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That's a great story and it's extra interesting to me since Sub-Zero is my favorite MK character! I look forward to more
I'm glad you enjoy it. :toth
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The Story of Sub-Zero - Part 35

The idea of using this chance of weakness from Shao Kahn and Quan Chi to do an all out assault on the forces of Outworld tempted Raiden, but his level of honor is against endangering the defenders of his realm against overwhelming odds they might not account for is high, there are guards all over the arena. Raiden looked over Kitana's way who is standing by the side of the monster who took possession of the throne, the princess looked his way, turned her eyes toward the wounded emperor, and signaled her soldiers to attack, loyal to the idea of Edenia, to the image of a utopia broken, they obey the command to assault the emperor.

More than half of the guards in the arena are loyal to Shao Kahn, but they were overwhelmed by the forces trained under special supervision of Princess Kitana with the assistance of Jade, they were overpowered and killed, the wails of war overpowered the ruckus made by the stadium attendees. "TREACHEERRRYYYYY" Kahn shouted, called warriors under his command to attack, and shot a beam toward Sub-Zero, only for a portal to quickly open and aim it back to his face from the side of his left cheek.

Liu Kang fought and killed Shang Tsung by punching a flaming fist through his heart. Kung Lao knocked Baraka unconscious while soldiers of Edenia fought and killed a number of Tarkatan soldiers. Reptile chose to fled the scene, he wanted life restored to his race, this war will only lead to him being the last Raptor to get killed. Jade and Kitana fought Sheeva and forced her to succumb to them. A warrior who resembled Kitana dressed in pink garb came to the aid of Shao Kahn, Kahn claimed it is not yet time to exit and ordered her to fight, and so she chose to fight Sonya, and the fight lasted the longest, but it ended with Sonya's defeat, Sheeva was ordered to grab and hold the winner in that fight. Johnny Cage faced Ermac's overwhelming strength, Ermac would have killed him if not for Jax coming to his aid.

Sub-Zero and Scorpion formed an alliance to attack Quan Chi, the black ninja was compelled to save his master, and so he fought Sub-Zero while the figure in his shadow grabbed Scorpion, Scorpion stabbed the eye of the figure in the shadow, and Quan Was forced to retreat, pulling Noob Saibot with him, regretting that he did not alter the mind of Scorpion.

While there were still some warriors of Outworld loyal to the throne of Shao Kahn awake and undefeated, few as they are, two of the strongest Shokan came out to aid in the fight; Goro and Kintaro. Goro was there as an honorable warrior, to defend is his goal. Kintaro loved to kill, attack from the back, and shatter skulls.
Raiden attacked Shao Kahn, Goro ordered Kintaro to assist the extraction and not kill, cause once Kintaro kills he doesn't hold himself back. The Shokan duo made some shock waves, got their master and his unconscious living allies out, the conscious ones followed to survive. Shao Kahn was forced to flee.


The Story of Sub-Zero - Part 36

Warriors of both Earthrealm and Edenia could have easily chased after the running rogues, Kitana suggested that her allies should not attack from their behind to honor Goro, he had a very strong chance to do just that very same thing before he held himself and his brethren Shokan from performing such assault. Liu Kang is quite displeased with her decision, but he came to perform a task and it was done, hence holding back from disrespecting her wishes.

The fallen soldiers of Outworld were given a choice to give allegiance to Edenia, some of them accepted, others chose to decline, and were exiled to different parts of the land, separate, and unarmed.

Such victory was followed by Kitana, Jade, and the rest assisting in rehabilitating the world from the damage caused by the now exiled emperor. Not long after the beginning of that task did Raiden choose to return to Earthrealm to regenerate his powers, staying in this world weakened him, he offered Sub-Zero a ride home as the leader needed to be in his rightful place.


The Story of Sub-Zero - Part 37

Smoke requested to stay back and assist in the work being done here, his friend granted him approval. Scorpion also chose to stay and assist in fixing the chaos he helped maintain in this unfortunate realm. The rest of Earthrealm warriors were ordered to stay and help, even those who had other pressing matters in their schedules, which did not please them.

Smoke felt that their newly formed ally had little to no reason to kill the older Sub-Zero albeit the news they received from Cyrax. "Do you know who killed Sub-Zero in the previous tournament?" Asked Tomas. "I cannot answer your question with confirmation, I know he was with his group from your clan, I have my doubts that he could have been killed by a weak fool such as Sektor with no fluke involved." Answered Hanzo. "You do not suppose that he was assassinated by both of them." Smoke tries to see if this trap will do him a favor in getting the truth out of Scorpion; should trust in Cyrax be faltered after this? "His body language did not betray his words, Cyrax was a good friend of your friend. I do not know for certain what he saw that looked like me, my suspicions are in Quan Chi, he gave me the powers of flame, and the durability to remain alive in the Netherrealm, he really wanted me to defeat Sub-Zero with more aggressive desire than I had for a while." Blunt reply from the Shirai Ryu warrior, it did not give Smoke the height of confidence he seeks, but it was a step in not feeling betrayed.


The Story of Sub-Zero - Part 38

Back to the home of the Lin Kuei, Raiden asks Sub-Zero is he found the answers he seek. Cyrax, Hydro, and some more of the warriors from the clan were present to hear the unexpected.
Cyrax is shook up, it's hard to take in that he witnessed a lie that big, his eyes widen, his knees start shaking erratically, he stares at his feet holding his head tightly, his heart is pounding hard, he's sweating heavily "It can't be true, I couldn't have witnessed a pretender killer... why is the vengeance seeking brother calm?" in a low tone talking to himself.

Hydro notices the condition of Cyrax, he grabs him gently and tells him to breathe, let his diaphragm move, ease up his level of stress, and tell him what bothers him once he recollects his calmness. Once Cyrax expressed his concerns Hydro told him to talk to Raiden and Sub-Zero now that the thunder master is here, their discussion took place, Raiden being witness to it all helped relieve Cyrax of more stress, but still not certain of having Scorpion as a possible ally.

Hydro asks about Quan Chi "He is the bleach skinned sorcerer with eyeliners?", Kuai Liang nods, "He knows our location, it will be easy for him to attack us later knowing where we are" Hydro continues "A retreat the way he did as you told will build up in making him a deadlier adversary we may not be ready to deal with once he comes"
Kuai Liang agrees, and asks that Raiden brings back the clan members who accompanied him to Outworld, so they'd be ready to pack and more to their next location. The move is done, they feel the urgency in Raiden's voice and rush home with him.


The Story of Sub-Zero - Part 39

All bags are ready for the move, the clan leader guided them to a more secluded location, more difficult to reach. Another protective command was to seal the place from outside magic and technology, a cloak mixing magic and technology covered the place with the smallest margin of error they could possibly reach from this coalition untried by them, rate of success is not defined. Will it hold the fort?

In the Netherrealms, the sorcerer servant of Shinnok placed his black clad ninja slave in stasis, another ninja that looked a lot like him came out of his shadow under permission from Quan Chi, the shadow warrior is free and is loyal to Shinnok and the Netherrealm, but whenever he looks at Quan Chi he is filled with bitterness.
The real Noob Saibot remembers Quan Chi's words: "The slave is more powerful a warrior than you are, that is why I need him in service". Noob Saibot understands this, what he doesn't understand is why does the paleface give the already more powerful warrior even extra powers?

How did the new warrior come here and why?


The Story of Sub-Zero - Part 40

After the battle between Bi Han and Sonya Blade ended with her winning because the Lin Kuei held back, Quan Chi had a thought different to trying to convince Hanzo to end his hesitation and kill Sub-Zero with the excuse of avenging his clan, the sorcerer concealed himself and took the form of Scorpion to attack Sub-Zero, he made sure to gain witnesses to the Shirai Ryu warriors ending the life of his hated enemy.

How did Sub-Zero survive the scorching flames? It was not he who felt the fury of the Netherrealm's flames, Quan Chi teleported the unconscious body of Bi Han to a prison in his (bleach skin's) home realm, and brought in the fallen body of Art Lean to scorch it, he did that after hypnotizing his witnesses into not seeing the transportation of bodies, instead they saw the lying body of their fellow Lin Kuei the entire time.

The form of Scorpion teleported to the Netherrealm, there he began the process of trying to alter the mind of Sub-Zero after making him regain consciousness in a cage nullifying his powers, and shackles preventing him from fighting, the process proved to be a most difficult task, Bi Han's mind is too great for a quick mind alteration, it almost made the servant of Shinnok lose his patience, and he would have had he not needed to return to the island to witness the rest of the tournament.

Once he brought Scorpion back, Quan Chi ordered him to stay away, thinking how to strengthen his shaken urge for vengeance again more than one Lin Kuei, to expand it to all the clan.

Returning to his task, after lots of effort, he managed to bend Sub-Zero to his will, and gave him new powers better suited to serve the Netherrealm, and a new look to make him less recognizable. Shinnok showed approval to this plan, and ordered one of his loyal servants to stay in Bi Han's shadow to keep him in check, that servant is the real Noob Saibot.


The Story of Sub-Zero - Part 41

Back to the present time, the will of the second Noob Saibot is bent to be more in favor of the Netherrealm, shackles are released after Noob Saibot took his place in the shadow of the one forced to pose as him once again. Bi Han stood up and pledged allegiance to Shnnok and the Netherrealm.

A new task was handed to the duo: "Head to the base of the Lin Kuei, and kill the new Sub-Zero". Once there, Noob Saibot found an empty lair, he searched the grounds for possible clues for the whereabouts of the clan, and that was to no avail. The figure in the shadow popped his head out to make sure his new counterpart didn't intentionally relax to protect his brother, Bi Han replied in anger "We share blood, we are not brothers", the Noob in the shadows said; "Search more". And so he worked again, the clan left nothing behind that would lead to their new location.

After more thorough search, the original Noob Saibot suggested finding traces of power residue, Bi Han laughed and said "This is no fiction, I do not posses the ability to do that, and from testing these new powers, neither can you", the shadowy figure is ticked that this is truth about his powers, and that he himself does not posses the skill to do that.

With the head of Noob reared out, Bi Han took the chance of opening a portal over the head of that nuisance to pluck his whole body out of the shadow, the idea worked, a battle took place between the two, Bi Han won, made a slave out of his unwanted reluctant ally before laying him back in his shadow, and then returned to Quan Chi to report their findings.


The Story of Sub-Zero - Part 42

Before placing him back in his shadow, Bi Han grabbed Noob Saibot where he cannot enter his shadow, secured him on the ground in a manner he cannot slip easily.
Bi Han: "I'm not a slave of Quan Chi, and I do not want to be enslaved by you to serve him. Know that Shinnok would prefer to have you dead if he did not have you as his loyal slave."
Noob Saibot: "You deceive yourself if you think I will take your word for it."

Bi Han teleported away from the ground, he did not choose to look for his brother, nor did he try to look for his mother, he looked for a way to contact Raiden to tell him about what happened to him, and tried to make it as hard for Quan Chi to figure out his treason as he possibly could. The first part of his plan was a success, talking to Raiden and convincing him was met with difficulty, but it was a successful attempt, and now he has a link proving to his brother in the future that he is not lost.

Returning to the abandoned lair of the Lin Kuei, Bi Han placed the shadow warrior in his shadow once more after making certain he's too weak to pilot Bi Han using his shadow as he is empowered to do. They return to the Netherrealm to share the news of the clan's departure, the news infuriate Quan Chi and makes him look for the new location of the clan himself, familiar with Bi Han's tracking skills, the sorcerer realizes he cannot enslave the Lin Kuei as he originally planned.

The former Sub-Zero expelled Noob Saibot out of his shadow and kicked him unconscious. He chose this time to head to the realm of Chaos where he tried to form an alliance that helps save Earthrealm from invasion.


WOW. It's been more than a month since I last added to this story, I have to read it again to make sure I make fewer continuity errors when I add to it.

For the audience who are disappointed; I apologize for the annoying delay, and I'm sorry that my procrastination led some to ignore this thread.
The Story of Sub-Zero - Part 43

The Realm of Chaos: A location Bi Han had to learn of quickly when reading scrolls of Quan Chi to learn about other realms, he liked some of what he read about it. Denizens of the realm did not look welcoming, those who witnessed the portal found this weird new comer to be distracting in how unicolored he is.

Bi Han asked around to see where he can find the leaders of this place, he had an offer to make them, something they would enjoy greatly, a few scouts on patrol came to see the new presence, it was not something unusual for them to be visited by outsiders, that is why they went to irregular scouting missions to perform.

Learning about the strangers request, they took him to his required destination, he was introduced to the one named Havik, he successfully caused the largest amount of chaos in other realms, made him a hero to his people. Bi Han made his offer, and the group he met with loved the idea and went with it.

Returning to the Netherrealms, the army led by the alliance of Bi Han and Havik caused great chaos, it led to a lot of casualties, one of them is Shinnok who was killed after putting up a fight, but the sheer number of Chaos Realm militants was too much for him to handle alone.

Bi Han thanked his allies and guests, the happiness was mutual. Once the legion of chaos returned to their realm, Bi Han made the wise decision of sealing that realm from being accessed by this one, or the other way around.


The Story of Sub-Zero - Part 44

In Earthrealm, the sorcerer Quan Chi worked on his attempts at finding the Lin Kuei, at least in hopes to find a single step to use and trace their tracks, not an easy job to do with his normal skills, so he resorted to magic to uncover the tracks they skillfully covered, a path was cleared for him, and he followed it.

A distance away from home, some of the clan members were on guard in case anyone was approaching the new clan base, it was most fortuitous for them that the enemy of their master -and his dearly departed brother- was too occupied by being infuriated with the situation combining all the frustrating pieces that went his way, that he did not conceal his exterior look that fits the description they were given. Made him easier to target.

Prior to the death of their former master, a group of scouts found the convoy of material that were brought their way for the cyber initiative, they managed to take what they could salvage of weapons that Bi Han either missed or was not able to damage the way he imagined doing. What they retrieved was already their property, so naturally, they could not leave dangerous equipment behind for another trip from their deserted home to their new one.
The warriors holding arms dropped one of the bombs they held on the head of the sorcerer, it hurt his head hard and knocked him down, but the one holding it did not know how to activate such an advanced weapon without learning how to use it, these clan members had to improvise.

An older one of them decided that it's too risky to just leave him like that and wait for orders from his superiors, and pulled the leg of their fallen enemy to grab the thigh out of its socket, and used it to bash the head so hard until it split open, that was when they decided to report their finding back to their superior.

Kuai Liang came to the site, if their was any possibility of visual illusion, he probably did not fall for it as he was in hiding, so there was no room for doubt when it came to exterior look. He asked if one of the guards have some familiarity with human anatomy to examine the corpse, the one that did the head split knows, and crouched down to check the brain if it's not too mushy to be recognized, parts of it look different from what the average human brain looks like, Sub-Zero cut the body down further for more thorough inspection, the soldier was shocked to see the heart is nowhere to be found, and the left lung is the exact mirror shape of the right lung, the body is impossibly inhuman.

Sub-Zero noticed the grenade that was under the body of Quan Chi, it startled him, he covered it in the thickest layer of ice he could think of, picked it up, pushed it very far using ice. His quick action may have saved the clan members standing there, or it might be the thing that triggered the explosive that followed shortly after he pushed it away. Whatever may be the true case, the explosion of the grenade was wrapped so hard and continuously, no bit of shrapnel flew out of the ice, and future possible harm that may have been caused by it was neutralized.

Raiden came to the spot, it was lucky that he did at that time, they reported what happened to him, and the elemental of thunder opened a portal sending the corpse of the Netherrealm to its home, keeps it from bringing in diseases alien to this world. "I will let a friend help me deal with this corpse in his home realm" said Raiden, "A friend in enemy territory?" asked Kuai Liang, "Do not be so surprised, even the most vile ends of spaces have some unexpected allies" Raiden replied.


The Story of Sub-Zero - Part 45

The master of lightning opens a portal to the Netherrealm, he throws the corpse of Quan Chi there, transferring with it ever drop of his blood, using his magic to lift it all from the snow and soil beneath their feet using his magic. The Lin Kuei soldiers did a fine job in digging the snow around the sorcerer keeping enough distance between it and their fingers before Raiden performed his impressive feat of touching the ground with lightning without letting it spread in the snow cover.

One the other side of the portal was the recently awakened Noob Saibot, the original one. He witnessed the corpse of his old master pushed by lightning, to be drenched in the lava nearby. Once the line of lightning was cut, the ink like ninja entered the portal before it closed, he saw a sight he did not find pleasant and turned tail.
"Is he the friend you spoke of?" asked Kuai. "He resembles him, but the terror he displayed before turning tail indicates otherwise." replied Raiden.

"No. No no no no no no no" a worried Noob Saibot was mumbling in concern as he was running to the chamber of the master, the corpses he witnessed on the way added to his concern for his master. Once he entered the royal chamber, the shadow warrior was terrified, the sight is not something he expected to see happen, not in millennia to come, not here, not in his chamber, and not by an unexpected mortal forced into slavery here, or that what Quan Chi hoped to accomplish. The head and spine of Shinnok, separate from his body, used as wall decoration, with his now slaver sitting in rule assuming position.


The Story of Sub-Zero - Part 46

The real Noob Saibot fell down to his knees, this new guy has proven to be far more difficult to take care with what he did, the shock of it all made him start mumbling "I serve darkness, I live for serving death to my master". The trembling dark servant lives by death, it brings life to him, it brings him joy, working for a death loving lord like Shinnok was a source of joy cause it strengthen him, it gives meaning to his life, those are the reasons he joined this legion of death.

Bi Han enjoys seeing this monster tremble, but he doesn't want to risk giving him time to think of any plan to take him down the way he took the former monarchy of this realm down, so he kicked his face with enough force to knock him unconscious again. Quan Chi had disciples, some of them came to the command of their new master, and imprisoned the black figure of doom in a stasis field he cannot escape with his powers.

In Earth, Kuai wondered why they were not allowed to see his friend, and asked the master of lightning that question to hear the reply: "The Netherrealm is a prison for souls, I do not wish for you to be forced to endure such pain". The little brother is not as sharp as the older one, he thought of something being hid from him only an hour after Raiden departed the place in his usual manner.


The End, for now......
An Embarrassing Time for Super Powers to Activate

Alicia Douglas is a taxi driver, her record as a driver is not the most spotless one as she has a few speeding tickets in her time before working in this job, at least she's working hard to avoid further foul ups.

One hot day while delivering a client to the destination he aimed for, they were stuck in heavy traffic. The client developed the nasty habit of smoking while in stress, he was in a hurry to reach his designated destination, so he turned on the light. Alicia softly requested that he kills the cigar, it's the bet way to be certain to not dirty or damage the car, and the client politely apologized and followed the instruction.

20 minutes later, the passenger got even more stressful over the possibility of being late, too stressed to care for any instruction against smoking in the cab he lit another cigar. The passenger preferred types that are strong on nicotine, it was too hard on the driver who couldn't reach her passenger. She did not want to lose a customer, even though it looked to her like he intended to refuse listening to her pleas as an asthmatic person coughing hard, so she had to open the back windows.

The cars are now moving faster, but it's still too hard for her to stop the car in a shoulder since she's taking the middle of a wide road still dense on traffic. Between the smoker's fumes and all the surrounding cars it was just too much, it made her faint and hit a few cars.

Some drivers were raging furious, they were lucky that cars didn't move fast enough to make the damage to their vehicles too bad, but they did not like the delay to their busy schedules. She raised her head which is no longer heavy, she felt that her asthma healed, there is no head trauma, and an old scar she had on her arm is now gone.

What an embarrassing time for fast healing to kick in, she lost the defense she had, and is now between angry drivers she hit and an angry customer who is too focused on his personal problems for the time being. There is no choice for her but to compensate for the losses of others who are not aware of hers.


The End......

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