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Mystery/Thriller Wake Up Dead Man (Knives Out 3)

The crazy thing, they can toss out the most random names and I would be like "Yup, that seems right".
Was already gonna watch but that one-two punch is pretty good. Hardy and Lohan sound like very funny wildcard characters. Let Hardy use any accent he wants.
Lindsay Lohan would be a fabulous get. Absolutely perfect.

The better half and I just watched her in The Parent Trap. Even then she was a star
It’s no Kelly Marie Tran (at least, so far), but I’m very happy with these choices. Hope Lindsay Lohan being in this helps reignite her career. She has always been a super great actress and deserves a bit of a comeback.

Just a random thought, but it would be funny if they pulled a Sherlock Holmes and just made Tom Hardy play the younger brother to Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc, just so they can just have an wonderfully ridiculous accent-off the entire film. :funny:
Benoit Blanc welcomes him on board.


Now cast Ralph Fiennes too. :o
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Andrew Scott has played Moriarity so wonder if they’ll lean into that. Blanc needs a nemesis
Some good names to start with. No Kelly Marie Tran though. So it's a 0/10 for me.

The crazy thing, they can toss out the most random names and I would be like "Yup, that seems right".

There are no bad choices for a role in these films, unless they're legitimately awful people. (And yet as I type, I become darkly intrigued by a cast of comprised entirely of shamed Hollywood cast-outs.)
Who all we got so far?

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