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Westinghouse TVs


Apr 14, 2011
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Are Westinghouse LED tvs any good? I saw this 32' model at BestBuy for $249.99 + tax? It has a 720p resolution. What are the pros/cons to it? Do they turn in heaps of junk afterwards?
Ive had a Westinghouse LCD (same size and resolution) for about 5 years now. No issues at all. Perfect for a bedroom.

Have you checked reviews on Best Buy and Amazon?
I saw a handful of negative reviews that made my tremble in purchasing it. I'll probably opt for a Toshiba of the same size, it's also priced the same.
32” LED TV from Westinghouse offers a large viewing area.The 32” Westinghouse LED TV is feather-light at a mere 14.6 pounds.The 46" LED TV from Westinghouse boasts a vivid picture, 120Hz, full 1080p and AudioEngine LSI by Yamaha.

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Well, according to my best friend who's worked at Best Buy for close to 15 years and pretty much runs his store, no. He says, their a cheap brand like Hisense at Walmart, and while not unreliable, just don't offer the best picture.
I currently work at Best Buy; Westinghouse tvs are def a hit or miss. We have seen them come back with a plethora of different issues and we've also hear some positive reviews. Personally I'd go with a Insignia TV. Usually they are LG or Samsung television with a different label and housing on them. Varies by model

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