the pile of bodies he's just left. He bent down and reached besides Showtimes lifeless body and grabbed his weapon. A shotgun 029. He lifetd it up and brought it back to the boy

"This is yours now. This whole town. you protect it now"

"But if I ever hear of you abusing your power I'll be back for you too. understand"

J nervously shook his head in agreement

Chapter 4 coming soon
Ok what stallion knocked my Bella up ? :cmad: It's hard to find a good horse and now she'll want Mareternity leave. :csad:

Mister J a young pup, now with so much responsibility and with the 029 specialised gun of Showtime (nice touch. :D )

fun stuff bro. :up:
Sure, but the main troll army doesn't appear until near the end
Great story! Looking forward to more.
Not far off he could hear the cries of a child. He walked over to the boy who looked up with awe in his eyes

"I'm Mister J" the boy volunteered

The Rider looked at the boy for a moment and then walked back over to the pile of bodies he's just left. He bent down and reached besides Showtimes lifeless body and grabbed his weapon. A shotgun 029. He lifetd it up and brought it back to the boy

"This is yours now. This whole town. you protect it now"
Wooooooooooo! This kid's charisma practically leaps off the page ...umm, screen. :hyper:
"But if I ever hear of you abusing your power I'll be back for you too. understand"

J nervously shook his head in agreement
Don't let the door hit ya... :o

Coming together nicely, Lobo. :up:
Chapter 4

The Rider was making his way back towards the riverside when he heard a girls voice singing. It was just a bit downstream from him. The voice was so beautiful he just had to see who it was. He came to see a young woman no more than twenty with long, curly, pink hair pulled into pigtails on a tree swing. The girl turned her head to see The Rider looking through the bushes and she let a yell


She leaped off her swing and charged straight at him. His eyes widened and he was frozen everything was happening too fast and in slow motion at the same time. It was an out of body experience. The girl when in front of him let loose with a THUNDEROUS kick to his crotch and he immediately brought back to reality as he doubled over in pain on the floor

"The hell is wrong with you?" he managed to say

In a shockingly quick moment she grabbed rider gun from his holster and aimed at his head

"Why were you spying on me?"

"I..wasn't s...

He stopped speaking as he noticed a GIANT of a man coming up behind her. He had to be 7 feet tall and 450lbs with an enormous bald oval shaped head.

"I heard you scream Sensi. Is everything OK?"

"Yeah everything is fine Eggbert"

The rider took advantage of their momentary distraction, rolled away from where Sensi had the gun pointed, and pulled out a small pistol he kept in his boot. He shot the gun right out of Sensi's hand.

She thought of reaching for it again

"I wouldn't if i were you" "You try for it and I put 10 bullets in the giant egg looking friend over there"

Sensi pulled her hand back.

"Why were you spying on me?" she asked

"I wasn't I just thought you had a lovely voice i wanted to see who was singing"

"Oh." *giggles*

'Now I'm going to get this" said the Rider while pointing at his main gun, he knelt down to retrieve it never taking his aim off Sensi and Eggbert.

"Now I need to get back to my mare. Either of you follow me and I ain't got no problem splattering your brains all across the land. Got it? Good."

He took his guns and left.

Just about thirty minutes later he came back to where he'd left Lobo and Bella. Only they were nowhere to be found. He knelt to look at the tracks, and follow them wherever they may lead. He began to follow them and before long he could see a stable on the horizon. He began to move more quickly to amek sure everything was all right.

Just outside there's was a MASSIVE puddle of blood.

"Oh F***" he whispered.

He rushed in to find Bella lying in a stall seeming unharmed, but where was that Lobo creature?

"If you're looking for Lobo, he 's not here" said a young soft voice he'd never heard.

He turned to see a young foal.


"Who the hell are you, what the hell are you, and how the hell can you talk?"

"My name is Pickles, and thats my Mom over there." She trotted over to Bella's stable.

"And haven't you ever seen a Zorse before?"

"Mom kicked Lobo while he helped her deliver me, her hoof went straight through his head. and he died instantaneously, then a whole bunch of weird little creatures came form out of nowhere and took his body"

The rider took all this in and remarkably gathered his wits about him, an asked a zorse as if that wasn't weird enough a talking Zorse if she heard the trolls say anything

"Did you happen where they were taking the body?"

"Yeah something about Mount Spider-Mania in New Bee"


"And Uhhhhh do you know who your father is?"

"No, Mom said she'd tell me when she woke up"

The rider just shook his head.

He packed some food and water and was going to make the rest of the trip to New Bee on foot.
I love I am a feisty girl with pink curly pigtails and I kicked Hunter :eek: Very exciting :woot: Wonderful chapter especially because I was in it. *giggle*
Seriously, you are exceptionally talented and I love how this story is going. Thank you for my role. I love it.:yay:
Hmmmm quit scary how accurately you have me in here :o
Hmmmm quit scary how accurately you have me in here :o

Sensi volleyed me in the plums. :wow: :oldrazz: i like her tem up with the giant Eggbert. :D Bella is such a loose mare, getting knocked up by a Zebra, and now she is Pickles Mom! and Pickles is Zorse that can talk. :funny: It all reminds me of Stardust meets the Dark Tower.

Good stuff bro. :up:
LOL! sensi turned Hunter into a farmer :lmao:

hahahahahaha :D

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