Was WATCHMEN an instant classic right when it was released?


Sep 27, 2005
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I'm curious about how people viewed Watchmen during it's release. Was it hyped up before release? After each issue was released in stores, were they getting sold out (a la Death of Superman) or was it more chill? Was it only considered amazing after the final issue? Did it take a while to get respect? What was considered the best graphic novel before the existence of Watchmen?
There is an issue of WIZARD where a roundtable of writers talk about WATCHMEN, I don't remember which one. They all talk about the impact it had upon them when they were reading each issue. They gave the impression that they knew it was far and away the best stuff around at the time.
In fact, David Goyer (writer of Batman Begins and Blade) said that reading WATCHMEN inspired him to go into a writing career.
The answer is yes. I remember when it came out. If I had not had a pull and hold I would have never gotten it. I had a real cool Comic shop guy back then. I was a teen and broke all the time, and he would let me build up if needed. I remember when I finally got issues 1-5 out he joked about how I had the only 1st prints left in MO :yay:

It was pretty much the only thing being talked about in the comic scene for a long time.
Let me put it this way...

The reason comics are collected as GRAPHIC NOVELS is becasue of Watchmen.

Nuff said.
WATCHMEN was certainly acclaimed right out of the gate. But I think it really didn't achieve instant classic status until the tpb when everyone could see how much thought and layers were put into the story and how the use of form really paid off.

It's probably worth noting that in 1986/1987, THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, COIE, and Byrne's MAN OF STEEL were true sales juggernauts. Also, MAUS was in the middle of its serialization, Marvel was near one of its high points, Howard Chaykin was getting a lot of residual acclaim for AMERICAN FLAGG! and his SHADOW series was notable, and Dave Sim was near the high point of his run on CEREBUS. WATCHMEN may not have outsold Moore's SWAMP THING which was going concurrently.

That's not to say that WATCHMEN wasn't one of the most acclaimed books out there. Only that history helped separate it from the pack.
Let me put it this way...

The reason comics are collected as GRAPHIC NOVELS is becasue of Watchmen.

Nuff said.

I only even collect graphic novels anymore.

I don't like the advertisements in comics.

Thankyou Watchmen!! lol.:hq:

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