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    Hey guys, this is another story while a take a break from Nicole City,

    By Tom Ebbs/Karem-Knight

    Name: Derrick Vintage
    Age:42 Known Crimes:
    Vandalising, Armed Robbery,
    Attempted Murder
    (Suspected) Murder of David Prom

    Name: Danny Jackal
    Age: 38
    Known Crimes:
    Armed Robbery, Extortion, Kidnapping, Murder of Johnny Jar
    (Suspected) Murder of David Prom

    Name: Peter Still man
    Age:37 Known Crimes:
    Planting numerous Bombs, Extreme Homicide

    Name: Johnny "Spike" Bowl
    Known Crimes
    Assaulting a officer

    Name: Johnny Rono
    Age: 48
    Known Crimes:
    Gambling, Pimping
    And (suspected) Murder of
    Don Raymond
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    Chapter One

    Federal Reserve Bank Los Angeles, CA .

    Derrick Vintage, Danny Jackal, Peter Stillman, Johnny Bowl and Johnny Rono were men no one wanted to know. They were very different criminals, Derrick was some one who wanted to get something done, and something done his way, Danny Jackal was a smooth guy but he did what he didn’t really need to do, Peter Stillman was a toy for other people running the show, But he never got himself messed up but Johnny Bowl was angry and rational. But Jonny Rono was another tool who didn’t have a care in the world and just wanted money.

    But these men were to pull off a typical bank robbery, 30 million dollars Done simply but to do that effetely You get 5 men, one to save your ass, one to open the safe another to guard him, And two to pose a threat and wipe out any “Wise guys”.

    The car pulled over,

    “Put your mask’s on guys” Derrick said, Johnny, Peter and Danny all did so,

    “Dude these feel like condoms.” Johnny said, Yeah, Cause is on your head but isn’t visible right?” Peter said, “Hey remember who the guy with the gun is.” Johnny responded

    “Hey shut up.” Danny said, his voice going across, he was the smartest but for some strange reason Derrick led the group,

    “Hey fur ball,” Derrick said once he put on his mask, talking to Johnny Rono. They called him that not to get them mixed up.

    “Be back in 5 minutes, But first get the case out.”

    “Sim.” Johnny said. Walking out the car in a rush with his legs getting out a case. He pointed it out to Derrick, but Danny took it,

    “Ah heavy no?”, Fur Ball said, Danny nodded. Ok Everyone load, The gang all got out there guns, Johnny had a berretta, Derrick another type of Berretta, Danny a magnum and Peter another berretta.

    Derrick and Danny got out first, Danny holding the case, As they pointed out there guns.


    Danny shot the near by guard and the person next to them, Then Johnny ran in, Danny put the case down and took out a Shot gun and passed it to Derrick. Then Pete came in running with a heavy bag.

    “JOHNNY COVER HIM!” Derrick said. Danny then shot a man, Korean guy, blew a hole in his chest, just then Derrick noticed a guard running to the alarm and shot him in the leg twice.

    Peter and Johnny were near the safe, Johnny took a warning shot to the air so no one thought of pulling any **** on them, Peter attached 2 C4’s to the 2 safes.

    Just then Danny shot another guy dead on the floor

    “HEY!, Do you want them to actually think they have a chance of living?”

    Danny shrugged, “If you want to make an omelette you got to crack a few eggs.”


    “CLEAR!” Peter shouted diving onto the floor, As it sent off a explosion

    “OK, DANNY TAKE CARE OF THOSE ****ERS WITHOUT BLOWING THERE HEADS OFF WHILE WE TAKE CARE OF THE MONEY!” As the alarm went off and they rushed putting all the money in 11 bags. Nearly 5 million in each bag, Derrick carried 4, Johnny 1, and Peter 2. Then the car pulled over.

    All four of them ran With Johnny behind Derrick.

    “JOHNNY, NOW!!!!!!!” Danny shouted, as Johnny shot Derrick in the leg, He fell down Johnny and Peter quickly took the bags.

    “YOU SONNNNN OFFFFFFFF BICTHESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” Derrick said bleeding in the bank the car pulled over and seconds later a 3 police cars came, neither of them chasing the getaway car. People were screaming It went black for Derrick as the last thing he heard was Freeze.

    Just then 3 uniform cops came in the building

    “Yeez, What a mess.” they said at all the blown up heads, a few other cops were trying to calm the people down. Then the noticed Derrick,

    “Look at this guy.” They saw him and checked his pulse,

    “He’s still alive, Barley thou.” Then another cop car came for an undercover cop, Then he came out showed his badge

    “Detective Frank Aglow NYPD. What the hell is going on here?”

    “Well, a bank robbery just came here, They did a lousy job, Took 50 million.”

    “Who’s this?” Frank said pointing at the blacked out Derrick, Franks took a look at him while they were explaining.

    “ I know him, Derrick Vintage. Been trying to catch him for years.” He smirked “get him to a jail hospital” He said

    “Sure thing,”

    Frank noticed the guard and sighed getting the pay phone calling 911.
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    R.I.P. Johnny Jar. :(
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    Chapter Two

    The day after,

    Derrick Vintage was sent to, California state hospital jail,

    3 Months later:

    Was charged, With murder, armed robbery and extreme homicide.
    And sent to Los Angeles Correctional Facility Being kept in the close security section.

    On November 2005 he had been planning with an inside friend to get money he kept since 1998 just in case, This was kept quiet.

    November 23rd 2005,

    Derrick Vintage finally got out the jail he had been living in for 2 years and was a free man, Walking with a smile on his face got a Taxi he had called,

    “Where to?” The cab driver asked

    “Downtown” The cab driver smirked “What going shopping?”

    “Yeah, That’s right I just came back from prison and I’m going shopping.”

    The cab driver put his hands up,

    “What ya come from New York?”

    “Yeah, Brookline.”

    “Oh.” The cab driver drove the car,

    10 Minutes later we reach downtown LA,

    “That’ll be $10” The cab driver says I give him 9 dollars and put 25 cents just to throw him off, Downtown LA, I wish I never made bail, Downtown sucks, LA sucks Swanznegger sucks. Derrick thought to him self walking down a road, he was looking for one shop a friend of his for a long time.

    Derrick was a New Yorker, He always pulled heists there, But then Danny thought New York wasn’t to “Flashy” enough, So the old gang moved to LA, Derrick always hated Danny. But he wanted the money. They all wanted the money, Soon they all got wiped out only a few were left, Danny, Derrick and Allen Ronin. Who owned a gun repair shop just under the bug high way.

    Allen promised Derrick a free Berretta next time he showed up. He crossed the road, God it was loud eh but not loud as Manhattan.

    Derrick walked in the shop, with his Brown leather jacket, jeans and black shirt, Allen noticed him come in

    “DERRICK BUDDY, WASSUP!” He lent his hand out for a hand shake, then hugged Derrick,

    “To much time in LA, huh?” He said as Allen let go and laughed.

    “Why did you come here, Anyway thought you were in the slammer,”

    “I was, but the cops here for the right price don’t care so I got my friend Brad in New York to collect some money from the old jobs we did back then ya know?”

    “Yeah” Allen said with a smile and putting the Berretta on the table

    “There ya go buddy.” He said, Derrick took it.

    “Could I have some ammo please?”

    “Sure.” he got two pieces of ammo for Derrick

    “There ya go.”

    Derrick got a knife out and stabbed him in the hand

    “I know you and Danny are good friends. I want to know where MY money is and where the people who stole it are.”

    Allen gasped for air

    “I don’t know….” Derrick slapped him in the face

    “You tell me dick **** or I’ll do this.”

    Derrick stared controlling the knife as a joy stick.

    “WHAT The hell happened to MY Money?”

    “Look I know a g-guy in Mid-Town, His name’s Jose”

    “Where does he live?”

    “In 54 Dune Layne Apartment 7F”

    “Thanks” Derrick said with a smirk, And waited till he heard sound from the traffic and fired his former partner, with two shots in the head, And Walked off.
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    Chapter Three

    November 23rd, 2005, 8:00pm

    Derrick Vintage had just been back from prison one day, and all ready killed one person, He was in midtown at 8. He needed answers, Peter Still man, Danny Jackal, “Spike” and Johnny all had his money, And he wanted it.

    Derrick had no idea who this Jose was, Allen probably knew Derrick would kill him. Derrick and Danny were the worst people when it came to humanity, Especially Danny.

    Derrick reached the 7h flat, and knocked on the door,

    “Who is it?” said a high toned Mexican voice.

    “Your neighbour from the top floor”

    Jose came to door Derrick tightened a grip on hid Berretta as Jose open the door Derrick kicked it and punched Jose in the jaw and closed it quickly enough to get the gun pointing at Jose.

    “Stay right there you son of a bicth.” Derrick held his gun to a skinny guy with a Punisher T-shirt jeans and shades.

    “My name is …Deep thought” Derrick not trying to give away who he is, Jose made a move with a muscle and Derrick pulled a hammer.

    “Don’t try me. 1 person is killed here in a day, Now you‘re goanna make me double it.” Jose gulped

    “Now I know Allen Ronin a good friend of mine, tells me how you can help me find Danny Jackal, Peter Still man, Johnny Bowl and Johnny Rono, Now you tell me how you know them and tell me where they are.”

    Jose gulped.

    “I-I track people down in a data base to help people track down thre-e enemies and”

    Derrick grabbed Jose by the collar and bought them to the big computer room and threw him to the desk.

    “Find Johnny Rono first, don’t bother trying to phone the police you don’t know my name or where I live, only my face which changes every time I get punched.”

    Jose started the computer, and typed various things.

    After a while Derrick’s tired arm was put to rest when Jose came up with answers,

    “Johnny Rono was a high paying gambler who was suspected to play a part in the Fedral reserve bank heist about 2 years ago but all the money he had would’ve been lost threw gambling and is now thought to be living in a house on Puco Rivra in the Eastsidewhich he is being forced out of tomorrow.”

    “Thanks” Derrick said and got out a piece of paper, writing a number for a pay phone.

    “Tomorrow afternoon, I will deal with Johnny Rono. I want you to phone at this pay phone at 12:00pm, If you don’t I’ll come here and kill you, got that?”

    Jose nodded fearfully at Derrick.

    “Good” Derrick said walking off and only putting the berretta away when he entered the elevator.
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    Chapter Four

    November 24th, 2005, 10:00 am Eastside LA

    Derrick arrived at Purco Rivra, since 8:00pm and asked people if they knew where Johnny Rono was, Some said yes and they were gang members and told Derrick where he lived, in near a alleyway,

    He parked his car where he saw his long haired ex colleague lurching on a wall sitting down smoking with a box on his other side. He stepped out, Johnny already looked sad as he put the smoke of his cigarette on the curb.

    Derrick came up in front of Johnny, Johnny yelled out in disgust,

    “HEY Gringo get the fu…….” Johnny noticed Derrick’s face in fear he gulped and smiled,

    “Hey Derrick man, how’s it going, it’s been what 2 years?”

    “Yeah, Johnny 2 years. Since you left me for dead.”

    “Aw come on man I mean”

    Derrick grabbed John by the face and pounded his head on the wall and punched his stomach.

    “I’m a little stronger now aren’t I?” Derrick grunted.

    Derrick threw Johnny in an alleyway, No one was there. He kicked Johnny in the face, making him fall on the floor. Derrick picked Johnny up,

    “Where’s my money?” He said

    “I-I l--ost it.” Derrick hit Johnny head into the ground

    “I KNOW WHERE’S the rest?”

    “I’m b-b-roke….” Derrick threw him and kicked him and hit him about 10 more times in several places.

    “OK!” Derrick said, with blood filled hands and cloths picked Johnny up.

    And threw him,

    “Get out of my sight.” Johnny who had lost two teeth and blood all over his face was strangely relieved. And limped with a face of gratitude,

    “Gracias a Deus.”

    He walked away as much as he could, As Derrick got in his car, putting on his shades.

    And drove off, with no licences plates on it.

    Johnny walked as much as he could, grabbed what he could, he had one dollar left and couldn’t use it on dental and medical bills, So he chose hi passion of life. Beer, the next bar was only 2 blocks away.

    Johnny walked, No one really cared if he hurt himself, he was just a bum now who obviously wanted a beer. As he walked a familiar car pulled over next to him, It was Derrick’s

    “Hello Johnny.” Derrick said shooting Johnny 3 times before speeding off.

    Johnny Rono died on the curb as people rushed and some even ran to see a licence plate that wasn’t there.

    Half an hour later Derrick pulled over to where no one could see him to put his licence plate on and check the number of another pay phone writing the number down and where to find it.

    L.A. Downtown, 12:00pm.

    Derrick waited at the pay phone for 5 minutes just to make sure no one thought of coming to take it, As soon as he heard it ring he grabbed it.

    “Hello, Jose?”

    “Yeah Deep thought?” Derrick changed his voice to the way he talked to Jose the first time.

    “Yeah Any news?”

    “Yeah found some info on Johnny Bowl.”


    “He lives in a house down in Beverly hills, calls it “The Silence””

    “After his favourite movie?”


    “Thought so.”

    “Any news on Still man and Jackal?”

    “Still looking.”

    “Ok, Find out by tomorrow, Phone me same number at 11 am got it..”



    Derrick hanged up the phone and went to his car with his new cloths. And headed for the bank he once robbed, Going to retrieve his bank account where he told them that his name was Eric Russell.
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    Chapter Five

    Los Angles, Eastside L.A, Purca Rivra

    Detective Frank Aglow was a moody cop from The Bronx New York City, Sometimes he would be a nice understanding cop, Others times he could be brutal.

    Today, He went to investigate a murder scene, The guy was dead for about an hour, But no one seemed to care.

    He arrived there threw the police line and next to morgue specialist

    “Can I see the body?” he asked, The guy nodded and he looked over the blanket, The man’s face had obviously been beaten senseless, broken nose black eyes 2 teeth knocked out, as the guy with one of the worst jobs pointed out.

    Frank stood up,

    “What do you know a about this guy?” He asked

    “Oh, Well all I heard is he did a little weed and that’s it paid the gang members back.”

    “What about any nut jobs who had a grudge against him?”

    “Nah, It was a drive by from an unlicensed Mazda 323.”

    Frank gave a sigh,

    “Anything else. Anything he was convicted for?”

    “Well they said he had something to do with that bank robbery two years ago b…..”

    Frank interrupted. “Bank Robbery?”

    “Yeah, Federal reserve bank 2 years ago, only one guy was found there and…..”

    “What’s his name?”

    “Err, I think it’s Johnny Robo, Rono, Rino….,” He broke his pause ,

    “Anyway any money he had would’ve been lost by gambling and…..”

    “Does he know Derrick Vintage?”

    “Derrick who?”

    “Vintage, he made bail 2 days ago.”

    “I’m not sure, he didn’t have many friends and…….” Frank walked over to his car, the guy only knew about certain things, Frank knew all about Derrick Vintage, his traits, his personality hell even what’s his favourite cigarette brand.

    Los Angles police station.

    Frank Entered his work office where he was just another high ranked guy, But now he came storming in,

    He searched threw his files until he had one about Derrick Vintage and started flicking threw everything, It said that he worked with the following people, Danny Jackal, Johnny Bowl, Peter Still man, David Prom (Deceased), Allen Ronin, Johnny Rono, Dom Bunnet (Deceased), Peter Warren and James McCalif.

    Allen Ronin rang a bell from yesterday,

    “HEY TURKS, GET OVER*HERE!” Aglo yelled to his colleague Daniel Turk, as he came into the room,

    “You were working on a case with a victim called Ronin, right?”


    “I think we might find a lead, His name’s Derrick Vintage. He’s been bailed out since Friday and already I have leads for two murders.”

    Daniel gave a smirk,

    “What a air head.”

    Dan said throwing a the folder back to Frank,

    “By tomorrow he’ll be worm food.” Dan said walking out

    As Frank nodded, he got out the list of Derrick’s colleagues and crossed out Johnny and Allen.
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    Chapter Six

    Derrick woke up from his sleazy motel bed, and got up, dressed up in his brown jacket, black shirt, jeans, trainers, Loaded his revolver and Berretta and hid them where he normally did. Got out a packet of Marlborough’s light and let the fire south his thought as he went outside, He lived right next to the beach.

    Just as he went outside the owner of the mow tell said Bye Eric to him, He stated his engine, his next target “Spike” in Beverley Hills, He started his engine and drove to downtown, to the same pay phone to talk to the same guy, he wanted to know about Stillman and Danny before hand because they were both smarter then to just buy what they wanted., Even though Stillman was nothing but a tool for heists he knew how to take care of himself.

    But all Derick needs for Stillman is back up and a good tactic, for Danny, Danny’s a different story. He’s probably made with the mob or a drug dealer, And breaks all ties from the police about it, and he defiantly wasn’t in L.A if he was then Johnny, Peter, and Spike would be dead before Derrick could find any of them.

    And Derrick had another reason, other then Money, He wanted Spike dead for shooting him in the leg and leaving him there, Spike and Danny would go through hell to get to hell.

    Downtown, L.A

    Derrick parked right up by the pay phone, some one else was using it, nearly 11 o’clock and the teenager wouldn’t get off, As Derrick got out he grabbed the 15 year old kid,

    “GET A CELL PHONE!” and threw him out of the way and hanged up the phone.

    “HEY, man what yo think yo a gangsta or something?” Derrick hit him with his elbow and kicked him in the ribs.

    The phone rang and Derrick picked it up

    “Hello?” Derick said in a gruffer voice

    “Deep thought?”


    “I got some information on Danny and Stillman.”

    “Which one’s in LA?”

    “Stillman, owns a ware house and usually works there, he’s in the black market for bombs and ****.”

    “Ok, Where a bout’s?”

    “Down in the docks.”

    “What about Danny?”

    “Well he’s pretty well off, but….”

    “But what?”

    “He’s in Vegas, Has something to do with two five star hotels and a casino.”

    “Ok, Thanks.”

    Derrick hanged up the phone and into the car.

    “Next stop Beverley Mother ****ing hills!”
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    Chapter Six

    Derrick woke up from his sleazy motel bed, and got up, dressed up in his brown jacket, black shirt, jeans, trainers, Loaded his revolver and Berretta and hid them where he normally did. Got out a packet of Marlborough’s light and let the fire south his thought as he went outside, He lived right next to the beach.

    Just as he went outside the owner of the mow tell said Bye Eric to him, He stated his engine, his next target “Spike” in Beverley Hills, He started his engine and drove to a place he needed to go.

    As he drove on the road he changed it into the local news just to hear anything, What he heard was a surprise,

    “Police further investigations for the murders of Allen Ronin and Johnny Rono”

    Derrick’s heart pounded, He knew this would happen, He needed a to change quickly, He knew the first place the police would try and find him was in all the locations of, Spike, Still man and Danny.

    He tuned in again to see if he was suspected, They moved on a different subject, Derrick hit the gas and went as fast as he could.

    Beverley Hills, “The Shining” mansion, 1:00pm

    Derrick drove past Johnny’s house, Johnny didn’t like being called Johnny either John or Spike, Derrick always loved to piss him off about it, But this time he was going to cherish it.

    Derrick parked the car quite far away so the guard wouldn’t get suspicious, Got out the car and lit a cigarette, walking over to the guard’s door

    “Hello?” Derrick said, The guard pressed the buzzer.


    “Can I see a Mr. Bowl?”

    “What’s your name?”

    Derrick paused for a minute and then gave a smirk

    “Stillman, Peter Stillman”

    “Ok, go ahead.”

    He pressed the switch and the gate opened, Derrick walked right in, Derrick looked at Johnny’s mansion, the neighbourhood was full of big houses but Johnny’s was the biggest, But only by about a meter Derrick walked in, pass the gates and the stares. Clicking the revolver, He saw a butler open The white doors, Derrick wondered why Johnny chose white.

    He walked in,

    “Hello, Mr…..?”

    “Stillman.” Derrick said.

    “Ah yes, Mr.Bowl isn’t here right now but.”

    “Do you know when he will be?”

    “In about half an hour.”

    “Ah ok, Can I look around?”

    “Of course”

    The butler said, he had a Scottish accent, Derrick wondered why Johnny chose Scottish people, A lot can happen in two years.

    Derrick walked out side to see the garden, It was quite a pleasant site, if they watered the plants once in a while, Derrick noticed a swimming pool and a small shed, with a larger one next to it. Perfect as Derrick gave a smirk.

    He walked to it, It was locked, Good thing he brag a paper clip, He put it in the lock every 5 seconds he would look back to see if the Butler was looking, After about a minute it was opened, And quickly went in and turned on the light closing the door, Derrick saw something he was looking for. A lot of Guns.

    He saw the exact same type of Berretta he had, Elites. He noticed a box that said silencers on them he opened the box, and kept looking for the right silencer, after about a minute he found one, and after a minute after that screwed he attached it to his own gun.

    He walked out the shed to his surprise saw the butler, Derrick his the gun behind his back

    “Excuse me sir….”

    “Yes?” Derrick said

    “Mr. Bowl doesn’t like guests in his private shed,

    “Well I don’t like Mr. Bowl.”

    The butler got a small gun out but Derrick shot him first, In the leg, the butler fell down on one knee and Derrick put the gun to the butler’s head, Derrick pulled the trigger and the butler died.

    Derrick grabbed the body and threw it into the shed, But first emptied the box of ammo and put a all of Johnny’s Uzi’s and Hand guns in the box., with a bunch of ammo.

    He also got the other Berretta elite and attached the silencer to it, Before the only one got worn out.

    Hid them and brang the box in Johnny’s Bath room.

    Derrick shat on a couth and turned on the TV. Seinfeld was on, And he just sat back and relaxed.

    An Hour later:

    Derrick heard the sound of keys and a door opening, He got out his gun aiming it at the door, He saw a man with a big built with a Glock 18 in his hand looking around, Derrick turned off the TV, And hid behind the sofa, to see Johnny coming in.

    “MATT!” He heard Johnny yell, **** the body guard noticed Derrick He aimed the gun,

    “Who’s there!” he yelled, he sounded like Sylvester Stallone, Derrick got the gun out and shot the guy’s head,

    Johnny was horrified and ran but Derrick stopped him dead in his tracks

    “Hey Johnny!” Derrick said aiming his gun at Johnny, Spike put his hands up.

    “D-D-Deerrick????” Johnny said in fear.

    “NO!” Derrick said sarcastically,

    “Well I don’t think I need to remind you now do I, 2 years ago, You shooting me in the leg.”

    “Derrick it was Danny and……”

    “I KNOW IT WAS ****ING DANNY.” derrick yelled

    “Take away all the weapons with your right hand.” He said Johnny threw away another Glock 18.

    “Now **** down and get a pen.” Derrick said sitting down still aiming the gun at Johnny.

    “Now how much money do you have, In total.”

    “3 million.”

    “So double what you have now, I did a little math in prison.”

    Johnny nodded.

    “How did you double it?”


    “All that money in investments?”

    “Well half a million in them and it made it to the amount that…..”

    “SHUT UP!”

    Johnny jumped, He knew about Derrick’s rage and what not.

    “How much do you have stored in cash?”

    “Half a million”

    Derrick gave a smile,

    “How much in the bank?”

    “1 million.”

    “Good, I want you to make a cheque of 1 million to Eric Russell,”

    Johnny got his cheque book out and wrote as fast as he could.

    “Thanks, Where’s all that cash that you saved.”

    “Up stairs in my bed room.” Johnny said shaking. Thanks, Derrick hit Johnny in the face and threw him into the wall.

    “Oh, And this is for shooting me in the leg.”

    Derrick shot Johnny, all around the body, legs, arms, and chest,

    He screamed as his own blood slatted, Derrick just gave a smirk when he shot him in face. Derrick had to switch guns because of the suppressor wearing out. He shot Johnny 4 times in the legs, 4 on the arms and 5 in the head.

    Derrick then went up stairs, took the cheque, Put all the money in a suit case and got the box full of guns.

    Derrick went out side, The place stank of dead corpses Derrick got passed the houses and gates and reached his car, Packed the box of guns and cash,

    The guard stopped him

    “Excuse me sir I need to check those for a minute.”

    Derrick kicked him out of the way, No one was there so he got out his silencer and shot once in the head. Didn’t make a sound, Got in the car and drove off.
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    Chapter Seven

    Los Angeles, December 1st 2004, Jose’s flat.

    Derrick reached Jose’s flat, He didn’t tell him where and when to meet him, But he knew Jose was smart but weak. He entered the 5th floor and knocked on Jose’s door.

    “Jose!?” He said graveling his voice again, Clicking the revolver.

    Jose, opened the door and Derrick showed it to his face.

    “WHO’S HERE!?” He yelled,

    “NO ONE!” Jose said desperately. Derrick got out his Berretta and checked all the rooms, After that he went straight towards Jose, and picked him up.

    “Ok, Have you found anything on Stillman?”

    “Yeah.” Jose took blood away from his lip

    “He owns several ware houses down in the South, Each protected by the Crip members.”

    “How protected?”

    “I don’t know, Pretty high wired, He’s in there with a few colleagues, Mostly does black market weapons. Sells a lot of explosives.”

    “Figures.” Derrick said.

    “I’ve got 2 million in the bank and half a million at my motel. We need at least 4 people, We already have two.”

    “What do you mean by two?”

    “Me and you.”

    Jose gulped, he didn’t want to mess with Derrick he just nodded.

    “We also need weapons, Don’t worry got some in the motel as well

    “Meet me with them Thursday 3 o’clock, Don’t be late.”

    “Where should we meet you?”

    “Downtown, You’re driving.”

    Derrick left the apartment, Went outside the building and into the car, He knew that the cops were on to him, Jose would snitch on him right after he kills Stillman.

    He needed a plan, He’s buried thousands of men in the same park.

    They could be useful.
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    this is so serious. Where's the fart-noises and stuff? :confused:
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    Perfect...Skill is something a lot of people lack, and some pretend to have. but you really do have a talent for writing. Keep up the good work.
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    Chapter Seven

    Los Angleas downtown, December 4th 2005

    Derrick arrived to the same mall, with the same car in the same car park, In pretty much the same parking space, He got out of his car and waited at the place he told Jose he would be, He carried the bag he stole from Spike’s apartment, The Uzi’s, Silencers and Handguns all ready for one big kill out.

    He slouched on the side of the wall, checking the time 3 o’clock, Right on time he said to himself. He noticed the same things he noticed everyday, Blondes, Gang members and plastic bags.

    Five minutes a car pulled over Derrick got out his revolver in case Jose tried any ****.

    “Hey Deep thought!” Jose said, Derrick jumped into the car.

    He noticed two other guys, one was bald and had quite a built, One was skinny and freaky looking, but looked like he was good with weapons

    “Hi!” Derrick said,

    “Drive now, I’ll show on the way.” Jose nodded. Started the car,

    “What are your names?” Asked the two at the back

    “I’m Joe” Said the bulky guy

    “I’m Matt.” said the skinny guy, Derrick nodded. Not much talk happened on the way, untill they reached Compton.

    “Ok.” Derrick said opening the bag, revealing the Uzi’s, Pistols and silencers.

    “Don’t worry about the silencers. It’s goanna be loud no matter what.” Joe and Jose grabbed an Uzi each, Derrick gave Jose a SMG next to his seat, And Derrick got an Uzi and a Pistol. They loaded each one.

    “This is the place” Jose said pointing to a ware house that was really black and greyish. Derrick got out the car, He noticed an African American wearing a blue shirt.

    “It’s a Crip, We’ll enter around the back, Joe you back us up.” Derrick said going around the back of the ware house next to Stillman’s, They made sure they didn’t make a sound.

    “Aui, This is like playing Metal Gear or Splinter Cel……”

    “SHUT UP!” Derrick interrupted Jose.

    They came to the back of the ware house, No door just a window.

    “Jose and Matt go around the left to see if you can get in there, Joe follow me.” Derrick said
    They split Derrick and Joe walked with their guns casually untill they noticed a door,

    “Get Matt and Jose quickly!”

    He said Joe jogged to the other side, Derrick calmly opened the door, with it creaking a bit but was over shadowed with the voice of a Crip talking to Stillman , Stillman looked very different, He was slimmer wore a casual suit and had an eye patch, Derrick smirked and looked behind to see if the other were there, They came in quietly

    “Ok.” Derrick said, Kicking the door and firing the Uzi at the Crip member in front of Stillman, Stillman ran like hell Derrick tried to shoot him with the Uzi, But missed.

    The others came in the room

    “Be careful” Derrick said ducking Soon 3 Henchmen came charging in, 2 with Berettas and one with a Tec 9, They were riddled with bullets once Matt started firing, laughing like a maniac.

    Derrick ran to the door way and noticed another Henchmen pointing his gun at him and he ducked, This time Joe managed to shoot him in the head.

    Derrick looked back to see only Matt and Joe there.

    “WHERE THE HELL IS JOSE!” Derrick yelled notching Jose hiding under a shelf

    “AW **** that.” Derrick said, He got the wallets of the 4 dead Henchmen Stillman would obviously have to pay them.

    Derrick also noticed the shelf’s had Bombs and Guns on them, He grabbed an AK and tossed the Uzi away, and loaded the 47.

    He aimed it at Jose

    “Mother ****er!” He yelled shooting him 5 times.

    “Let’s go,” Matt and Joe immediately ran with him, They searched all around the ware house until they noticed about 5 Crip members and Stillman.

    “HEY DERRICK YOU ***********!” Stillman yelled getting a Ben Bag out, his men all had AK.

    Stillman shot Joe messing up the face pretty bad, Derrick and Matt ran for cover while Stillman’s men started firing like Lunatics.

    “Look for that Mother ****er!

    He’s a god dam pysco.” They all ran down the stairs Derrick noticed 2 Greneades, They’re only 4 down there, both in twos, Derrick gave a smirk and put his AK down and grabbed them, He got one and waited for the henchmen to come near enough for a good vantage point.

    As soon as both of them did, Derrick got out the pin and threw it at all four of them,

    “HOLY SHI………” One of them yelled as they got completely de attached and mangled. Derrick, Walked and shot the last hencmen.

    “HEY PETE, LONG TIME NO SEE!” Derrick said fireing warning shots all around the place.

    Stillman started firing everywhere, making holes in a few shelves, Derrick noticed a C4 on one of the shelves and gave a big smile, when he grabbed it.

    He took it and turned it on taking the Detonator out, He threw it close enough to Stillman as he could get.

    Still man panicked.

    “DERRICK!” He took one step closer to the C4 and Derrick pressed the detonator.

    Stillman’s leg went flying as he screamed, it was amazing he was still alive, Blood was every where, his leg and just been vaporized, If it just ended there he would be lucky. But Derrick was there, He was going to go though hell to get to Hell.

    Derrick tossed the AK and got his berretta out.

    “PETE!” Derrick yelled holding the Berrta

    “How ya been?” Derrick said slapping Stillman in the face.

    “Youu..pieecceee off……..”

    “Cat go your tongue?” Derrick said, Peter said nothing, he put the gun at his head.

    “You know what I want.” Derrick said,

    “I know a guy like you wouldn’t put that money in the bank or with someone else, That’s to unsafe for you.” Pete said nothing.

    “I want your share of the 6 million dollars!” Derrick said

    “WHERE, Is it!?”

    “Gooooo to heelelllll…….” Derrick shot Stillman in the shoulder

    “WHERE IS IT!” Derrick shot the reaming leg twice, Stillman screamed in agony

    “Innnn the safffffffeeeee.”

    “Thanks.” Derrick said “Where is Danny?”


    “Thanks again.” Derrick shot him in the arm again and in the remaining eye.

    Derrick went to the safe strapped a C4 on it and, stepped back and pressed the detonator.

    He got a bag nearby and put all the money in the bag, Over 2 million in here. Derrick laughed a little and walked out notching Matt’s Burnt corpse. He gave another smile and the body on his shoulder,

    It smelt so bad, Derrick tried breathing through his mouth but he needed the body, He put it into the trunk and drove Jose’s car, To a park he buried people before.

    An hour later.

    Derrick had left Jose’s car in the middle of no wear to get his car to put Matt’s body in the trunk, Derrick arrived at a hill site near Beverly Hills, He picked a spot where they’re people to hear what was going to happen but couldn’t see it.

    He strapped a C4 into his car detonated it to make it ready, Put Matt’s body in it, and Shut the door, he threw all personal items, Credit cards everything that proved he was Derrick Vintage, He walked with the 5 million dollars in his hand. He pressed the detonator, Dropped it and ran.

    All information about Derrick was gone within a second.
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    Chapter Eight

    Name: Derrick Vintage
    Age:44 Known Crimes:
    Vandalising, Armed Robbery,
    Attempted Murder
    (Suspected) Murders of David Prom,
    The Federal Reserve Bank robbery, Murders of Allen Ronin, Johnny Rono, Johnny Bowl, Peter Still man, Joe Evans and Jose Machando.
    Current Status: Deceased, December 4th 2005, (Car accident)
    This was the report Detective Frank Aglow had about Derrick Vintage, for 3 months Vintage had been dead and he didn’t find out, He read it again for the god knows time. He took a zip of his coffe and put on his blazer he could remember the exact day it happened.

    December 4th 2005:
    Frank aglow, the LA cop fron New York was having a drive through Beverly Hills, Everything was superficial, He was surprised that the knifes weren’t plastic and the guns weren’t covered with clothing.
    Frank got the call of a car accident on his radio, He increased speed to check it out, But then he heard
    “Belonging to one D. Vintage” He put his siren and rushed, As soon as he arrived there he found the burning car with a fire engine next to hit and several police officers as well as people from the neighbourhood, Frank got out his car
    “Sorry sir Police officers only!” Frank showed his badge
    “Frank Aglow L.A.PD!” The police officer raised the ribbon and Frank looked at the body and car, They were toasted.
    “When did they find this?”
    “About 2 hours ago, We got here and tried to phone you but was chaos here.”
    “Ok, Is this Derrick Vintage?”
    “Yeah think so.” The CSI grabbed the wallet of the mangled body.

    “Yep Derrick Vintage born 1961, IQ is…….”
    “Yeah yeah, Did you hear any major homicides murders? Anything?”
    “Yeah we heard about a shootout in the south in a ware house nearby but……..”
    “Where!?” Frank said in a demanding voice.
    “erm, I think I got it written down on paper.” The officer gave it to him,
    “Did Peter Stillman own this place?”
    “I don’t know.”
    Frank went to another officer,
    “I want you to go talk to who ever is investigating there and find out from anybody who lives near by, I want answers so I know that the piece of toast in that car is Derrick Vintage!”
    The officer nodded and ran to his squad car. Frank looked over the burnt car,
    “Have you found any weapons?”

    “What is it with you and this Vintage guy?” said another officer.
    “He was released from prison a few weeks ago, in that time 5 people he used to work with have just been killed, I’m telling you he’s throwing as off!”
    The officer picked up a Used C4,
    “Hey I found something, it was connected to the engine.” He passed it to Frank, He looked at it,
    “Check the boot the seats, If there’s money or weapons in there I want the found!”

    2 Months later:
    Frank found A berretta and a revolver , for 2 months he had been investigating Derrick Vintage, Was he alive or not? No one saw or heard from him again, All over LA that bastard was gone, All over Los Angeles, All over LA!
    Frank went to the computer and searched the list of suspects, There was one named he over looked, each person would take a day or two to track down, but this man wouldn’t. He clicked on his name, Lives in Las Vegas mangers a Casino and owns a Hotel.
    Frank gave a smirk, He was going on a trip to Vegas, He was going to help Danny Jackal.
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    Chapter Nine

    Mach 23rd 2006, Las Vegas International Airport

    As the plane from San Francisco landed in Vegas, Amongst millions of passengers was a mysterious tall blond man, looked about 40-ish, And looked like he had a few run ins. But there was something odd, He didn’t look at anyone, while smoking a cigarette with his shades on wearing a gray suit and red tie.

    He walked he held his luggage with him and went straight out to a cab.

    “Hello sir, Where can I take you?”

    “Umm Could ya take me to the strip?”

    “Which hotel?” The man grabbed a sheet of paper

    “The Casa de Deues Hotel please, need to see an old friend.”

    “Will Do, Do you want me to put the suitcase in the boot?”

    “NO!” The man said in a nervous voice,

    “I’ll hold it.”


    They got in the car, The man put his suit case to one side.

    “So, How what do you do?”


    “What’s your job?”

    “Oh umm I’m a business salesmen.”

    “What are you selling?”

    “Cigarettes.” The man said as he looked at his pack.

    “You smoke?”

    “Of course, Is it ok if I do now?”

    “Yeah sure.”

    About a minute later they arrived at the Hotel, The man gave the driver a $50 and went straight in.

    “Hello Sir. How may I help you?” said the receptionist

    “Er yeah, I booked a room here.”

    “Ah yes whaty’s your name.”

    “Russell, Eric Russell.”

    “Ok, It’s on the 5th floor.”


    “How long are you staying for?”

    “ Um 2 days.”

    “Ok sir enjoy your visit.”

    The man snatched the keys and went straight to the elevator. As soon as he did pressed 5 as quicky as he could. Once the lift stopped went straight to his new room.

    Real classy, Every thing in Dark red, One king sized bed, a TV and a minibar, The man threw his suitcase into the bed and unpacked it.

    He got out all the guns in there and packed them in draws, Revolvers and Berettas he’d been charring them for 2 hours.

    He took of his shades, He wasn’t Eric Russell, He was Derrick Vintage,

    “Soon Danny Boy soon!” he said checking a leaflet saying Share holders and in the middle Dannie Jackal.

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    Was out for a week,
  19. Karem-Knight Registered

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    Chapter Ten
    Las Vegas, Casa de Deuas, March 24th 2006

    Derrick woke up from his bed, he took an afternoon nap from gambling all morning Put a some cloths on, Brushed his teeth, And Picked up his Berretta and revolver kissed them and said “Big day!”

    He got out of his room straight to the hall way, Going to the elevator And going to the bottom floor, There were several people looking at him, He just shrugged and waited to reach the bottom floor and marched right to there.

    “Hello sir how may I help you?” Derrick looked at the sheet seeing Danny handled Finical matters

    “Err yeah I think I’ve been Over charged for my trip so far, could I speak to a Mr. Danny Jackal, Please?”

    “We’re sorry sir, Mr. Jackal is very busy you’ll have to make an appointment”

    “Tell him Eric Russel is here.”

    Derrick said, normally if you were gonna kill someone you don’t tell them, but Derrick and Danny had a truce if one of them was going to kill the other that they’ll do it farley.

    Well fare enough

    The woman picked up the phone and told Danny all the details, after a long pause she stopped

    “Mr. Jackal will see you now, His office is at the top.”

    “Thank you.”

    Derrick walked to the elevator and went to the top, They spent a lot of money on this elevator for some stupid reason.

    After he reached the top, he saw a whole floor of Offices , bigger then apartments when he reached there he saw two body guards he went to the nearest wall, and Quietly loaded his berretta under the safety camera.

    He then put it in his sleeve checking out for a plant nearby and dropping it in there

    “Hey you Russel?”


    Derrick raised his arms and spread his legs, His knife covered in his wristband which was covered by his watch.

    “Ok his clean go ahead.”

    “You from the Bronx?” Derrick said slowly getting his Berretta

    “Hey Shut up and get in there!”

    Derrick raised his hand and went in There was another guard and a shot gun next to the chair

    “Hello sir how can I help you?” Danny said with a smirk

    Derrick closed the door

    “Hey Danny long time” Derrick said

    “Derrick you die your hair, cut it and changed your face?”

    “Cops Danny always wanting to get you by the balls till ya take their hand and blow theirs off.”

    “Yeah, As you can see I’m doing well in business, Money does help!” Danny said laughing

    “Oh but you didn’t get any of that money now did ya?”

    Derrick looked behind him, Danny wasn’t like this, He had something big. He had him corned, Derrick grabbed his Berretta and revolver ready.

    The guard walked closely to him, He switched his left hand to grabbing his knife.

    “Yeah I remember Danny, remember very well!”

    Derrick grabbed the guard by the neck and slit his thought with his knife in 5 seconds.

    He grabbed his Berretta as he saw Danny reaching for the shotgun,

    “Don’t move Danny boy!”

    “Don’t worry buddy, It’s not like any one’s listening!”

    Just then the two guards came in from the door, If Danny was willing to make noise so was Derrick.

    Derrick moved to shut the door, he could tell Danny wanted it sound proof, his two guns in his hands while The guards and Danny fired at him while he moved, he shot the guards with 5 bullets each.

    Danny had the shot gun but lousy aim, Derrick had the hand gun but great aim.

    “Drop it now!”

    Danny dropped it, He couldn’t get Derrick quick enough, Just then Derrick heard a chopper.
    “Pass the shotgun now!” Danny did so, Derrick threw it out the window

    “I’ll meet you up stairs!”

    Danny said. Derrick went out the office and hid the berretta he sounded the fire alarm and ran straight to the other side, Just then a heard of guests and staff started walking out He went to the elevator only to realize it was shut off exactly when he turned on the alarm. He ran down to the stairs, but they went down to the other floor he had to get to the other side of the building to get up stairs.

    Derrick ran down, Worse he saw a bunch of screaming guests running from a fake alarm. He sighed and to where the stairs, everybody was going the opposite direction, Just then a guard stopped him

    “Sorry Sir, I’ve been asked to”

    Derrick got his knife and stabbed him in the balls going up the chest. And ran finally seeing the stairs only to notice 3 guards come down


    Derrick got out his Berretta And started firing at them, he managed to shoot straight up from the ass up wards, The other two started firing at him he rolled down the other stairs to get a good aim and cover, they were coming at the same speed so it was easier.

    As soon as they came down he fired at them as they screamed in agony he took their guns, running.

    He ran up their to see the roof And Danny with a Magnum carefully aiming Derrick jumped and ran to get cover.

    “I’ve got you now you piece of ****!”

    He fired again, It was then that Derrick noticed how much scars he took in the last 10 minutes. He ran for more cover, Danny was right he did have Derrick by the balls, Danny was smart and cunning but Derrick thought on his feet.

    He heard sirens, engines, police cars

    “You see what ya did you stupid prick from Brookline!” Danny said firing the gun.

    “You made it even harder to get out of this! Me however I can buy’ em off!” Derrick heard the police helicopter circling where the gun shots were He fired at Danny two more times but Danny shot concrete and Derrick tripped up.

    Getting to the fan he was at before, He had no more ammo left, He checked the guns he stole from the guards and gave a smirk. He looked at Danny’s every move He just pointed his gun down concentrated Derrick, quietly moved to another cover point.

    He repeated the process, trying not to break it, Danny saw Derrick’s direction but He managed to stay clear. He kept going quietly, It was dark at night, for nearly two minutes nothing happened but that, till Derrick was close enough, then He got up, Danny turned his head but to late Derrick shot him twice, but in a few places to keep him alive long enough.

    Derrick ran and got Danny by the collar and putting him on the edge of the building

    “HEY DANNY HOW’D YA LIKE THIS!” Derrick said hitting him with the gun handle and firing it for the chopper to come near him

    “Derricckkk youuuuuu Neeww YorekkkkkenNN piece of!”

    “Save it!” The chopper came rising up to the building

    “Hey Danny Think fast!” He threw Danny into the propeller of the helicopter, Within a few seconds Danny was nothing but chopped beeff.

    He chuckled as he ran from the helicopter’s site. And ran down the stairs, He went into the Danny’s office, he saw one of the guards gasping for breath in agony,

    “You still alive?” He said kicking them.

    “Where’s Danny money?” Derrick pulled his hair.

    “In the big draw” Derrick smashed his head in the concrete. And Stabbed him. He opened the draw,

    He laughed he was so happy, 35 million in there, He grabbed a bag he saw and put all the money in.

    Checked his pocket.

    “Off to Mexico, See ya”
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    Chapter Eleven

    The Final

    Las Vegas Casa de Deus, Derrick’s room, 10:00pm

    Derrick was exhausted, he had spent the last few minutes fighting off guards and avoid people from seeing his gun. He was now in his room packing his bags, He needed the change his cloths because of all the blood stains, and a hat, The cameras might’ve picked up on him. He kept his gun handy just in case.

    Just then someone knocked on the door Derrick kept his gun handy

    “Excuse me Sir, The fire alarm is on we need you to leave.” Derrick knew about the camerea on the other side.

    The Guard waited looking at the camera, He tried to open the door, it was locked, He got his stick ready and kicked the door, All he saw was an empty room.

    Derrick held on tight to the pillar as he moved to the next room got a strong grip on the balcony and landed on the other room, opening the door, his gym bag strapped on to him, he checked the key pad of the room to see if the guard had gone, He had gone to talk to security with the radio, Derrick, slowly opened the door without making a sound.

    He waited till the guard had stopped, then he grabbed the guard by the collar and shoved his head into the camera. pointed the camera upwards, and ran to the fire escape. Going down stairs, checking for the car park and his wacth, 10:05, his flight was in an hour, he paid the guys extra to let him get straight onto the plane.

    He entered the car park and walked calmly till he noticed someone getting in their car and ran to them with his gun in his hands.


    The guy gave him the car, Derrick punched him and grabbed his collar throwing him to the ground, he reversed making sure he ran over the owner’s legs.

    And drove off, As he exited the car park, there were a lot of people panicking and fire trucks not to mention police cars, As he looked at one of the police cars, he saw some one familiar.

    The cop who put him away two years ago.

    Detective Frank Aglow, exited his police car, he had been waiting months to put Vintage behind bars.

    “Did you find him?”

    “No Sorry chief we found 5 guys dead all over the top floor, plus we heard a guy landed on the blades of the chopper!”

    Frank said breathing heavily

    “Were they’re any witness?”

    “No Sorry.” Frank noticed the car park.

    “I want everyone on that car park and send a squad down to the airport with me NOW!” He yelled commanding orders as Derick drove off, he kept looking at good places to stop at he was heading for the main high way.

    He entered the high way, and drove past to stop at the part of the dessert, a hilly area but it’ll do.

    He got his crow bar and yanked the license plates quickly and replaced them with his own he had in his gym bag, Driving off.

    The main high way, perfect place to blend in, there must’ve been 20 cars that looked like his, as he saw plenty of police cars near the way, He checked out his driver’s license

    “John DeMoto, Born 1976.”

    Derrick said to him self as he went through some of the traffic

    An hour later, he entered the air port, Looking around, everyone was very calm, He chuckled as he saw the Pyramid an the slot machines. He went to the reception for American air lines


    “Hi Can I help you?”

    “Yeah I’m Derrick Vintage, I trust that you prepared.”

    “Yes, If you can just go straight through.”

    “Thank You.”

    Mean While:

    Casa deDeuas, Car Park :

    Two LVPD officers were on the wacth when they noticed a man lying down screaming, They rushed to him

    “Hey what the hell happened to you?”

    “SO--Mee- sttttole my car+AAARGH!”

    “What type of car was it?”

    “Corvette 2005 C6 ARRGH!”

    “What did he look like?”


    “What was your license plate!?”


    “Thank you sir!”

    Dective Frank Aglow waited for more news but as soon as he saw the two officers come he couldn’t help but smile.

    “What did you find?”

    “A man just got car jacked we’re pretty sure it was Vintage……


    “A Corvette”

    Frank remembered a Corvette passing by just half an hour ago and went straight into the police car.


    “We hear you can you identify yourself?”

    “Detective Frank Aglo LAPD! I need you to track down one Derrick Vintage or a Eric Russel at the airport NOW!”

    “Ok Sir I’ll notify airport security right away!”

    Frank got in the car and drove off.

    Las Vegas international airport, 10:45pm:

    Derrick walked with his gym bag following the man he paid extra to get though earlier. All of a sudden he heard,

    “Will Derrick Vintage and Eric Russell please come to airport security please.”

    The man turned around and said

    “Let’s go and short it out quick.”

    Derrick stopped him and showed his passport

    “I’m Joe De Motta, Don’t worry.”
    The man smiled as they walked off, into the plane.

    Frank Aglow arrived in the airport, Gate 18, a few gates away from it was Gate 21 to Mexico, He stopped there went straight into the airport and ran, as fast as he could, taking his blazer off, He needed to get Vintage, he rushed, he ran so hard his leg’s were about to fall off.

    Just then he came to a halt as he saw a plane in a speed ready to take off, and with it, a face he recognized which had blond air instead of brown gave him the finger and a smirk. He punched the wall, as the plane went away faster and faster untill it was in the air.

    6 Months later:

    Colima, Mexico:

    Derrick had his old brown long hair back the way it was, he was relaxing with a nice martini with the beach in front of him he relaxed.

    He got up and went into the kitchen living in his own mansion, big TV, bed and dining room, he stayed there. He was officially retired.
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    Mmm... chopped beer....
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    I thoroughly enjoy reading your writing, havent started reading this yet, but just finished corruption which was great

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