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Trying my Hand at Short Stories


Dummy Dragon Holo
Oct 11, 2010
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I can attempt to make it reach 20 pages length, or I can make it one paragraph in length.
Anyway, here's my starting story.


A Turtle and a Can of Soup

It was a stormy night, all lights were off in the house. One of the denizens left a can of soup, and forgot to place it in the kitchen. When lightning struck, everything in the hallway was visible. Drapes were left up, no one closed them.

The turtle looked around, and saw something unusual, a shape the turtle is unfamiliar with, that shape looks foreign with all the other objects around, it's uniformed in look from top to bottom, and it did not have a wavy elevation.

The young turtle wanted to approach, but in its nature as a red eared slider, it remains in water, and because it is in a tank placed especially for it, a round tank with gradually changing circumference from middle to bottom.

Then came midday, the creature slept and awoke to the surprise of not seeing the strange shape, curiosity got the best of it, and it stared where the shape was placed for and hour before shifting its sight elsewhere.

Days passed by before the turtle saw the odd shape again, it stared at it consistently for minutes, before seeing it removed from its sight once more. Not pleased by this, the turtle cried, in hope that its owner brings it back to its sight, the tender cry of the turtle lasted a while. Its owner thought the sound was cut at first, then thought the turtle might be hungry, and brought a few leaves to feed it, but the turtle kept crying, and its owner left, not bothered by the sound cause it's not noisy.

After calming down, the turtle decided its not worth the effort, and ceased making noises, instead it chewed on the leaves its owner left, and then turned around.

A third view in, the turtle saw the shape for a third time two days later, and then it decided it's no longer worth looking at, the turtle is very accustomed to the shape, and feels no fulfillment in staring at it again.
When I started reading this story I thought it was some TMNT fanfic. Then I realized its just a turtle looking at some soup until he's bored.
I did use that franchise for inspiration in picking my choice of turtles.
Entering the realm of fan fiction with this one.


Onepunch, Biohazard

Raccoon City
September 28th, 1998

The viral outbreak went to advanced levels, survivors are a little more than a handful and are far from being in one group, their chances of survival are reduced significantly, save for three from the city, and a few outsiders moving into the premise.

Where there will be fire a couple of hours from now, lightning bolts fly in the air, an unexpected -and unintentionally from his end- time traveler appears, someone who came unwillingly and unwittingly. Zombies in the area found fresh flesh, they welcome it with bites and gastric acid shower, the newcomer is unaffected, annoyed by the bites but unharmed, the bald man strikes his fist, hurling the zombies away before they explode to bits.

Confused by the area, confused by the experience, Saitama is used to monsters and aliens, but he's not used to this kind of epidemic, he walks and blows up every monster he meets on his way, and he enters a gun shop.
As Saitama shuts the door behind him, he is welcomed by a shotgun pointing toward him, and the words "Freeze. Who are you? What are you doing here?".
The bald man replies "I'm a hero", the shop owner stares silently, and lowers his gun.
"At least you're human. Sorry about pointing the gun at you." Said the gun merchant as he locks the door.
"Let's get out of here, and as we exit town you can tell me what's going on in this town." Said the bald man.
GM: "It's not safe out there, we're safer in here. Any way, what did you mean you're a hero? That's not an occupation."
BM: "It is where I came from, hopefully I can find my way back." And then he stares at the calendar. "1998? Why are you hanging an old calendar?"
GM: "What do you mean? It's the year 1998". Saitama is startled, and he realizes the time machine he was near in the year 2015 actually worked, and it opened a portal leading 17 years in the past, but he's not welling to give that detail yet. "Let's leave, before more of these monsters come this way, maybe break your window and attack you" And he pulled him out and now they walk away.


Onepunch, Biohazard - Part 02

The two march on, the barricades in place help protecting the back of Robert Kendo*, and Saitama doesn't break any, the path leads directly to the Raccoon City Police Department (R.P.D.) building, and all zombies are killed instantly. Before reaching the police station building Saitama saves a man from getting bit, and he silently joins his rescuer and his companion.

As the three enter through the fence gate to the west of the front elevation, they walk to find the outed S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics And Rescue Squad) member Jill Valentine, and followed by a severely wounded Brad Vickers, the Nemesis type tyrant assigned to hunt surviving S.T.A.R.S. members jumps over the fence and corners the terrified Brad, and this time Brad is lucky enough to be rescued, the tyrant is destroyed by one powerful punch.

Everyone is mesmerized and gawking, Brad thanks the strange bald man, and Saitama asks if he needs help walking around with these wounds slowing him down, Brad stares silently at all those around him and shyly declines.

They enter the building, and enter the second door to the left, sitting on the ground is a near fatally wounded officer, he held the fort for as long as he could, and survived this long. One surviving officer was under the command of poor Marvin Branagh, and he escaped the building, accompanying 7 different survivors, before the current party coming in.

Marvin talks to the group about saving survivors in the building, he hands Saitama a keycard to activate on the computer to unlock electronically locked doors. Jill heads to the S.T.A.R.S. office as the rest exit from the door they came in, Marvin is too weak and tired from his wounds, so he can't lock either doors of the room as soon as group exit.



*The author played Resident Evil 2 so many times and read every file, it should be no surprise that I'm aware of the names of characters you don't hear their names in voice.
Onepunch, Biohazard - Part 03

Jill Valentine took the emblem key to unlock the S.T.A.R.S. room, as she is ready to exit the room after taking what she came for, she hears a transmission from the radio communication device, and she exits the R.P.D building. Fortunately for her, Saitama destroyed the monster, so she has no reason to fear him breaking windows and chasing after her.

Where Saitama first stood, two young adults exited a car they were in to escape the car accident, lucky thing for them is they face fewer zombies than they would have had Saitama not cleared the path for them earlier. Claire Redfield had a more direct route to the police station where Leon Scott Kennedy said they should meet, after entering the back gate she shoots three zombies in their heads, takes the cabin key, and marches on. Lucky for her, the gate didn't crash by zombies marching through.

Leon took the other path, satisfied with the lack of zombies in his way, but still marches cautiously. Once in the police station building he tries to open the second door to the left, but it's locked. He steps back to the other door to continue his exploration of the building he enters for the first time, satisfied with the lack of walking dead, he is shocked by the sound of sudden window breaking to see more of them entering the building, terror fills his heart as he exits that hallway, on the edge of his nerves, to be relieved in finding none in the next hall.


Onepunch, Biohazard - Part 04

Claire Redfield witnessed a helicopter crash, it took her a while to find a crank to open the water tank to douse the resultant fire. Before entering the building again, another helicopter flew above the building, dropping a cylinder marked T-02, on the way down it opened unleashing what looks like a tall bald man, and he wears a long trench coat. The sound of the ceiling breaking made her hesitate entering again for a couple of moments, once she entered, some of the ceiling beams dropped down ceiling the door, making it impossible to exit through it again.

"Nonononono, NO", that was the first sound heard by Claire after entering, something she did not expect to hear this soon, and it was followed by an innocently silly "Why are you so scared? All I see is a tall man". Claire turned around the corner to witness the tall one hitting the bald man in front of the line, landing both fists on top of his head, she and the scared man accompanying the bald man receiving the hit on his head were startled, the big tyrant felt pain in his hands and stopped his assault momentarily, Saitama said "Shouldn't you try to be a bald bro?*", the tyrant followed with a hard kick that caused him more pain, and dropped him to his knees. The nameless silent men accompanying them expressed the amazement they felt, one of them was saved by Saitama on his way to this corridor.

Claire decided to approach the group, astonished by the toughness of Saitama, and asked if they are going the way she came from, and that the path is blocked, and now it leads to no useful place, the group marched back closing the door behind them. Suddenly, a black screen with nothing but the tyrant visible, he feels pain and is still down on his knees.

Claire left them and went to the S.T.A.R.S. room where she reunited with Leon, he read the diary Claire's brother; Chris left behind, telling in it he will go to Europe and Leon said "It's good to see you're still among the living", Claire replied "I had a little help", Leon replied saying "It.. looks like we're not gonna find your brother here after all". Claire took the diary and read it with sadness, as the reason she came to this damaged city is not here. Leon said "There's no reason for us to stay any longer than necessary, let's split up, look for any survivors, and get out of here"
Claire: "Right"
Leon: "One last thing, here's a radio, take it. That way we can keep in touch if anything happens."
Claire: "There is something I feel necessary to tell you of, there's a giant in a green trench coat, it looks human compared to the other monsters, but never let it see you."
Leon: "I saw a giant sized eyeless lizard before coming up here, it has sharp blades. Be careful"




*Author is fully aware that he's writing the Caped Baldy out of character, and that he is usually not a fan of anyone calling him bald.
Onepunch, Biohazard - Part 05

Claire Redfield is about to exit the S.T.A.R.S. room, a message is received on the fax, she picks it up "It's aimed to my brother" Claire said. "What's it say?" Leon replied. Claire read it thoroughly and said "It's an investigation made on the chief of this police department, he raped when he was in college, but he was cleared of charges due outstanding academic performance."
Leon: "And I was supposed to work under this guy? This first day keeps getting weirder."
Claire: "And disappointing."

Claire exits and hears a little girl screaming, she shoots the zombie after the little girl and follows until she reaches where the helicopter crashed, the site of the broken door next to it startles her, but she marches forward to the door where the girl went. In the next room, the little girl path is blocked by a table and a group of men facing the desk of the chief of police, the girl slides under the table to enter the room to the right, Claire follows her by jumping over the table, cause she prioritizes helping a lonely little girl over hearing the discussion occurring in that room.

The men talking by the table are Saitama and his four companions, they entered by the force of the bald man smashing the corridor door next to the helicopter with his fist, they were stopped by the chief of police aiming his gun toward them, he was too tired mentally to attempt to shoot anyone, not even the wounded officer in the group who is bound to turn to a zombie at any minute, chief Brian Irons talks about a bullet to the head completely stopping these monsters, then he turned to the wall to look at his trophies of hunting and taxidermy. The chief ends his words by telling the group to leave.

The group enter the room Sherry Birkin (the little girl) and Claire are in, they hear some of the talk between them, about another monster they should expect to find. Saitama says that they should move as a group together, Claire is hesitant, she is afraid that the guy who can endure an attack from a big monster like the one that hit him earlier might be powered by the virus, and she looks with distrust toward Brad Vickers, the wounded cop in the group, and then looks at how scared Sherry is of the idea of walking with this group.


Onepunch, Biohazard - Part 06

Shortly after Claire left the S.T.A.R.S. room, Leon walked out, tracing back his steps to the stairs, there he saw the monster he warned Claire about, the skinless licker was crawling on the ceiling, because it dropped down the first time Leon made a noise he made no sound this time, and took slow silent steps all the way down the stairs, walked slowly until he reached the end of the corridor and entered the evidence room, shot a zombie, and walked to see Marvin Branagh next to a desk in a small cubicle in the next room.

Marvin told Leon to take the key on the desk, it opens the door to the police dorms, for cops who stay overnight at work, and told him where the room is. As soon as Leon picked the key and exited the cubicle, Marvin hurled some of his stomach acid and started shaking violently, as he was shaking his skin was turning pale, Leon exited the room as soon as he left the cubicle, so he did not witness the full transformation.

On his way to the dorm, Leon faced a few zombies, he shot enough of them to clear a path to walk through, and picked up some ammo before entering the dorms, he was surprised that the dorms door was already unlocked, and found three zombie dogs in the dorms corridor, he shot the dogs in their brains and reached the stairs, seeing a door on the other side of the railings he tried the key there, and it unlocked that door.

In that room there was a corpse, a desert eagle magnum gun, and a memo, the memo told about a gardener loving chess, and how he made four keys to a door designed to look like chess pieces. Leon went back to the stairs and walked to the cell block, in the parking lot he saw a woman trying to push a truck blocking the door.


Onepunch, Biohazard - Part 07

Leon: "Need a hand?"
Lady: "Yes, if we work together, we could move this thing."
Leon: "Who are you?" He asks as they push.
Lady: "Ada Wong."
Leon: "And why do you want to go through?"
Ada: "I'm looking for a guy named Ben, he's a reporter, I heard he's locked in one of the cellblocks."
The truck is moved, the path is cleared, they head forward until they reach an occupied cell, a guy is lying down there.
Leon: "I guess this is the guy." He looked and Ada and said softly, with firm voice he followed "Get up, NOW."
Ben: "What do you want? I'm trying to sleep here."
Ada: "You told the city officials you knew something was going on here, what did you tell them?"
Ben: "Who are you? And why should I tell you anything?"
Leon: "You will answer because I need to know as well. Tell us what you know."
Ben: "There are more monsters than those zombies out there."
Leon: "Already faced a few."
Ben: "I locked myself in to hide from a certain monster, one with giant claws, and a giant eye on his right shoulder. Get out before you lead it right to me."
Leon: "Come with me if you want to live, we'll escape this city."
Ben: "Do you even know the way out?" Ben gives directions.
Leon: "Come, monsters can break through walls and iron bars."
Ben is scared, but he decides to listen to Leon and follow his command instead of hiding. "You'd better be good at your job."

In the top, Claire and Sherry move where the door is opened behind the chief's office, Claire reads the diary about the chief of police hunting down officers in his building, that is his reaction to Umbrella betraying his trust. She also found a letter that read from William Birkin, it contains details about Annette (his wife) wiring money to the chief's bank account. Robert Kendo decides to accompany Claire, so he parts ways from Saitama's group, and the group moves to a different direction, exiting from where they came. The tyrant finally recovered from the pain he feels, looks at Saitama, and turned around walking away, it doesn't want to go through pain again.

Claire, Sherry, and Robert go down the elevator, they move through a corridor and hear a scream, it's the chief of police faced by the monster Ben Bertolucci described, the monster places his right hand, inserting an embryo into the mouth of the chief, the chief falls to the ground, and the monster exits from the whole in the ground, the sewer escape. As Claire and her party reach, they find the chief tired, hardly standing, he looks at Sherry and says "Well, if it isn't the Birkin brat", followed shortly by his chest splitting and a monster crawling out, Claire pulled her gun and shot the monster, she killed it, and she did a good thing killing a monster before it evolves.
Robert stares blankly and calmly thinks of a question, followed by Claire expressing the same thought; "Why did I walk in here with you after hearing the scream? It could have been a risk to your life Sherry. I'm glad the monster exited before we entered."
Sherry: "You're right."
Robert: "The monster might still be waiting down there, if it does, we should wait here a few minutes."
And they wait.


Onepunch, Biohazard - Part 08

The noise is of windows breaking, Saitama walked down and destroyed all zombies and lickers that were in and currently entered all the way to reaching the officers dorms. Brad Vickers hurled and started shaking, the one Saitama saved outside the R.P.D. asked if Brad is still conscience and aware of himself, while keeping his distance, and pulling the other guy far from the wounded S.T.A.R.S. member."What's happening?" Saitama asked, "This guy is showing symptoms of transformation to a zombie." replied the guy who looked at Brad, "It's not my first time seeing someone mid transformation. Brad is on the ground violently shaking, Saitama picked him up and said "Don't be in a distance close enough for him to bite you, when the transformation is full, that will be when I punch him.", Saitama made sure to carry Brad under his armpit, and his head faces front so he won't hurl on him.

Claire, Robert, and Sherry walked down after the minutes of wait, the path was clear, and Robert pushed the button to lower a ladder. They went up to another sewage pass, and walked through a gate, behind that gate there is a suction hole, it pulled little Sherry through and she fell in water, luckily there was no shredder in that hole, and the kid surprisingly felt no pain from the experience, Claire called on her, and was happy that the sound of Sherry replying was not of someone in pain, nor is it of one terrified facing a monster. Sherry walked a while until she reached a trash drop gate, there she found a Wolf medallion, and the gate opened for her to fall hard, and this time the fall knocked her unconscious. The monster that killed the chief of police found the girl, and fed her the same thing.

Claire and Robert went down and found her, the embryo exited Sherry's system, and she regained consciousness once more, feeling pain in her stomach. The three went up to pick up a second medallion, the eagle medallion, and they used it to stop the water flowing, blocking their exit to where the tram is, they killed a few giant spiders on their way there. After passing through the gate behind the made up waterfall, Sherry started feeling pain in her tummy, and it caused her to sit down with her hand on her tummy.

Leon, Ada, and Ben reached a locked door, it requires four key plugs to unlock, under each plughole there is an inscription showing the shape of a different chess piece; Rook, Knight, Bishop, and King. "Man, I read about this, but don't know where to find the plugs I need." Leon said. "Wonderful" Ben sarcastically replied. The door they came through opened, and a voice asked them "Need a hand?", the party of three turned around to see another party of three, it was their first time seeing Saitama, who by then killed zombie Brad. "Do you have the plugs we need to go through?" Asked Ben, "I have something better." Saitama replied and pulled the door off its hinges, surprising Leon's group, and the two accompanying him are still impressed by his strength feats, that they see sparingly and far in between.


Onepunch, Biohazard - Part 09

Still amazed as they walk where the door was, Leon asks how Saitama successfully managed to be this strong; "What were you injected with?". "I trained to be this strong." replied Saitama, "That's nonsense, and I don't trust you." retorted Ben, and Saitama looks innocently in disbelief as yet another one doubting his impossible honesty. The group walked down a ladder, went down sewage canal, walked through a gate, more sewage, went up, entered a control room, exited through an elevator, went out the corridor, were met by a few zombies on the way. By the end of the canal with sewage, there were bars to the right, a door to the left, Saitama was in front of the line, and they were surprised by a giant gator coming from the right side, one that Saitama blows to bits with a single punch, and the group move left to the door, after the door they go to the spot Claire, Robert, and Sherry needed the medallions to pass through, the path was clear, and the group went through.

As they walked along, they reached where the tram was, and Ada activated the controls to bring it back, the group entered and the tram moved forward. On the way to the other end of the path of the tram, they felt a shock on top of the tram, an arm extended through the roof of it, and grabbed the guy saved in the R.P.D building by the Caped Baldy, everyone else ducked, Leon and Ada fired their guns at the hand and it lost a claw, the arm went up and the monster got off the top of the tram and away, they did not face him again on the other end of the line.

In that duration, Claire, Robert, and Sherry were in an elevator designed to look like the front cart of a train, Sherry's pains were growing harder on her, Robert asked how she feels, and Claire touched her forehead, feeling her burning up. When they reached the Umbrella chemical plant Claire carried Sherry, gave her the vest she was wearing, and they talked, Sherry told Claire about her being a lonely child, how her parents are away most of the time, and how grateful she was to meet Claire.

In the monitor room, a woman witnessed the coming of the three to the chemical plant, that made her hurry on her way up to see them, and she burnt a few virus infected plants on her way, and dodged lickers, the lickers here look the same they did in the R.P.D building, but they looked dark and green. As the woman reached the security room she pushed Robert and Claire aside, and gave Sherry a medicine to make her feel better, she was ready for the case of needing it, and she did used it to save the life of the little girl.


Onepunch, Biohazard - Part 10

"Mom?" said Sherry, looking at the woman that gave her the medicine. Claire remembered Irons saying "The Birkin brat", and the letter she read in his office.
Claire: "You must be Annette."
Annette: "How do you know?"
Claire: "The chief of police."
Annette: "Loud mouth" Thinking to herself. "Sherry, you were supposed to be in the police station where it was safer."
Claire: "It was getting dangerous in there, we need to find a way out of here, soon."
Annette: "Fine, come with me, I'll need your help."
Exiting the security room, Robert remained with Sherry, Claire pointed out the elevator is gone, Annette is worried, she entered the security room to tell her daughter to stay where it's safe, and told Robert to come with them, and she locked the door. "A spy must be coming to get what's remaining of my husband's legacy." Annette explained, as the three were running.

A little earlier, the other group reached a room high in the factory, they needed to go down once they exited that room, but the elevator is not up, Leon went down in a small elevator to check if he might find something, Saitama stood out guarding the rear, everyone else went back inside for the time being. On top of the roof was the Tyrant, he saw the bald man he can't hurt, and had cold feet. Leon came back up with the control panel key, and used it on the computer inside to bring the elevator up again, and said "C'mon, let's go". They all went in, and as soon as it started moving down was the time Claire pointed the elevator non-presence down.

A hard bump happened, Saitma told everyone to duck, the guy he saved out the R.P.D was slow and in the path of the claws that entered, Saitama grabbed the arm and cut it, then sent his fist out punching the monster blowing it to bits. Ben was thankful, and felt sorry for the dead chap in a pool of his own blood. The elevator stopped in its tracks as that happened, Leon and Ada exited and saw they were not in the desired destination, they told Saitama to stay with Ben, they went through a shaft and went to activate an elevator they couldn't move down through. Ada talked about how she's liking Leon for a while, then Leon told her to quiet down, he saw lickers, Mr. X came and blew the lickers away, to face Ada and Leon himself, but he sensed no G-Virus with them, his senses told him a G-Virus sample was near so he wanted to ignore them and follow, but he did not turn around soon enough, bullets were sent to his skull and he fell in the molten metal below. Leon activated the elevator switch, and both exited that place, they went near the elevator they activated to hear the sound of another elevator, the one that brought them down to this place, it stopped from heating up, but now that it cooled down it continued its march, and Leon and Ada went down via the other elevator, they came to where the locked security room is, found a few zombies, and shot them.


Onepunch, Biohazard - Part 11

Ada tried to open the security door but it's locked, she asked Saitama (he and Ben got out of the elevator shortly after the zombies were killed) to repeat his stunt, but he declined, "this place is a possible hiding place, I won't ruin it for who might be hiding". This reply annoyed Ada. They all walked into the factory trying to find some escape route, they went to the blue area and opened the door straight in front of them, and picked a door opening desk, not knowing where to use it, they picked it up and continued their march right after exiting that room to enter a freezer, they exited immediately.

A door was on their right when they exited the room with the desk, it needs double handprints to open, for this door Saitama did not decide against using his strength to pry the door open, to see another door behind it, that door contains secrets about the mansion the S.T.A.R.S. units went to, and a couple of green lickers that were no bother to the caped guy. They left that room after Ben took a machine gun.

Claire and Robert received a master key from Annette in her husbands lab, she told them about the escape route via the elevator next to the security room, the two asked why she did not leave with her daughter, Annette's reply was she had to guard her secrets, so she had to stay, she couldn't leave Sherry go on her own to the outworld, it was a risk she wasn't ready to handle, Robert was confused as to how that was ok, but letting a child go to a fort where monsters managed to invade, with a face full of sorrow, Annette told them she trusts Claire since Sherry trusts her, and Claire's prime concern has nothing to do with being a spy or finding a virus, but it is to get the child to safety.
Annette also told Claire about a vial of virus in Sherry's locket, and told her to burn it.


Onepunch, Biohazard - Part 12

Annette handed Claire the security room key, and told her it was vital to do as she was told, and told her how to open the container, Claire is not sure how she should tell that to Sherry, but she and Robert head up again. Robert tells Claire he doesn't like that lady after she told them the story of the G-Virus and who made it, Claire is not complaining. As they move up they pass by Leon's group, Leon tells that they are about to reach the exit, and she and Robert should come along, but Claire rejects cause she has one more task before taking Sherry, and Robert thinks he should still help her.

Ada splits from Leon's group, she heads to where William's lab is, she came to Raccoon City for a job of her own, and it's to retrieve a sample of G-Virus for the superior of Umbrella Corps she was hired by. Annette knew of the spy, so she used her gun to shoot her once she arrived, but the spy was a better shot, and she shot first knocking the gun out of Annette's hand, and she wrestled the virus sample out of her grasp to leave the place. She went back from where she came before reaching the factory, carrying the G-Virus sample to the elevator she used after the tram, as she was heading up a creature with claws came at her, trying to kill her, Ada took a risk of throwing the vial of virus from the elevator to distract it, and the monster followed.
"Too bad." Ada said as she sighed, losing what she came to get. she walked all the way heading back to the top of the R.P.D after receiving a call from the former chief of S.T.A.R.S., telling her of a helicopter waiting to get her before the city is destroyed, and that he has a use of her services.

As that was happening, Claire and Robert went down with Sherry, and reunited with Leon's group, they found dead monsters and a train with a closed gate in its path. Saitama decided to not bother and find a power source to activate the train and just picked both doors from their hinges. Claire still needed to burn the vial she took out, and anticipated monsters to come her way, so she asked for the strong arms guy to accompany her going to molten, as they were doing so a warning rang "The self destruct sequence has been activated, this sequence may not be aborted, all personnel must evacuate to the bottom platform immediately". "What's up with secret lairs and self destruct sequences?" Saitama asked. They were where there was molten, and suddenly that beast that almost attacked Ada appeared before them, "WHAT?" asked Claire, the creature lowered its claws in an attempt to launch itself, and was faced by the fist of the One Punch Man blowing it to bits as Claire tossed the vial of virus where it will burn.

As they returned to see the train activated and ready to move, Leon was holding Sherry, "MOM, I NEED TO GET MOM" she cried, "There is no time, we have to leave, FAST." Leon replied. the train moved with all survivors as passengers, the factory was blowing up, and Sherry cried over the loss of her mom, not knowing that she was knocked unconscious and was unable to reach the train.

after a long march the train reached a dead end and it fell, Saitama got them out and exited the train. A governmental helicopter found survivors they were tracking as soon as they got a RADAR blip showing people exiting via train, and the blip disappearing as the train stopped.


Onepunch, Biohazard - Part 13

Before the helicopter reaches the site where the group of 6 stand, a portal opens, Bofoy (Metal Knight) summons Saitama back to their time, the S-Rank hero finally found him after the foul up caused by the man lost in the past, the portal closed, and then they were 5.
Everyone is confused, "What happened? Where did that guy go?".

The helicopter lands, it's a Chinook, the 5 are picked and taken to a military base, they are given lunch, and each individual is questioned. Sherry is asked about her parent, she remains silent. Leon is offered a job with the secret services. Robert Kendo is given position as a weapon consultant. They take everything Ben knows. And Claire is given the chance to find her brother, but on this round she goes with someone assisting her on the road as they go to Europe to find Chris Redfield, as Chris said in his diary.

The chopper carrying Ada Wong left the city in a different direction, she was receiving instructions on her next job. After the call ended she wondered if she will ever meet Leon again, Leon had similar thoughts in mind.

But what about Jill Valentine? She exited the police station in a different direction, and none of the group hear anything from her after that.


Not the end......
Where Did Jill Go?

Before Leon and Claire coming to the police station, Jill exited the main gate and moved forward, unlocking a door on her left using the lockpick she grabbed off her desk before hearing the transmission, she escaped a few zombies, a few zombie dogs, virus infected crawling insects, until she reached a restaurant, there she found a someone in a uniform garb, and they introduced each other.
Man: "My name is Carlos, I work with Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Force. What's your name lady?"
Jill: "Jill, I'm a member of S.T.A.R.S.. What did Umbrella send you for?"
Carlos: "To rescue civilians trapped in this mess."
Jill: "I don't believe Umbrella would do that, this whole mess is their fault."
Carlos: "I had nothing to do with that. I'm a hired hand, no questions asked."
Jill: "You should know better."
Carlos: "I'm a mercenary, my profession is to be like a dog and retrieve the stick the master asks us to retrieve, questions is not part of our contract. If you believe me, join us."

Away goes Carlos, trying his best at finding survivors, and Jill heads to city hall, lucky for her there are no monsters more than a handful of zombies in her path, at least until she faces a bigger group of zombies near a cable car, and a blockade between the walking corpses and the car. Jill shoots a gas cylinder killing them so she could pass and reach the cable car, and she sees that the vehicle needs a new cable, new fuse, new oil mix for the engine to work.

"How did a girl like you managed to survive a place like this?" A cold voice asked, mixed with arrogance, Jill turned around and replied "experience". A whining is heard, "No, they're coming, get ready.", and Jill asks "who is the wounded man there?", only to be met with silent turnaround from the silver haired mercenary as he heads to the control cart.


Where Did Jill Go? - Part 02

Carlos entered the rear cart, and as he saw Jill he gleefully said "So you finally decided to join us.", "Not yet, I came to the cable car trying to use it to exit, it will hopefully act as a shield from the fire." Jill replied. "We're supposed to move in it heading to the Clock Tower, we ride a helicopter from there." Carlos responded, and the silver haired captain was listening to the conversation from the other side of the door, not approving of the S.T.A.R.S. member getting in in the plan.

Carlos and Jill exit the vehicle to look for the items they need to make the cable car move, one of Jill's stops was the STAGLA car service plaza, once in she was followed by the silver haired man "I'll check over there" he said. Jill had to unlock the oil cabinet to find oil, and wondered "Why is this so cryptic?". She took the oil and was about to exit the store, only to hear a scream, and sparks flied, flames started to spread as she was going away. Oil was spilled out of the dispenser, Jill ran fast away the flames burned the door, she got away from the disaster area and the place blew up after the fire hit the leaking oil.

After a long trip back and fourth, facing various monsters, Jill and Carlos reunited in the cable car, ready to head to the Clock Tower. The cable cart moved, they reached their destination, but they had to fight monsters like giant spiders, zombies (one of them was the wounded U.B.C member), crows, leeches, and one licker. Thankfully, they survived the whole mess, a pilot came to pick them up, and they exited the city.

The silver haired captain survived the accident at STAGLA, which was no accident, it was an assassination attempt by him, to kill Jill, and earn a reward after reporting her elimination, he had the rear exit ready for himself to survive while Jill was grilled, that stint made him miss the flight out of here, and there was no way for him to exit with too many paths blocked.


Where Did Jill Go? - Part 03

A missile was launched, more than one group commander from the U.B.C.F. was caught in the fire, the silver haired assassin wasn't one of those to die by monsters, but he died by a missile launched by the government, and a statement was made about the loss of lives in the city.

Jill, Carlos, and former S.T.A.R.S. and U.B.C.F. members joined international militant groups to fight the terror caused by Umbrella corporations, and all their successors in the experiments creating all these B.O.W.s (Bio-Organic Weapons). Claire and Chris reunited, they met in a different location with a similar incident to Raccoon City and the mansion before it, Claire became a peace keeper, and Chris joined the group Jill is part of; the B.S.A.A. (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance).

In that duration, Umbrella retooled their B.O.W. style, and made a virus that gives people various powers, maintaining their minds and control over their physical forms. The most unexpected result is that it caused different results, one of them is the simple hero for fun who went back in time to Raccoon City, he thought the powers he gained were simply a result of his training program and determination, and he was one of those fewer people actually affected by the new strain of virus.


Where Did Jill Go? - Part 04

Umbrella was stopped, in its place stood WilPharma, with some of them working on the virus in shady ways, that slowly led to WilPharma being stopped to be owned by Tricell. Umbrella's plan with the new virus was to continue making less damaging B.O.W's, and redeem themselves by stopping monsters popping up without revealing it was a result of their work, their second replacement; Tricell carried on with this idea, and they had a cleaner and less suspicious slate helping them carry on the plan.

On one of their missions; B.S.A.A. operatives Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine were sent to a mansion to investigate reports of rogue Umbrella researcher Albert Wesker, the two had control over their urges for revenge, and Chris had two experiences facing him before, and they knew him best, that made them fitting operatives to send to the field. The two reached the chamber of Wesker and fought him, he was fast and agile, a bullet timer as he could dodge bullets, in that duration he started choking Chris near a window, Jill jumped him and both fell out the window, in his report Chris filed both missing.

It was the year 2009, Chris met B.S.A.A. operative Shiva Alomar in Africa, the two became friends in this mission, and during it they found Albert Wesker, and Jill Valentine was under his control by an organism implanted a little below her neck, Wesker had more pressing business to attend to trying to fulfill the role he seeks as king of the world, Chris and Shiva saved Jill and went after Albert while Jill worked with a guy named Josh -who was Shiva's head officer- to prepare a V.T.O.L. and rocket launchers. The final battle against Wesker took place in a volcano and he was dropped into the lava burning slowly as Chris and Shiva took a ride into the V.T.O.L..

As years progressed, there was no stopping the virus from spreading in the air, it went global, but to the fortune of everyone the virus did not evolve to attach itself to everyone, it was comfortable in blood type O+, not only did it reside in pure O+ blood, it also nested in AO+ and BO+ type blood, when researchers came to this conclusion many of the people in the world felt relieved for either carrying no traces of O, nor was the Rh+ factor.
The year was 2012, in the Iwatsuki-ku ward in Saitama, Japan city was a crab looking monster hunting a child, the monster was mad at a child for drawing nipples on his chest seeking to kill him, the child was saved by an unemployed 22 years old man recently rejected from another job, rescuing the child by killing the monster made the young man pursue his old childhood dream of being a hero.


Onepunch, Biohazard - Part 14

100 pushups, 100 pullups, 100 squats, 10km (6.217 miles), never turn the airconditioner on, a rigorous training program set by young Saitama, one he intended to follow daily, this session influenced the cytopathic effects in his body, it slowly hardened the membrane of his cells to great levels, closed his hair folicles pushing his hair out of most of his skin, shut the surface ends to his sweat glands, in doing so it raised the man's immunity and the virus died inside his body. Three years is how long it took for the process to complete.

In the years of his training, a hero association was built, a number of heroes joined, some of them were affected by the virus, others were not. The 'S' rank hero Metal Knight is an old greedy professor named Bofoy, not being one of the virus infected people he worked robots from remote distance, one of his plans was to sell tickets to customers to visit his time machine, not long after it was accomplished Bofoy had an unauthorized visit from the 'S' rank hero Genos, and the man he looks up to, the 'A' rank hero Saitama. The two figured Bofoy's plans is a reckless one and decided to talk to him out of it, but some tampering made Saitama go back in time, this is how the bald man in a caped costume went to Raccoon City before its destruction, after the trip the time machine controls went ahead to the time of escape by Saitama and the group he accompanied, Bofoy was not pleased at how Genos shook him, urging him to bring back the one he called his teacher, and after retrieving the man lost in time Bofoy decided to dismantle his device and reconsider the idea of time travel.

A year has passed since then, the hardships the B.S.A.A faced grew more dangerous, even the powered up operatives had trouble facing all these risks. Jill decided to take Chris, Carlos, and Sheva to accompany her to Japan, she heard rumors of a powerful being capable of helping in their growing battle, it reminded her of the time she met a powerful man in Raccoon City, she explained the idea she had to her companions as they flew to Saitama City, seeking aid from the powerful man who saved her and Brad.


Onepunch, Biohazard - Part 15

They found him quick, in his same outfit from before, he just punched a monster and killed it, blowing it to bloody bits like he always does, in one punch.
Jill (asked as she approached him): "Hello there, sir, do you remember me?"
Saitama (glaring for a while): "Not sure I've seen you before."
Jill: "We met 18 years ago, you punched a monster that almost killed my friend."
Saitama: "Can't be, 18 years ago I was and 8 years old."
Genos (lost an arm during the fight, and stood near the man he calls teacher): "She must mean that time you went to in Metal Knights time machine, she must have met you before that man picked you up and brought you back to our time."
Jill looks at her puzzled companions, puzzled herself.
Saitama: "Oh, you mean in the police station yard, I remember now. You look a bit different."
Jill: "And now I know why you look the same. I'm with the B.S.A.A., and we'd like to borrow your services."
Saitama: "B.S.A.A."
Genos: "Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, I've heard of you. Please speak briefly, my master doesn't like it when people talk too much."
Jill: "Good, cause I'll be brief. Monsters are getting harder for us to battle, we could use someone as strong as yourself."
Genos: "If my master is going, I follow."
Saitama: "Stay here, you will need the professor to fix you, you might not be lucky in later missions."
Genos: "......"
Saitama: "Where are we headed to?"
Chris: "Since we're here, we'll start with this place, our teams of biochemical engineers prepared a anti-virus dispensers, prepared with agents to burn the virus from the air and from host bodies, these will deliver the medicine in gas form."
Sheva: "Should the container be breached, the liquid will be spilled without forming its use, we need them protected."
Saitama: "How come you didn't make it a bomb? It will spread the medicine faster."
Carlos: "A bomb will be damaging, the aim is to reduce destruction caused by these monsters, not add to it."
Saitama: "I like the way you think. Alright, I'm in."
Jill: "Good. Be sure you don't allow the gas to enter your system, we need someone with your strength all the way through the mission, if you lost your abilities it will make the task more difficult."
Saitama: "Understood. I'll do what I can."


Onepunch, Biohazard - Part 16

A similar task is done in other areas in Japan and in the world, dispensers are protected by other powered up beings, some are affected by the viral outbreak, while others are not. Protectors powered by the virus lost their unique abilities before monsters did, the task became more difficult, more challenging for those still standing protecting dispensers, but they were met with success.

Where Saitama was standing, a number of monsters were killed before they were cured, the virus in them was killed and their corpses dissolved. B.S.A.A. members saw this and were interested in seeing this powerful being not affected by the cure at all, while other protectors lost it sooner than the monsters and villains did, it was a unique thing to look at, some of them thought he might be a robot or a cyborg, while others believed him to be an alien, rumors were spoken of him.

Long journey, various locations, same task, similar people, and the bald man in the cape remain powerful, not weakened anytime or anywhere. Leon Kennedy was in one of the locations, he asked how Saitama remained this way, and if he was affected by the virus or by another factor giving him his powers, uncertainty is the only reply to this ever growing curiosity.
Leon thought of being mean in an attempt to press out answers, but it will be rude and ungrateful, and perhaps bad for his own health, he admitted being grateful for the backup provided when he was a rookie cop, by the hero sitting next to him.

The task was complete, the outbreak was finally contained. A reporter for a magazine interviewed the man not losing his powers, he caught him in a right time, and successfully interviewed him, the interview disappointed the reporter for being too short. The reporter returned and titled the work 'Interview With a Monster', senior editor Ben Bertolucci gave stern words to his reporter, and order fixing the title from 'Monster' to 'Hero'.

A chapter in the lives of everyone came to an end, a threat is ended, though a mystery remains unsolved, and life progresses for all. The hero association in Japan is reduced significantly after the loss of a large number of their units, and a larger number of powerful threats, some of the chief officers debated whether Saitama should be removed from their roster for being a direct cause for that, including losing at least three of their most powerful 'S' rank heroes, one of them is King, a prized member.

The B.S.A.A. remained intact, they realize this is a chapter folded, and the possibility of another threat is not far from happening, something they will need to counteract.


Story Concluded
Fantasies of a Nice Driver

Traffic light was red, drivers stood in line waiting for their turn to move, they all have their thoughts, some of them are routine everyday thoughts, others are quite unusual, and then there are thoughts many think of so they aren't out of the ordinary, but fewer think to share them. One driver waiting as the traffic lights remained red for 5 minutes, thought; "We all have our deranged thoughts to fight against, right? Sharing them is what puts you in trouble, even if you don't act upon them". The driver had to quit day dreaming, and march on cause the lights turned green, he's the front of the line, and some drivers honked behind while the light was yellow, this story's protagonist had to quit thinking.

On an 80 KPH limit street the driver took the middle line, drove to the maximum speed limit, some jerk behind drove to the speed of 120 KPH, our driver looked at the rear view mirror and was satisfied seeing the clear distance in front, sped up to a 100 KPH to make sure the speeding driver doesn't hit the trunk in recklessness, the reckless one honked for the one in front to move it, the nice person pressed the danger signal and slowly decelerated in hopes for the reckless one to do the same, reckless doesn't comply although the other lines are almost clear at the time, the nice driver signaled taking the right lane and moved, the reckless one pointed a hand gesture that means "What is wrong with you?". The nice one replied with a hard honk and imagined flipping the bird.

The nice driver fantasized seeing both stop at a traffic light, and scolding reckless one, hitting the head with the door of the car real hard, and turning the engine of reckless one off, taking the car key away to leave the reckless one stranded, but nice one had a different path leading home, so they haven't met again, and thought of how risky it is to leave a personal car with the key in it in the middle of an open road.
At home, the nice driver continued the fantasy of having the key to the car of the reckless one, it was the main key in the fantasy, the only key to open the B.T box/glove compartment of the car of the reckless one, open it with a screwdriver to find a tracking device installed, and that is the excuse of the nice driver to toss the car key in a dumpster far from home, after breaking the tracker.


Story Concluded
When a Plagiarist Outshines the Original Creators

A small development group worked on meshing ideas to make a small game for people to play online, the end result was a game they enjoyed playing, controls are fluid, control response functions properly, but perhaps there are a few details this group missed in making their product, what they missed looked minor to them before releasing their work.

Another group saw the game, they played it, they enjoyed it immensely, the level of joy they had playing the game was not enough for them to overlook what the game needed to be an actual hit, and so they formulated a plan of their own.
They took the game and added their adjustments to it, although they were small, adding them took a lot of effort to pull.

The time came to launch their product, or as it would be more appropriate to put it; "Their adjustment to an already existing project". It was not an instantaneous hit, but the adjustments added made a huge difference in the way the project was received by the public, more people heard of the more attractive edit of the end product and played it, in that happening they never looked at the original project. It worked to fill some pockets more than others.



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