Walmart workers go on strike for first time.


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Jul 9, 2005
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:cmad: YES, SUCK IT!

According to Dan Schlademan, the director of the United Food and Commercial Workers' Making Change At Walmart campaign, the strike has now spread to a total of 12 cities. Schlademan said workers are now walking off the job in Dallas, Seattle, the Bay Area, Miami, the Washington D.C. area, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Chicago, Missouri and Orlando, in addition to cities in Kentucky and Minnesota. A total of 88 workers from 28 various stores went on strike today, according to Schlademan.

As a former Walmart cart pusher associate from June 30th 2007 to May 5th 2009, **** you too, Walmart. :cmad: cheap asses.
I've been meaning to watch the "Wal-Mart: The High Cost Of Low Price" documentary.
88 workers from 28 stores. Is that from each store or in total? If it's only in total that's around 3 people a store.
That's 88 total...not 88 from each store. I'm sure plenty of organizations and people will be touting this as a moral victory or something to that effect, but unless they organize this and have substantial participation nationwide, this isn't going to do anything.

With the economy the way it is, there are probably a dozen people willing to step in and take the job of each of the people who walked off.
That is not enough people to make even the smallest impact on Wal-Mart
Those people will be fired. 3 people from each store? Goodbye.
But if Wal-Mart workers strike, who will deliver terrible customer service?
They'll just all have to try a little less to make up for it.
I didn't even know people worked at walmart. I thought it was all fat people in scooters.
Hey, that's not fair!

Someone has to make sure no one steals everything.
Well, when all your cashiers hover around the area with the self-checkouts (ie one tiny part of the front of the store)...
They don't have self checkouts in my local ones.
Kmart workers.

I like to think K-mart is Wal-mart's bankrupt little *****. And is bringing Sears down with it, granted they do have a deal with WWE and Sofia Vergea(sp?) from Modern Family, so not all hope is lo--lololol, who am I kidding, K-mart sucks.
The two Kmarts in my area are closing and one is being turned into a Target.

So yeah. K-Mart goin doooown!
The only reason I like Kmart is because they sometimes have old stock. I often look for older video games that aren't sold at other retailers & I've found a few at them.
Wal-Mart, McDonald's and the likes are not places for strikes, unions and such things. They have been jobs for students (besides store managers, regional managers, ect...). Can you have and be proud of a career in a Wal-Mart in the toilet paper section?
I'm sorry but - in this case - YAY FOR THE BIG EVIL CORPORATION.
But I need to get three copies of Timecop for eighteen bucks! What a deal!!!

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