Uwe Boll, in the beginning

That was actually pretty good! The actress playing the mother is very talented. Nice find!! :):up:
That was funny. I liked the mom also. Got to love the types of filmakers who justify crap by using words like Symbolism and metaphors, when they actually have no idea what they are doing.

There was some show once, I don't remember what it was where a guy was pitching a zombie vampire movie, but then said, it's actually analogous to Nazi Germany and the guy was like, yeah okay.

I saw an interview recently with Mr. Boll on spike tv justifiying his movies, even the interviewer must have been thinking "you're an idiot".
Maybe in the beginning he was a true filmmaker but as of late, he is lower than Paul Anderson in the Directing chair with his films. The fact that he has to justify his films is proof enough that he needs to be as far away from films as possible.

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