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Mar 3, 2005
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Hahah are any of you guys posting on here?

I have a bad chest cold and I'm taking a knock-off brand of Mucinex to help loosen it up, right? Well, the pills smell like dirty feet and they make my Britney smell like dirty feet too. Gross.

Please please please PLEASE stop trying to use big words. Do you realize how stupid you sound when you mispronounce words that you are also using incorrectly?

If I ever have my own business, my employees will not be allowed to take "smoke breaks." If I'm a healthy person and can't take a 15-20 minute break every hour, why should Mr. and Mrs. Black Lung get that privilege?

my weird ass coworker with man boobs is wearing a white shirt that is see through without an is so nasty...I can't help but stare though!!

I have a Sharpie King Size at my desk, I sniff it often. It makes me feel happy inside.
The Holidays are almost over...which means everyone is gonna start talking about how many POINTS they are eating per f**kin day!

I am gonna go blow up Weight Watchers.


I came in after being off for the holiday to find that someone "oops I crapped my pants" on my chair. Are you f'ing kidding me. I had a LARGE stain on my chair. I was so livid. How about some respect people. But of course I am the crazy B&*(ch because I am mad about it. Seriously, new job time........

this one made me laugh too.

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